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  1. Excellent news. Very smart to drop the vicious teeth and menacing arms of the prior design.
  2. Per this tracking, the last time this vessel came to Houston it stopped by Halifax and Davisville (near Providence RI) on the way here. https://www.myshiptracking.com/vessels/felicity-ace-mmsi-371427000-imo-9293911 Dunno if it was meant to continue on to Houston this time.
  3. I heard it was a seafood place, so that's consistent.
  4. It will have to have a high price to support the rent, especially on such a big space (6,198 sf). I think there's plenty of business out there, but they do need to distinguish themselves from other nearby restaurants. On that point, B19 and Hudson House have pretty similar menus and are right next door...
  5. Interesting name. I tried to figure out what it means and the only thing I can come up with is the Cocody is the name of an upscale suburb of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocody
  6. Based upon the attached and what it looked like to me yesterday, I think they are just demolishing the storefronts and will build new storefronts to match the Rice Box aesthetic. I have no inside knowledge so could be wrong. FYI, the Badolina bakery across the street is now open and its fantastic. 3259 SF RTL TO RSTRNT W:STR'L MODS 1-1-5.pdf
  7. Works for me using the search portal. http://www.cohtora.houstontx.gov/approot/soldpermits/online_permit.htm That one is a Pokeworks. 2514 Rice.pdf
  8. Looks like Rice Box found another location after their University & Greenbriar deal failed. 5504 Morningside.pdf
  9. There is. Looks They are listing up to 2100sf, which is the size of the bath store. Guessing that lease is expiring and they are doing a remodel to try to attract a new tenant. Ho-hum.
  10. Despite the title of this thread and references above to Midway, the plat highly suggests to me that this is going to be just another H-E-B. Of course, that's not a criticism of the project. Their newest Meyerland location is really nice. The landowner is 2700 Alabama Kirby, LLC with H-E-B, LP signing at its sole member. This means that H-E-B, LP is the sole owner of the entity at this time. H-E-B does develop conventional shopping centers that they anchor, but I'm not aware of them developing any apartment or mixed-use projects. Perhaps H-E-B will get more creative, but I doubt they are going to think out of the box with this one.
  11. A sign for an off street parking variance was posted last Thursday. I live very close to this location and am glad my street is permit only 7 days a week 😁
  12. Agree with you. One of the tenants in that center told me perhaps four or five years ago that their lease and all the other leases in the center expired in seven years. I don't know if that information is still accurate, but if I'm the Landlord, I'd want to manage the property in that way to expedite redevelopment.
  13. Keep in mind that the existing use of this property is two massive surface parking lots for TMC employees who are shuttled into other buildings. Those parkers will have to be accommodated or relocated to another site. Underground parking for the TMC3 site alone would be astoundingly expensive. We shall see. At least OST and Braeswood are pretty big roads that should be able to handle the extra traffic.
  14. They thought about this when designing Latitude. If you look at the floorpan, the only units in the building that exclusively face downtown are sub 450 square foot micro units. Also, the views to downtown are mostly blocked anyway by other buildings, except maybe the upper floors. https://www.latitudemedcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Latitude_M2.pdf https://www.latitudemedcenter.com/virtual-tours/m2-showroom/ As a Southgate homeowner, I've actually read the deed restrictions. Those Northwest facing views, which are excellent, will never, ever be obstructed. I'm not thrilled with the extra traffic this will bring but accept that it's part of the price to be paid for living here, though additional steps should be taken to discourage cut through traffic. The rooftop restaurant & bar is a cool feature.
  15. That's good work with 5555 Morningside. Will be nice with the patio. The Politan Row space suffered from damager during the storm yesterday.
  16. I had assumed F&B meant food and beverage on that plan but not what I expected! I think it's a cool spot though.
  17. We are both speculating here so I'm not saying that you are incorrect, but I'll note that 5555 Morningside is a two story building with almost 22k improved square feet per HCAD.
  18. Agreed on very curious what's going on there. As I mentioned above, I suspect that if there is a food hall at Rice, it would be there. Certainly just speculating at this point though. It is an outstanding location for a food hall since, as you suggest, the parking lots at the property could be used for patio space just like they did across Morningside. There is no need for those surface parking lots since there is easy garage access. The property is two levels and would have nice late night synergy with the adjacent bars.
  19. Are we sure that this is going in the location reflected in the 2016 plans? Those 2016 renderings don't identify which particular space the food hall would be located in, but all the first floor space along University is currently leased and occupied by national retailers. The second floor space is partially leased and occupied currently, with only ~7200sf of contiguous space shown on the Site Plan as available. However, Rice owns a ~22,000sf two story building at 5555 Morningside that is currently under renovation. The only current occupant is Doc Holliday's, but the buidling has otherwise been totally gutted. It was previously occupied by Gorgeous Gael and a few other tenants. This would seem like a good food hall location since Monringside is a big restaurant focus of Rice Village and would be available for occupancy sooner than the University Site, I would think. RV_Lease-Plan-Website_2018_0919-colored-compressed.pdf
  20. It depends. You'll note that the FAA determination letter went to Richard Yates in Santa Fe, NM. Richard Yates is an oil heir and shareholder/director of the Yates Petroleum Corporation, the 4th largest private oil and gas company in the United States. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-09-17/new-mexico-s-yates-family-said-to-seek-buyer-for-oil-firm https://portal.sos.state.nm.us/corps/(S(yfw4ubozcbmapjihkw51p4nk))/Corplookup/Details.aspx?Nmscc=425736 Assuming good market conditions and a healthy equity investment, I doubt it would be difficult to find a "real" co-developer and raise some money. The entity's been in existence since last April. 546124180002.PDF Might be something to this.
  21. From Southern Smoke yesterday: http://southernsmoke.org
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