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  1. OMG we could go on for days on this... The Castlewood The Synott The Blue Bell The Woodforest The Hammerly
  2. The way Wikipedia worded it was "The JPMorgan Chase Tower, formerly Texas Commerce Tower, is a 305.4-meter (1,002-foot), 2,243,013-square-foot (208,382.7 m2),[3] 75-story skyscraper at 600 Travis Street in Downtown Houston, Texas, United States." Sounds about right for Wikipedia.
  3. According to Hines, yes. https://www.hines.com/properties/jpmorgan-chase-tower-houston
  4. Probably depends on who you ask. I really like those townhomes, but this looks really nice, too.
  5. I love how it's going to take 6 years to rebuild this intersection when it took less time to rebuild what is now 23 miles of the widest freeway on the planet.
  6. Really appreciate everything you do for this forum.
  7. In response to the comment above (forgot to quote) "Freakin' H-town, man..."
  8. Ahhh, I knew I recognized those eyes from somewhere. That's an awesome mural....actually both of them are. Nice catch!
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