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  1. Did you happen to take a picture of it? Do you know the difference between Tagger graffiti and Gang graffiti? LOL Gangs in Cypress? Back in the 90's maybe and that's a big maybe. I've heard rumors about existing gangs out there from 92 to around 2000 but to date have found no proof.
  2. The 8 spelled is eight they just added the H in front and the S at the end to spell Heights or H8S I've also seen H8$. Later on they started using 485, 485 upside down on a pager (Back then) spelled H8S or Heights. Also there was a gang Called the 8 Ball Posse back then.
  3. Where there every gangs in the Cypress/Copperfield/Bear Creek/Chimney Hill area from around 1992 to around 97? A source told me that there were gangs with names like: Little Valley 13 The Village Latin Kings PBM13 Bloods Crips Blue Devils Not sure if this information is correct.
  4. I've raised $115 with the help of Friends, but still have ways to go. If... https://t.co/CkepbF3w4f

  5. Thanks guys not that much more to go. Any amount is appreciated.... https://t.co/MDs1bUPMER

  6. Someone asked why I don't just pay what I can. I've been for years now and have managed to get the payment down to $300 but need help.

  7. https://t.co/VGVg90L9pd

  8. #pachucosnight #pachuco's night #HoustonTexas. https://t.co/FATUCyNtkX http://t.co/SW5WhfSfOt

  9. This is stage, the black residents of today have been calling that area Studewood for some time now, I can remember as far back as the mid 90's but I don't know when they first started calling it Studewood instead of Independance Heights. I know one exsample of people calling a neighborhood something else other than what it's name was, it's a small section in the Denver Harbor area across from what use to be called Englewood. The Hispanic residents there called it "El Crisol" because of the smell of the tar that was used on the tran tracks; but I still don't see how Studewood relates to Independence Heights.
  10. There is a party hall there named Star Party Hall in a lil shoping strip in the same property where the bowling allye use to be. I'm wondering if the same people still own that lot? That would be cool if they did, they might have pictues of the old bowling alley.
  11. The building looked like it had been there for a while at least pre-1980's or way longer.
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