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  1. As a resident of EaDo for 15 years, I do not support this project. The St Emmanuel area, which has been developing nicely,, will be removed and the east end will not be adequately connected to downtown. This is a nightmare for us. Thank god there are those in the city and county who oppose it.
  2. I went to school at Boulder so I made it to NCAR a few times...this building is a part of the landscape and I remember doing some research about I.M. Pei. I eventually got to see his Bank of China tower up close in Hong Kong. At the time, it was one of my favorite buildings in the world. He was one of the great architects of the 20th century and contributed significantly to Houston's skyline.
  3. I think it would look like what was done with the Green Line on Harrisburg.....
  4. Would like to see an elevated heavy rail line connecting downtown, midtown, neartown, greenway, and uptown/galleria.
  5. I won't miss Culberson with his anti-rail agenda. but am disappointed about some of the anti-NASA rhetoric toward him from Lizzie Fletcher. Culberson was a strong supporter of Johnson Space Center and NASA, and the replacement of him with an apparent anti-space congressperson is disappointing. I realize most here have Metrorail expansion farther up there priorities list, which is understandable, but I'll be watching how she votes on these issues. NASA, too, is in part a form of infrastructure and we shouldn't let it be abandoned.
  6. Slide 18 of the MetroNext plan shows them proposing just that. However, I really doubt we will ever get anything like what they have in this plan. And....looking at it further, I now can see having the red line go there so that TMC workers have a straight shot to Hobby, rather than going downtown and switch lines. But it would be good to show at least one of those three lines go elsewhere, IMO.
  7. Open in ms paint, reduce the size, save as a different file type, maybe png. 20kb seems really small, though - something's not quite right.
  8. Alright, stand corrected - two lines.....still think it's a bad idea to swing the red line over there...
  9. Yes, isn't one of the three lines is enough? Seems like overkill to have all three lines go to Hobby.
  10. Is turning the red line to Hobby really the right thing to do? Why not extend further SW? It seems like the Green line is the best candidate for extending to Hobby.
  11. Took the new dwntn exit a couple weeks ago, and waited 15 minutes in traffic to get there. I am doubtful that opening of the southbound 59 exit is going to drastically improve the situation. I am worried at TXDoT just traded one problem for another.
  12. Um....I don’t think you are referring to Eado...it’s not in a flood zone...appreciate the snark, tho Looks like they knocked out a sizable wall portion on Emancipation. I’ll be happy for any retail at this point.
  13. I think you're right.....doomed. I drove by and saw the exit and was underwhelmed. It appears to be a single lane exit to downtown, but hopefully I am mistaken. If not. the future does not bode well for my commute. Hope the people driving to 69/59 from the Gulf freeway will be happy with the end result. I sure liked driving on those wide empty lanes with the great view of downtown approaching all those years.
  14. OK, I finally see what you mean by "main lanes" - the exit won't be from the 59/69 off ramp but further north from the gulf freeway itself. I am hoping the off-ramp to downtown will be two lanes like it once was. I'll try to drive over in the vicinity this weekend to see if my commute future is doomed or not.
  15. I see the off-ramps, but they seem to be headed toward 59 and not anything like what the old downtown destinations exit used to be. Is it going to offload in a different location than at Pease and Dowling/Emancipation? I might need to take a closer look and stop driving for once through Samagon's neighborhood to get home (Eado).
  16. I’m really missing that downtown destinations exit that I used everyday, now using tellepsen and Polk to get where I need to go...ugh. Much longer. i am not seeing construction of a new downtown destinations off ramp yet. Is this project behind schedule? Harvey probably contributed to that if so.
  17. Very unlikely. First of all, there IS human spaceflight going on all of the time on the ISS. We always have at least 2-3 U.S astronauts on board. JSC is in charge of the Orion Spacecraft, ISS cargo resupply contracts for Dragon and Cygnus, future ISS crew resupply (CRS) contracts, and is the center for NASA science on lunar and Mars rocks, many of which are stored at JSC. The U.S. astronaut corps, their training, and mission control organizations are headquartered there. More importantly, the entire Texas congressional delegation would fight closure of JSC vigorously. You would effectively have to kill NASA human spaceflight to kill JSC. Despite what you state, human spaceflight is receiving the same level of funding as it did during the Space Shuttle program, most of which is being directed toward ISS, SLS (a rocket which will be several times more powerful than anything existing today), and Orion. Human spaceflight also has the support of congressional delegations in Florida and California where NASA centers and human spaceflight contractors reside.
  18. Not sure what is going on at the site that was proposed for this development, but a few days ago they fenced the block on Rusk and Dowling with "construction area" signs around the perimeter.
  19. I live in the townhomes next to this place and think it will benefit the area, skybridge or not, EADO moniker regardless. Selfishly, part of my view of downtown will be blocked but the rendering looks pretty good and I can live without the view I once had. It is mostly just a parking lot now. If no one else uses the park because of the evil skybridge, I will most definitely use it to walk my dog in (don't worry, I pick up after her). Will the inner courtyard on the other building have a pool in it? If so, that provides more reason for a skybridge. Some folks may be a little self concious if they have to cross the park in their swimming togs. The skybridge will alleviate that embarassment slightly, perhaps. Despite my irritation with all of the whining going on in this thread, I think "Death Spiral Park" would be a good name for it. Credit should go to livinco for that one.
  20. I was really hoping that someone would create a list like this - definitely much appreciated. It is probably asking too much, but a sixth item in an entry could identify location - it would really help those befuddled ones (like me) who can't keep track in their heads. Something like "Location: Downtown (Main and Rusk) or Uptown/Galleria (1234 Sage). If it is too much work, then disregard this suggestion.
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