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  1. Updating our street grid should be viewed as more of an investment than an expense.
  2. IIRC, the old ramp (with the traffic from Westheimer & W. Alabama) merged onto the exit ramp off 610 that required weaving over a lane (with not very much room) for those getting onto 59 northbound. It didn't interfere with 610 itself, but it merged with the ramp for 59 northbound/southbound. I'm not sure how much impact that old ramp had on traffic as those who were taking 59 northbound were the only people who had to weave across that lane. They had the option to weave into that same lane and take 59 southbound as well, but were not required to do that as that old ramp added a lane for 5
  3. Don't get me started on how they manage their projects. You think my last few posts have been long...
  4. The new design forces everyone exiting northbound to the far right lane, which will also be shared with some of the traffic exiting southbound. So moving forward, any incident on 59 southbound near that area (or the 59 south ramp itself) will affect people on 610 still trying to exit 59 northbound as well. Those who are unfamiliar with this area are going to cut in line by default as they will only have a mile or so notice of their exit if they go by the signage...and by then, traffic is often already backed up to that point. When they finish the ramp for 59 southbound, traffic flowi
  5. The entrance from the feeder road w/ the traffic coming from Westheimer and W. Alabama had that same direct access to 59 before this project began. I agree that this has worked very well. The only real change in terms of accessibility is having only one lane exiting from 610 when we had two lanes before this project began, and that lane will be shared with the people who will be exiting 59 southbound when construction is finished. There will be two lanes for the southbound exit.
  6. That's correct. This same ramp was 2 lanes exiting 59 northbound before. And not only will it be one lane moving forward, that lane will be shared with some of the traffic exiting 59 southbound. So basically, TxDOT is taking 6 years to rebuild *the ramps* at the busiest intersection in the state...and the end result for this part of the intersection will go from having 2 lanes before to one now. Traffic is going to be how it is now until they finish the ramp for 59 southbound, and even then, it's only going to be marginally better and worse than it was before construction. We're also taki
  7. Yep...I'm one of those people. It's actually quicker sometimes to take the Westheimer exit and get onto 59 northbound from the feeder road after Westheimer & W. Alabama than it is to stay on the freeway, especially that right lane. About a year ago, I had a web conference with five people from TxDOT...although only two of them actually spoke the whole time. I asked them why they don't work on one ramp at a time before tearing up other parts of the freeways and intersection. One of the reps told me that they didn't want their people working on top of the each other for safety reasons.
  8. Got confirmation from a source at TxDOT that the permanent 610 southbound exit ramp to 59 northbound will remain one lane similar to the current configuration, and that lane will be shared with some of the traffic exiting 59 southbound. If you go to TxDOT's "projects and studies" page on their website, the first paragraph reads: "Before a project is built, a study must be done to determine if it will fill a transportation need, will not negatively impact the surrounding area and fits the department's overall plan. During the study phase, potential projects are analyzed to determine i
  9. 3rd best skyline in the country IMO (after New York & Chicago).
  10. Yeah, that's a nice view too. Love how you first notice the med center when first turning "north" on the ramp, which looks like a small city in itself...then the museum district buildings, then Greenway Plaza right there in front of you practically connecting with Upper Kirby with downtown looming in the background and everything in between. Just coming up 610 from Bellaire going over 59 is a great view of the city. Of course I'm in the passenger seat when all this is going on...
  11. I bet you're right. The new elevated portion of the Gulf Fwy northbound exit for 59 & 288 is probably my favorite ramp in the city at the moment. I can imagine how (pretty much) that same view would look from a few miles back. That's between 288 and the Ship Channel, which might be the most underrated view of the city. Gonna have to hit that one up soon...appreciate the heads up.
  12. Just took the exit ramp from 288 Northbound to Beltway 8 Westbound and the view of the Houston skyline(s) might be the most impressive in the city. I've been driving in Houston for over 20 years and been on pretty much every ramp in the city, and I was blown away. It looks like a smaller New York...pretty much a continuous skyline from the Galleria to that massive 288 view of downtown.
  13. This thread seems like an appropriate place for a shout out to all the great photography we're consistently blessed to have on this site. Big thanks to all who contribute.
  14. Hopefully, the finished product will change my opinion on this, but to say I don't like the current configuration of the 610 southbound to 59 would be a massive understatement. As it is now, there is one lane to exit 59 northbound. I really hope we will end up with two lanes exiting there (one exit only) and another two lanes exiting for 59 southbound (one exit only). Otherwise, this is going to be a fiasco. Also, I just don't get how they get away with having 6 years to work on a project as intrusive on our daily lives as this. This is the busiest intersection in the Southwestern United
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