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  1. The old Clodine General Store (1896) located on the southeast corner of FM 1464 and Westpark Tollway. At one time the little town was gridded out like a typical small town of its time, today you really can't find much more evidence of central Clodine except for this building. It would be wonderful to see it restored and made into a historic preserve, or move it back to its original location if this is not the original spot in which it was built. - Credit FB Vintage West Houston 



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  2. On 3/20/2007 at 9:03 AM, Heights2Bastrop said:

    In reply to "Was the Vagabond Club at the Vagabond Motel on 45?"
    That's the one, Subdude. As aggressive as some of the ladies were at the club, I often wondered if some of them didn't have a long-term rental on a room there.

    Vertigo, I lived and worked near Hobby Airport in the late 70s, and that's when I went to Yesterday. I think there were a number of "swingers" who hung out there, but I wasn't interested in that scene. And that was back in my drunking days, and my memories are a bit fuzzy on the details of the place.

    Just to make sure, I have a record of a Vagabond Motor Hotel at 4815 N Frwy Houston, TX 77022-2517 circa 1975. 
    Are these the same "Vagabond Motel on 45"?


    I remember Wolfe Nursery on Beechnut.  Just west of the nursery was Builder's Square, which was briefly redeveloped into a store called Pace; after that it was torn down to make way for Lowe's.  Next door to Builder's Square was a Toy Store called Children's Palace, which was later redeveloped into a music store.  I think a bike store is there now?


    A few more memories:

    • Sharpstown Mall was still respectable in the early part of the decade, but we stopped shopping there around 1995 because of the increased crime in the parking lot.
    • A redeveloped Meyerland Plaza opened ~1996
    • Video Central rented VHS tapes and video games.
    • The Rockets and the Houston Aeros played their games in the Summit, which later became Compaq Center, which later became Lakewood Church.
    • There were large street parties held on the Richmond strip after the Rockets won the Championship two years in a row.
    • There was a lot of vacant land along the south side of 59 between S. Shepherd and 610 that was redeveloped towards the end of the decade.
    • An outdoor concert venue called "Lone Star Amphitheater" was located on Westpark, just outside of 610.  It was later converted into a church called "Prayer Mountain".  I think it was demolished in the late '90s to make room for the Westpark Tollway.
    • Many of the high-rise condo towers around the Galleria were built in the later part of the decade.
    • The Houston Chronicle bought the Houston Post in the early part of the decade.
    • The Bel-Air Theater on Bellaire Blvd closed, and was converted to an indoor playland for kids called "Discovery Zone".
    • "Celebration Station" on 59 and "Fame City" on Beechnut were popular places for kids.
    • The Village Arcade shopping center opened in Rice Village (~1994?).  A few years later, The Village Arcade II opened on the next block.
    • The Hard Rock Cafe was still on Kirby, and it had a '60s-era Thunderbird mounted on a pole.
    • There was a car dealership (Buick or Cadillac?) on the SE corner of S Shepherd and Westheimer in the early part of the decade.  Across the street was an Academy Sporting Goods Store and an Oak Farms Dairy facility.
    • Dietrich Coffee House on Westheimer was a great place to hang out and people watch.
    • Bookstop on S. Shepherd was an awesome book store.
    • There was a movie theater on West Gray (Cineplex Odeon?).
    • The Jeff Davis hospital sat abandoned on Allen Parkway as a giant creepy Art Deco monument.
    • A blighted Allen Parkway Village sat next door, adding to the creepiness.
    • The rice mills were still standing on Studemont in the early part of the decade.
    • Washington Avenue and the surrounding area was in pretty rough shape.
    • We would roll up the car windows and lock the doors when we drove through the Heights area.
    • The long-vacant Rice Hotel downtown was renovated and re-opened as the "Rice Lofts."  "Enron Field" opened about the same time.  There was a lot of hope that these developments would revitialize downtown.  They eventually did, but I think it took much longer than everyone anticipated.
    • It snowed in the early part of the decade (~1992 or 1993?)
    • There were some big floods around 1995 or 1996 that caused many businesses and schools to close.  I seem to remember there being a lot of damage in the Kingwood area.



    It was a Loews theater

    LCE River Oaks Plaza 12

    1450 West Gray Street

    Gray Street at Waugh Drive

    Houston, TX 77019



  4. "Just Marion and Lynns" was located at the southeast corner of Fairview and Grant (presently occupied by Cousin's). In the mid-80s it moved to the location on Richmond, and that's where Marion was shot and killed in a senseless, unsolved holdup attempt. She was a highly regarded member of the community. I don't know of any ties between Kindred Spirits and JM&Ls.

    The building which housed Charlie's Coffeeshop is now occupied by Chances, which caters to a lesbian clientele. The owners of Charlie's also owned the Hotel Montegue in downtown Houston. In between those two businesses, it was also used (briefly) as a stage theater venue. In the late 70s and early 80s it was known as the Booby Rock, which (not unexpectedly) featured topless dancers. At that time the exterior of the building was clad from eaves to foundation in wood shingles, and two nude, female, pseudo-Greek concrete statues flanked the front door. To make them "classier", they were slathered in aluminum paint. One night a drunk ran into one, breaking her legs off at the ankles. Rather than replacing her, the management merely wrapped a length of chain around her neck to hold her up; she now rests in the back patio of Mary's.


    Does anyone have any information or pictures of Sybil Leek's Cauldron which was originally at 1100(1102) Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006 (which then became Charlie's Coffee Shop, then Chances, and now, semi-ironically, another restaurant named Underbelly) then moved to approx 2537 University Blvd?


  5. Does anyone have any information or pictures of Sybil Leek's Cauldron which was originally at 1100(1102) Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006 (which then became Charlie's Coffee Shop, then Chances, and now, semi-ironically, another restaurant named Underbelly) then moved to approix 2537 University Blvd?

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