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  1. I wonder if 6th will ever be connected between waverly and rutland over the reservoir by road or pedestrian bridge or something. Would be cool to be able to walk down 6th from let's say BLT to here/MKT.
  2. Groundbreaking and a few tenants named https://kwhi.com/groundbreaking-held-for-shopping-center-project-first-wave-of-retailers-announced/
  3. http://swamplot.com/gibbs-boathouse-redo-will-welcome-restaurants-retail-deck-seating-aboard-the-corner-of-w-gray-and-montrose/2018-03-14/ Project for the Gibbs site. Should/does this have its own thread?
  4. Noticed some equipment and a sign on the lot behind the El Tiempo on Richmond for what appears to be a new gym. The lot is on the northeast corner of Audley and Colquitt. Might be old news...anyone know anything?
  5. http://swamplot.com/demo-crews-break-open-the-long-sealed-corner-of-edloe-and-w-alabama/2016-05-10/ a few pics from swamplot
  6. The tall white walls at the SW corner of W Alabama and Edloe have been demo'd. Anyone know anything? Has this plot sold?
  7. Article today on a development in east Montrose from the Montrose management district http://montrosedistrict.org/new-redevelopment-project-planned-for-east-montrose/
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