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  1. Your photographs are amazing. I especially love the panoramic image with the sun setting behind the Williams Tower.
  2. I'd forgotten about that post. For what it's worth, the rendering was also on HAR.
  3. A different rendering perspective than the one on the sign, found on Manzel Homes web site. The Museum Tower sure has an ugly back wall. Too bad they don't find a way to screen it.
  4. The renderings are up on the LMC Lennar website. They are calling it "Bowen River Oaks".
  5. I was raised on Whataburger but having lived for 30+ years in California, I seldom get to partake anymore. I think In N Out is perfectly good burger although not really worth it to me to wait in the very long lines. It is much a much smaller burger than W so that's a negative. On more recent visits back to Texas and W, I always seem to be a little disappointed in the quality of my burger, usually it's the stale bun. I still love the taste though and I give it the edge over the other, probably because its such a part of my youth.
  6. I'm a long time lurker and very rare commenter but I just can't let this go by without saying something Gclass. Why do you think the students will necessarily have the same opinion of the building finishes as you? I've seen some of your comments praising some buildings I think are horrendous but that doesn't mean everyone thinks the same that I do. I happen to think this library looks great and I'm sure others will too...and others may not like it. Regardless, I hardly think they'll have a huge case of the vapors as you seem to.
  7. Sorry if my sarcasm didn't come through very clearly.
  8. There you go bashing on Houston again you hater! But I'm sure all this retail will happen in downtown if we can just get the people who are trying to destroy the US and Israel out of office.
  9. I went to school across the street at Bethany Lutheran from 1969 until 1978. I believe the pool closed in the early 1970s. The brick building on the corner was a fire station until the mid 1970s.
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