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  1. With that timeline, they're either not starting on it for a while or TxDot is the contractor.
  2. Photobombing is the perfect word. From some views, it looks great...from others (this one in particular), I agree 100%. I really like the view coming in from Memorial Dr now. This tower looks much more complimentary and you can still get a full view of 609 Main at a great angle. That's what I don't like about the view coming in from 45 North now. It's not this tower's best angle IMO, plus it completely photobombs 609 Main and ruins the chemistry that building had with the rest of the skyline from that angle. That said, it's a great addition...and as you've also noted, I think they did a great job on the street level experience. I love walking around this whole area now. It's a sea change from even 5 years ago. It really looks terrific.
  3. The amount of trees they've chopped down to build this and other areas around the northern suburbs is staggering. I'll never forget when Harvey hit, how everyone acted like they were going to take how we build moving forward with regard to flooding seriously...then not even a year later, the developers were like Phil Hartman when he played Ronald Reagan saying "back to work!!"
  4. 2 years for this ramp and the two 610 bridge spans that go over 59... They know exactly how much this will affect traffic, that this will cause accidents and probably cost a few lives directly or indirectly, and we all know they can build this in a fraction of that time. I wonder if they'll still be working on the 610 SB to 59 SB ramp when they're finished here. It's just unbelievable.
  5. I drove by around noon and they were putting it up...drove by again this evening and it's up all the way.
  6. I wish Houston had a subway loop with about 8 or 10 stops max to allow for higher speeds connecting these areas: 1) Downtown 2) U of H 3) TMC/Reliant Park (would love to see the Astrodome area become a destination and a mass transit hub) 4) Rice Village 5) Greenway Plaza 6) The Galleria 7) Uptown Park area 8) Memorial Park Just for kicks, add an elevated or submerged commuter line (that does not interfere with street/pedestrian traffic) down Westheimer and another one down the Kirby corridor with stops in these areas: Westheimer Line: 1) U of H 2) Main/Elgin for connectivity w/ Red Line 3) Westheimer/Montrose 4) Westheimer/Kirby 5) Highland Village 6) The Galleria 7) Westhemer/Voss 8) Westchase area 9) Chinatown (obviously not on Westheimer but a direct link to Chinatown). Come to think of it, a Bellaire/Holcombe Line with no more than two stops between Chinatown and TMC (perhaps a stop in Sharpstown and a stop at the Bellaire Triangle before connecting with the Red Line) wouldn't be a bad idea as the QuickLine currently takes 35 minutes to get from Chinatown to TMC. That commute could go from 35 minutes to 12-15 minutes. Kirby Line: 1) Reliant Park 2) Kirby/S. Main for connectivity w/ Red Line 3) Rice Village 4) Kirby/Westheimer for connectivity w/ Westheimer Line 5) Regent Square 6) Dallas/Main I know that would cost a fortune, but it would probably save money in the long run by eliminating the need for an automobile for a lot more people, plus all the issues associated with them like accidents/pollution/gas consumption/etc. that come with automobiles...and also changing the way we develop. Just imagine having that service available though moving forward and the future transit options that would open up to the suburbs/airports...hopefully also either elevated or submerged to prevent street intervention. That's the problem with our current light rail system. It creates as much traffic as it alleviates.
  7. Noticed this today driving down Franklin St. The text says #StandWithUkraine. Just for good measure, here's a pic of Brava and part of the Texas Tower from the newly finished Chase Tower Plaza. Would have never imagined that view even just a few years ago. Looks terrific IMO.
  8. I wish the Galleria could filter out that sewage smell that's been plaguing the parking garage for years.
  9. I'd like to see a really nice park here. This part of Uptown could use a little more green space.
  10. Not sure there's a better city in the U.S. to host the World Cup than Houston.
  11. That Hillcorp building is underrated. I love how it peaks out when you're driving on Smith St looking to your left as you come up on Walker St.
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