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  1. Probably depends on who you ask. I really like those townhomes, but this looks really nice, too.
  2. I love how it's going to take 6 years to rebuild this intersection when it took less time to rebuild what is now 23 miles of the widest freeway on the planet.
  3. Really appreciate everything you do for this forum.
  4. In response to the comment above (forgot to quote) "Freakin' H-town, man..."
  5. Ahhh, I knew I recognized those eyes from somewhere. That's an awesome mural....actually both of them are. Nice catch!
  6. LOL even the rendering doesn't have a single vehicle using the toll road.
  7. I drove through Kingwood late last night and thought the exact same thing. The cost of irresponsible planning is immeasurable.
  8. I guess it "makes sense" that a car-centric city would have a high ratio, and I'm sure we have legit analytics for it, but one the surface, that sounds excessive. Just as a heads up in response to arbpro, I'm obviously not griping about "anything to do with parking." Of course parking is a necessary function whether you're in NYC or Freeport, TX. My concern is this kind of excessive or inefficiently designed parking to the point where it's detrimental to responsible planning, especially since it happens a lot in the city I love the most. I understand that 1) there are height restrictions here and 2) developers generally care more about money than the communities they build in...but we all have opinions and shouldn't have to buy a piece of property in order to criticize decisions developers make or regulations that limit them. We live here, we pay taxes here too, and many of us care about how our city is built, plus the environmental/traffic/flooding issues that will ensue. I assume that's why everyone is on this forum to some extent. There actually are a ton of parking lots/garages that aren't used close to their capacity in Houston, and yes, I wish the city/developers would do better in those (and many other) cases. I don't think it's true that complaining accomplishes nothing. The more this kind of stuff is brought to light, the more our "leaders" and developers are likely to listen, as long as it's meant constructively and you're not just being a total jerk or something. I wonder what the cost difference would be in cases like this (w/o the obvious height restrictions, of course) if they only used half the land and built the building on top of the garage, and then what the difference of property taxes would be after 10, 20 or 50 years.
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