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  1. You can see the Texas Tower peeping out in the downtown pic, closing up that gap coming in from 288.
  2. The new 45 Northbound to 59/288 Southbound ramp is pretty awesome too, and it's also elevated for a good while before you get to the ramp itself. The 610 Ship Channel bridge also has a great view.
  3. I would have liked to have seen the new Transit Center built where Chick-Fil-A/Best Buy are, and in a still imperfect, but better world keep them both for GFR and have a pedestrian bridge over Richmond Ave to the McNair development. Would have made for a shorter trip down the BRT line and could have tied this area together nicely and spurred more vertical development nearby.
  4. I ordered to go from this location about a month ago, and I got chicken fajitas w/ refried beans and rice, and I was honestly stunned by how bad the refried beans were. I'm not exaggerating or being hysterical when I say they literally tasted like the inside of my mouth after I've thrown up in the past. I couldn't even eat them. The rice was below average, not at all like I remember from any other Ninfa's location I've ever eaten at, which is at least 7 or 8 locations. The chips and salsa were okay, but nothing special. The chicken fajitas were about the same as I remember. They were pretty da
  5. Should also have quite a presence for the squirrels crossing on the telephone wire above Memorial with the greenery hanging off of it.
  6. This shot is actually at least a few years old as several towers are missing. 609 Main isn't up (or at least completed) yet. I'd love to see what this shot looks like in 20, 50 and 100 years from now.
  7. Looks like a hybrid version of Tic Tac Toe and Connect 4.
  8. There are several videos on YouTube if you type in "Memorial Park Houston 2010" (or earlier) that show how many more trees there were, primarily from the biking trails. Here's a few pics I came across during/after that drought.
  9. I'm glad they're working on this area. That part of the park may have been the hardest hit from the drought back in 2011, and quite frankly, it's depressing for me when I pass by knowing what was there before. I never saw the Transco Tower from that part of Memorial before they cut all those dead pines down, and now you can see a lot of Uptown from there. I remember we were rationing water at the time, but to this day, I can't fathom letting so many trees in our prize park die like that. I always thought a city like New York would never let something like that happen to Central Par
  10. Man, those views from the top of this place are awesome, and the few gaps between skylines that are left will be filled in and extended nicely over the next few years. A decade or two from now, this view could very well show an uninterrupted skyline for almost 180 degrees from this roof.
  11. Hopefully that's just LSD they're drinking.
  12. Love the tree rows in that 2nd picture.
  13. Wow...that Upper Kirby/Greenway and Uptown/Galleria skyline shot from inside the unit is amazing. And to think our largest and 3rd largest skylines aren't even in that pic... The views from around the 6th to 12th floors have always been around my favorite height for views in Houston. Just above the tree line, and still high enough for views like that. Thanks for all the great updates, as usual.
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