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  1. I just happened to be lurking and realized you were talking about me. Here are some pictures of the remodel... Before: Before Interior: After: After Interior (the floors are polished concrete):
  2. I recently had our fifty year old concrete floors diamond polished and the look and feel is incredible. The company I used was Texas Concrete Effects. I saved $1 per sq ft by not staining the concrete in addition to the polish. And the floors have turned out fabulous without a stain. James went up to 1400 grit on our job. For those of you with old slabs, be aware that you will not get as much of the terrazzo look because the strength of the older concrete made it almost impossible for the machines to grind deeply enough to reach the gravel in our concrete. One of the great results with t
  3. Here are a couple of links for concrete garden spheres... http://www.belson.com/pcsb1.htm http://www.aqua-man.com/subdetails.asp?product_num=5052
  4. There's a ficus benjamina in our atrium. I think the tree's location is awkward though. The original owners said the atrium had an exposed dirt floor and was used to hold a lot of plants in containers. To clean up the look, I put in the white marble gravel and a small portion of DH's rock collection. I think the space still needs some work.
  5. Jason- Let me know if you find someone. We have a leak at our atrium skylight that may have developed due to the huge amount of rainfall we had this summer. The roof is approximately five years old and should have at least five more years of life.
  6. I'll be docenting Sat and Sun. Hopefully I'll still have time to see most of the houses.
  7. What is the color code for your woodwork/trims? I like the greyish look. I'm in the process of repainting myself. Light trim color: Glidden "Toasty Grey" 30YY 51/098 Dark trim color: Pittsburgh Paints "Stoney Fields" 416-6
  8. Just my 2 cents... Karen is great to work with. She's been very patient with our budget and slow timeline to get our mod pieces. As just one example, I'm especially pleased with the "office area" in our den. Karen steered us toward a Knoll style dining room table for a desk (yes, I still need to hide the cords) and Knoll credenza for the office supplies. We're not up to Jason and Venessa's standards, but we're getting there. Allison
  9. It looks like you bought a real gem. I love the wood pattern on the siding and the unique front gate. Usually those things are ripped out for some "wrought'n" iron Tuscan-y thing. Now, we need more pictures!
  10. Yeah, another Home Cheapo glass and brass monstrosity bites the dust! How are you liking the new reed glass? I put it in our new kitchen door and I love the privacy it offers. Of course, anything's better than getting a view of our refrigerator when someone walks up.
  11. Lowbrow, the paint job looks spectacular! I love how the trim makes a statement instead of blending with the brick color. Very appropriate. And I think your landscaping has made a huge improvement to the front facade. Now, what's next on your list?
  12. I chose Pratt & Lambert's "Tampico". Lowbrow and Texasdago- I'll have to walk by and see the progress. And don't be surprised if the "little one" rings your doorbell. It's one of his favorite activities now!
  13. The previous door was hollow core, and with the beltway nearby there was a LOT of noise coming thru the door alone, besides the security issue one swift kick could cause. So now we have a very quiet (and safer) house. So it was well worth it.
  14. I just wanted to show off my latest home improvement project. I finally changed our front door and gave it a MCM paint color. However, now that I've improved the front door, I need to replace the mailbox, doorbell, entry rug, etc., etc. Oh, and if anyone can recommend a metal fabricator, I need a new escutcheon for the door knob. I have a replacement (many thanks to Russell and his intrepid estate sale shopping) but it doesn't work with the knob I purchased. Before: BORING!!! After: the color is more green than the pics show Door hardware detail:
  15. This is great news. I'm so pleased to see that your tenacity paid off, something that typically doesn't happen when trying to save these neglected mods. I'll be eagerly awaiting any news and pictures as your renovation takes off. This story must be a real shocker to the non-believing realtors!
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