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  1. Also the Post Oak (Tilman's tower), Belfoire, the one on St. James, The James, plus all the mid rises around the entire area. The Skanska Tower and Highland Tower weren't long before, either.
  2. This thing's gonna end up being a Mattress Firm when it's all said and done.
  3. "Lyndon LaRouche people"....lol. They're what telemarketers look like in person. I know nothing about the guy, but his goons' antics have given me little reason to inquire.
  4. To each his own, but I can't comment since I've never had those sopapillas from Panchos. This is the only picture I could find of what they once called the chocolate banana at Ninfas, but it's different than I remember and it doesn't do it justice. It used to come with whip cream and vanilla ice cream and chocolate both melted inside the empanada w/ the banana and drizzled on top of the empanada.
  5. The tunnel system serves a legit purpose. Overall, I'm glad we have it. I've used it during inclement weather myself, and it's a great option to have. I just think that 80% of the retail down there would have created an entirely different atmosphere downtown if it was on street level instead. Fortunately, the street level landscape downtown is changing despite the tunnel system. There are a lot of developments and renovations with more street level retail on the horizon.
  6. Last time I was at the Original Ninfa's on Navigation, they didn't have the deep fried chocolate banana in the pastry shell w/ the ice cream. Not sure how long ago it happened, but how that "disappeared" from their dessert menu is beyond me.
  7. Our tunnels are not unlike our domed/retractable roof stadiums that we keep closed when it's 65 degrees and sunny.
  8. Agree 100%. On a side note, I've always wondered why they place so many pipes directly under our streets, rather than the sidewalks. Any time something goes wrong, we have to tear up the street, and almost every time, the street is in much worse condition than it was before the work. I'm sure there's a good explanation...
  9. LOL just got back home after literally sitting on Franklin St for 25 minutes trying to get to 59 North this evening. Not that I won't vote for Metro's plan, and it will absolutely help considering the lack of alternatives, but I know I'm not the only Houstonian who would like to see a less intrusive, faster service transit system here that can really move people. It would have to be either elevated or submerged to be that efficient, and I'm not sure how feasible a subway network around, say, the inner loop area would work, but we do already have a mini-sized one at IAH, plus lots of other underground development in downtown and of course the Galleria. Is that "as far as we can dig?" I'm all for more light rail, I just hate how much our version of it interferes with street/pedestrian traffic. It creates almost as much automobile traffic as it alleviates. If subways aren't feasible, then elevate it. There's going to be 8 million people here in the next 7-8 years and 10 million by 2040....and I really don't want to imagine what traffic is going to be like if we still don't have these kinds of alternatives by then, much less moving forward. Sorry for staying off topic.
  10. In that case, we might be soulmates. All those years and I thought I was the only one... I remember the building height stopped at 450 feet for Houston, but other cities had buildings listed at 400 ft. Not sure if it's still the case, but I always felt like despite Houston having the 3rd largest "list," we were being somewhat shafted by their seemingly subjective criteria. Then again, I was like 12.
  11. Commie....😀 The one area Houston needs to improve is transportation. From the way we handle our road "repairs" and construction to mass transit, this is the only thing left standing in the way of that "world class" image some say we're lacking. And I guess after driving down Richmond Ave for 10 seconds, it's hard not to agree with that....but overall, we have made progress even in these areas over the last couple of decades. It's amazing to think we didn't even have light rail here until 2004. SMFH....
  12. Damn, I like your list more than mine now. I can't believe Post HTX and KBR/East River sites didn't come to mind for me, but you're right....there are so many justifiable candidates for this list. It's a very exciting time for our city, no doubt. I love how Houston has invested more and more into downtown over the last couple of decades. It's already a sea change in atmosphere since then, and it's only going to get better over time (at least for those of us who want a more urban atmosphere). Could not agree more with your take on McNair, KBR and Allen Pkwy developments, as well as HSPVA and Capital Tower. They made my list because I like their individual impacts downtown (again, hoping that the street/tunnel interaction is as good as advertised for the Capital Tower). I made my list based on the "criteria" of projects that have their own thread on this site, but I like how you alluded to lumping certain areas together. That allows for more room elsewhere for a seemingly more and more prestigious list by the day. Again....lots of deserving candidates. The 59 reconstruction project might have the biggest impact of all outside of TMC Research. It's going to have an enormous "trickle-down" impact on future development around the upcoming Innovation District and the Convention Center areas. Is the Pierce Elevated scheduled to be demolished? I sure hope so....excited to watch all of these projects unfold.
  13. LOL I knew I was forgetting at least one. Good catch!
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