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  1. is there a thread or topic on what's going up across Target next to chick fil a ? on Taylor/Sawyer st.
  2. This morning i saw that all the trucks were gone from FedEx. Every single truck. Any info?
  3. I saw a sign yesterday. Does anybody have any info about the gym???
  4. he got fame already and he is a new graffiti writer. They love this.......found this on the internet
  5. sorry i could not find a thread about the houston transportation building on Washington. Its being demolished any clue whats going their? By the they moved across the street.
  6. can somobody give the map location?
  7. i can't believe this ! whats next??? are they going to cover churches with a big tarp or take the cross off because the shadow lays over somebodies house whose not into religion. this world is going crazy.
  8. Im happy to have a variety of new restaraunts in the neighbor.
  9. i used to be hooked on PITFALL , I don't know why.
  10. I also saw the Mist this past weekend . I give it ****(4 stars) out of five. Loved the ending.
  11. Yes it is a pretty good forum. I'm here everyday. oopps i was repling Lockmat 2 posting up.
  12. The top portion was on Sept. 28, 2007...The bottom is todays. Our members have made a total of 209,831 posts We have 4,331 registered members The newest member is suziet Most users ever online was 2,494 on Saturday, July 21st, 2007 @ 5:25pm
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