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  1. A Letter to Victoria's Secret From a Father http://t.co/CKvYBm0QGO via @RevEvanDolive

  2. 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married. http://t.co/J2PmlS7vc9 via @tylerwardis #speakingtruth

  3. The Irony of Christian Celebrity http://t.co/tUNYQFgiMz via @RELEVANT#ironic

  4. Why Banning Telecommuters Is A Sign Your Company Is Screwed http://t.co/fF92mEmpzo via @zite

  5. ‎"Lack of prayer reveals lack of faith in Jesus and strong faith in ourselves."- Weak Faith in a Strong Savior #pray

  6. What Is God's Will for My Life? http://t.co/oXoeWL6HlB via @RELEVANT - So true, so true.

  7. Buyer Beware: You will be Arrested! http://t.co/us56YMw5k1 - A whole higher level of respect for Sheriff Garcia! Support @FreetheCaptives

  8. I just got a FREE eBook, Be The Church: Discipleship & Mission Made Simple - you can too! http://t.co/228MiqfZIW @VergeNetwork

  9. Yesterday we disappeared for the day. Today, we're back to Shine a Light in the darkness for the 27 million. #enditmovement

  10. Tomorrow, we disappear for the day from social media, in honor of the 27 million who've disappeared because of slavery. #enditmovement

  11. Facebook is a place to buy and sell people, porn and child pornography - PornHarms http://t.co/lnd1pE1GPh Please help stop it.

  12. The Benefits of Raising Chickens: Organic Gardening http://t.co/kfPl8tVj42 - All excellent reasons!

  13. How to Fail as a Christian in a Post-Christian World http://t.co/hfMWA7iQC5 via @tylerbraun

  14. Jason Ring: Out of Necessity http://t.co/AD35tJ92 Very cool!! Chicken farming at home.

  15. All the facts about Twitter's mobile users: infographic http://t.co/Ne7hqd18 via @zite #solomo

  16. Please help support End It Movement, add a #Twibbon now! http://t.co/Mf2JlE8V

  17. Secrets Your Pastor Can't Share in a Sermon http://t.co/iJQ9FwGw - Puts things in a new perspective, especially number 4.

  18. BII REPORT: Why The "Second Screen" Industry Is Set To Explode http://t.co/4HVGZGrw via @sai

  19. Over-Wired Americans Are Richer Than They Realize http://t.co/0y49Xgo8 via @zite

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