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  1. Thanks for your response, Diggity. Wouldn't paying cash 1) save the realtor from worrying if the financing is going to fall through (I think I've seen several houses come back on the market because of this) and 2) reduce the amount of paperwork required at closing? Maybe time (for all concerned) could be saved at other points throughout the process, too.
  2. I'm thinking of getting a realtor to work with in Cinco Ranch as a buyer's agent (I have no house to sell). How possible is it to negotiate a giveback of some of the standard 3% commission from such an agent, how would I go about negotiating it (right off the bat or what?), and how much giveback do you think I could get? I'm paying cash, so I'm saving the realtor a lot of time and work. Any constructive comments would be very much appreciated.
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