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  1. 3rd Quarter of 2022 is when it is supposed to be finished. Per the chronicle.
  2. Any ideas on when this supposed Mumbai route will be announced?
  3. They will just restart the bidding process, and this time do it right.
  4. Demolition for Phase 1 should start next month.
  5. It would suck if it is, but it might be taken up by UA.
  6. AVENSAB727

    IAH vs. DFW

    Yes! And more could be on the way!
  7. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Airport-presents-big-plans-for-Bush-5427751.php#/0 According to this United plans on using this terminal too. ""This is our vision for the future," system director Mario Diaz said Thursday in an address to the city council committee. He was accompanied by United Airlines officials who said they have a stake in replacing the aging Terminal D and are willing to help make it happen." "United will fund the Terminal B north project. That new terminal will allow the airline to move its Terminal C operations to that gate while the construction is underway at Terminal D. United, which already runs international flights through Terminal E, plans to be a major user of the new Terminal D once it's completed."
  8. AVENSAB727

    IAH vs. DFW

    Well, the 2nd daily to Tokyo on United already launched and the New UA IAH-MUC flight launches in 2 weeks, KE starts in less than a month. SAS in August. With Terminal D get a re-do. 3 more A380s reportedly in the way, 1 when the phase 1, Terminal C North phase is complete, 2 more when the renovation is finished.
  9. Probably EVA air officially announcing, they already said they plan on starting IAH in 2015.
  10. Yep, and the second daily United flight from IAH to NRT launched yesterday, ACY starts tomorrow and MUC starts on the 24th, UA sure is giving IAH its due! Korean Air starts in a month and 3 days too. And, there are others rumored to be coming in, another deal is close to happening, so I wonder who that one might be!
  11. True, by that Time, the Terminal C North phase will be most likely finished, and with Terminal B North underway.
  12. Yeah, but I am sure UA will try to outmatch WN.
  13. Maybe because they were making planned capacity cuts...and needed to find an appropriate excuse to make the cuts. I can tell you United is not all that concerned.. they will compete with WN. No Big Deal.
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