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  1. Hopefully that's just LSD they're drinking.
  2. Love the tree rows in that 2nd picture.
  3. Wow...that Upper Kirby/Greenway and Uptown/Galleria skyline shot from inside the unit is amazing. And to think our largest and 3rd largest skylines aren't even in that pic... The views from around the 6th to 12th floors have always been around my favorite height for views in Houston. Just above the tree line, and still high enough for views like that. Thanks for all the great updates, as usual.
  4. That new ramp might be my new favorite view of the Houston skylines. Downtown has such a massive presence to the right. To the left is so much new infill inside the loop, and now there's basically a row of new 30-40 story buildings on the W. Alabama corridor between Montrose and Weslayan with Transco and the Galleria area looming in the background. A little building behind building action going on there. Also great views of the TMC, the Museum District and of course the density in Midtown you're talking about. Whatever comes after "beast mode," Houston is heading that direction.
  5. I think from this angle, it'll go up about as far up as the tip of 609 Main. 609 Main will be slightly taller, but this building will be slightly closer from this angle and may actually appear taller. I mean, look at the difference between the Chase Tower and 1000 Louisiana from here. That's a hell of a contrast for a difference of 10 feet.
  6. I think this was also done on a Saturday. It has a July 11 date in the description and it hasn't been this empty during the week, even during the pandemic. The thing that stood out to me is how bad of shape so many of our streets are still in down there. Driving on Prairie or Caroline or a number of other streets downtown is like driving on the moon.
  7. Not unlike the Simpsons episode where someone said "sticking together is what good waffles do," growing nicely is what good grass does.
  8. Looks like there's also fencing on the TMC3 side of the driveway (Harvey fence in the first pic).
  9. This area and the Energy Corridor have grown so much ever since the Memorial Hermann Tower and Katy Freeway were finished. Completely unrecognizable from 15 years ago.
  10. Looks like someone started working then realized they were off today.
  11. I think the building turned out well, but the podium is the focal point for the criticism. Glad it's going to be Cosmo'd, but kinda wish the Bowen was a mid rise so Arabella would stand out from all angles looking somewhat east. I liked the original renderings more, but I guess it's my fault that I don't have enough money to sculpt the world to my liking.
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