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  1. Anybody know why Wells Fargo and Chase Towers have not had there decorative lighting on for the last few months? Seems like ever since people got ticked off that the lights were on downtown during the freeze they decided to not light them back up. Sad seeing our skyline at night and our two tallest are dark.
  2. The Chase Tower has finally replaced the old Christmas lights with some nice bright LED lights. It looks so much better! I will try to post a pic.
  3. Nobody knows anything about this at all? I would think somebody on this forum would know somebody who has answers. I guess the skyscraper forum is not very popular. If this were in going up section this would have been sorted out in a few minutes.
  4. Any updates regarding the roof? Will there be a new lighting display?
  5. It could be way worse! If this was the original design I think we would have all been relatively pleased. Lets just hope there are no other re-designs for the worse.
  6. I wish they would do something with the nigh time lighting of the tower. Its such an amazing building and it would be really cool if it were lit up at night. The rotating beacon on top has not been on for several months either. Anybody know why that has not been working for a while now?
  7. I live along the current freight train at 43rd and Magnum in Oak Forest. The train is so loud and the horn they blow is incredibly loud. Having a quiet high speed train that is elevated would not even be noticeable compared to the amazingly loud train that already comes through a hundred times a day and at all hours of the night and morning. I have personally used the exact same trains that are being proposed while traveling in Japan. They are very quiet and are comparable to the light rail. Also i highly doubt they intend on going full speed once in the city limits...... The train needs to have its end point in downtown and that is the only way having a high speed train between the two cities makes any sense. What are people going to do once they get to the northwest transit center? Every great city has a train station in there city core and we need one as well.
  8. Yes that is correct. I work at West Ave and I noticed they were taking soil samples yesterday at the site.
  9. There are two or three Home Depots in Manhattan in NYC. They have the majority of the items your would find in a normal Home Depot, they just don't have all the large lumber.
  10. I thought this project was replacing the River Oaks Plant Store on Westheimer? Will this take up the entire block?
  11. Today I noticed the empty lot at the corner of W. Alabama and Buffalo Speedway was being cleared. Over the past few weeks i have noticed survey crews and soil sample crews out there as well. Does anybody know what may be going up on that site?
  12. I spoke with a guy who is a structural engineer on this project, he did not disclose the height but did tell me the building will be 52 stories.
  13. Where exactly is Whole Foods Going to be? The parking garage takes up just about the entire lot. The office building is the the left and Frost Bank to the right so i just dont see where Whole Foods will go.
  14. Houston can never have anything nice. By the time this gets built it will look nothing like the original renderings.
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