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  1. Bummer. Any luck in reshooting those?
  2. When Scooby Doo's closed it became a Biraporetti's Italian restaurant soon afterwards. I believe it was open until the early 1990's. I believe Brown Sugar's BBQ was in the location directly to the left of the old Scooby Doo location in the same shopping strip. I don't know what is located there now as I haven't visited that shopping area in years. Does anyone know if any Scooby Doo Pizza locations survived in to the 1990's? Except for a couple of blurry Polaroids that I have in my personal collection from the late 70's it's like the chain never existed.
  3. Thanks for the info. But How they fit *all* of that into one home would be beyond me!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I had no idea this was a chain. I'm amazed that I can't find any information at all on it, google, ebay or anywhere. And I agree, I get the same blank stares from people who think i'm making it up. If anyone finds out any information or has a contact please let us know.
  5. Does anyone at all remember Scooby Doo's Pipe Organ Pizza? It was located in the Greenspoint area of town from the late 1970's through the early 80's. The shut it down and a Biraperetti's occupied the space for a few years. Every time I go by there now the space is empty. Pipe Organ Pizza was a wonderland when I was a child. The pipe organ was centered in the front of the building but a string of mechanical things winded around the walls and you could see them operate through a glass window. Drum sets, trumpets etc could be controlled via the pipe organ as well. Unfortunately, it got to the point where the costumed characters would only appear on the weekends. During the week a screen would come down and run cartoons and 3-stooges films during the organists break. They did have a great video arcade for the time. This was the first place I ever say a Pac-Man game machine...probably around 1981 or so. The one thing I really remember is a giant, purple "Dino" (front the Flintstones) head and neck the was attached to the wall. It was mechanical and moved back and forth. I've searched Google, yahoo, eBay for years looking for any memorabilia or information on this place and have come up empty. Most people I talk to don't even thing it ever existed. I'm not sure if this was a chain or a single place...but I would guess a chain due to the licensing and everything. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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