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  1. Groundbreaking and a few tenants named https://kwhi.com/groundbreaking-held-for-shopping-center-project-first-wave-of-retailers-announced/
  2. dfwill

    Reve At Montrose

    http://swamplot.com/gibbs-boathouse-redo-will-welcome-restaurants-retail-deck-seating-aboard-the-corner-of-w-gray-and-montrose/2018-03-14/ Project for the Gibbs site. Should/does this have its own thread?
  3. Please delete erroneous post. Had trouble uploading a pic.
  4. Please delete erroneous post. Had trouble uploading a pic.
  5. Noticed some equipment and a sign on the lot behind the El Tiempo on Richmond for what appears to be a new gym. The lot is on the northeast corner of Audley and Colquitt. Might be old news...anyone know anything?
  6. http://swamplot.com/demo-crews-break-open-the-long-sealed-corner-of-edloe-and-w-alabama/2016-05-10/ a few pics from swamplot
  7. The tall white walls at the SW corner of W Alabama and Edloe have been demo'd. Anyone know anything? Has this plot sold?
  8. Think I saw something on the book of faces about this opening tonight...
  9. Article today on a development in east Montrose from the Montrose management district http://montrosedistrict.org/new-redevelopment-project-planned-for-east-montrose/
  10. Aww, that house and those trees are cute. Sad to see them go (potentially anyways) Not a big fan of the building as rendered but glad to see more condos coming to the area.
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