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  1. 24 hour transit service makes maintenance of tracks MUCH more difficult. New York can manage it because many lines were built as express lines, so they are quad-tracked. This means they can do maintenance on two lines at night while the other two remain open. Even 21 hours makes maintenance really tough as it essentially forces people to work three hour shifts which is quite inefficient. EDIT: Also, train service doesn't have much advantage over bus service late at night as traffic is essentially zero.
  2. Looks like it's by the same group doing Morningside Mansions near Hannover Southampton. 9 stories, one level of parking and one condo on each of the other eight. 5207 Austin St http://www.tourelleventures.com/html/museumPlans.html
  3. Wow, if they actually hit this price point the micro-units will be quite affordable. At 300 sqft the HOA would be about $100, and a $120K 30 year mortgage will be about $600. $700/month seems like it's quite a bit cheaper than any rental option this close to downtown.
  4. Apparently 6000 square feet. http://www.har.com/2406-tangley-houston-tx-77005/homevalue_3004549
  5. I know they're labelled that way in the article, but the second image looks like it only has 7 stories to me.
  6. The systems have enormous ridership in Bogota and Istanbul though. The Istanbul Metrobus line has a daily ridership of 800,000 equal to that of the entire Washington Metro system on just a single line. A system like that is going to be crowded whether you put people on trains or buses. TransMilenio in Bogota has the same issue. It has a daily ridership of 1.6 million people with only 54 miles of bus lines. For comparison the New York Subway carries 5.4 million people per day on 209 miles of routes, so the Bogota system actually manages to carry more people per length of route than the New York system does. There's no way any system in Houston would even begin to approach the ridership numbers for either of these systems, at least it grew to cover the entire city with thousands of miles of routes.
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