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  1. This is what I am hoping for. I was told they were fined $2K for clogging up ditches with mud at another development they were working on. They cleaned it up VERY fast after they were fined. Unfortunately, this is the only way I think I will be able to get them to clean it up and keep it clean. I will look around and see if I can find a number or website to report it to the Harris County Attorney office. I believe the previous fine was issued from the City Builder Inspections Office but when I called there they led me to 311 which I feel like isn't the right place and will never be addr
  2. Thanks, I have already put in a request but I'm not sure this is going to have the outcome I am looking for.
  3. Hi, The builder developing the community I live in sucks. I wish I knew before I bought my house but too late for that now. There are still several homes being built in there but quite a few homes are occupied at this point. The builder has been littering and polluting the ravine with a lot of construction debris and hasn't cleaned it up in 6 months. Several homeowners have complained and nothing has been done. I was informed that they can be fined for this. Where would I report it to have them fined so they will stop? I already called 311 and they put in a request but I think that is
  4. Rbax....I am looking a buying new construction also on a Ravine that feeds into White Oak Bayou. I'm very concerned about being in the flooplain. The builder will be building the home on a slab with a pony wall to raise it up 3 feet. Any thoughts. How is flooding in the area during bad thunderstorms etc. This would be a big investment for me and I want to make sure I am making a good decision.
  5. I heard a "rumor" from a builder in the area that a new HEB was coming in or possible a remodel of the existing HEB of TC Jester. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. I'll check that out. Is it the two lots that are on either side of a house?
  7. Anything I did would be a custom home. I'm not thinking of doing a 3 story cookie cutter townhome. Unless I could only find a very narrow lot. You see some single family homes while driving in Shady Acres. Some are cottage style with detached garages and yards etc. That's more along the lines I am thinking. Though I guess that is still kind of a townhome.
  8. I have the resources to get the building done. It just a matter of finding a lot.
  9. Yes - if we could find a lot for a reasonable price we would just build one home. Not necessarily a 4 story townhome per say but it would depend on lot size etc on the logistics. We could maybe build two and sell the other one but the intentions are to build for ourselves. Have you seen what one of these offers reads?
  10. This would have been a nice lot but it looks like it is pending now. Address is 1009 Shelterwood. I thought I saw a lot for sale in the area near the Timbergrove baseball field. It may have been for sale by owner. Maybe I need to spend some time driving around.
  11. I'm curious how builders are getting lots. Most of them sell off HAR. Do you think they are putting letters in mailboxes? I would also like the Shady Acres area. Tear downs are fine.
  12. Hi all, I've recently started looking to purchase a townhome in the shady acres area of the heights. The problem is my fiance and I would really like a small back yard and private driveway. It seems most builders are packing as many townhomes as possible on a lot and very few (if any right now) offer yards or private driveways. We have decided to try to begin looking for a lot to build on instead. Does anyone know how builders acquire lots in Shady Acres or Timbergrove area? Lots rarely come on HAR but I see builders building everwhere. We wouldn't be looking for anything large since we wou
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