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  1. This home by Wylie Vale, located at 5650 Meadow Lake Ln. in Houston, is scheduled to be demolished very soon. The home was built in 1953 and was 2,347 Sq Ft, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
  2. The photo above came from the CinemaTreasure.org web site. Go to the link below to read more about the Delman Theater and its history. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/3294
  3. Railroad History Program As part of the Bellaire City Library’s Summer Reading Club activities, a Houston author and railroad history expert will present a special Saturday family program on July 27 from 3-4 p.m. Doug Weiskopf, historian of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the National Railway Historical Association will discuss local rail development as presented in his book Rails Around Houston. Whether interested in big engines or small models, this program will appeal to all. Weiskopf was born in Jacinto City and graduated from Baylor University. His interest in local history served him well in his position of Senior Library Services Specialist in the Texas Room of the Houston Public Library. Today he keeps in touch with all levels of railroad enthusiasm and enthusiasts by working part-time at Papa Ben’s Train Place on Bellaire Blvd. The Railroad History program will be given at the Bellaire City Library, 5111 Jessamine. For more info call Terri Mote, Reference Librarian, at (713) 662-8166.
  4. The only KMart photos I have are of the S. Gessner KMart in 1979 (because I worked there at the time). Sorry...no Super KMart shots! It's a shame that the KMart chain moved out of Texas. I always liked shopping there.
  5. Thanks for the link to the news story. I had wondered what had become of the Homestead Rd. @ Parker Rd. KMart since it was one of the last KMarts to finally close in Houston. I once went to that Homestead Rd. KMart store twenty years ago to buy some curtains. At that time, the store was a bit run-down but still in pretty good shape. What was most interesting was that the store still had the original 1970s color theme and decor -- the colors used for fixtures and signs were brown and tangerine-orange -- exactly like the old S. Gessner KMart I had worked at in 1978. Sadly I never had the time to go back to the Homestead KMart and photograph the interior.
  6. The photos were taken with a digital camera so the shots are on backup disks which I have to locate first. I'll post some of the images after I locate them. It would be great if you could post some photos of the front of the Gramercy Apartments. That's what people really remember -- the views of the complex as they drove down Montrose and looked over at the apartments. It's easy to create photo albums using the imgur.com (free photo hosting) web site.
  7. Thanks for the link to the archive! It would be awesome if they would put the local Houston papers after 1945 online. After WW2 is when many new subdivisions were created.
  8. Thanks for the link to the article. Now I know which apartment complex the OP was asking about in the first post. The original Gramercy Place Apartments (located at 4801 Montrose @ Banks St.) were very charming and I always admired them as I passed by on Montrose. I managed to take some photos of some of the rear units back when the complex was being demolished, but sadly I never got a photo of the front of the aparments (as you viewed them from Montrose).
  9. I took some photos of the old apartments located at Gramercy St @ Stella Link right before the buildings were torn down. There were originally 12 apartment units there. Later on, 12 new townhomes were built on that lot. I also took some photos of the apartments on Bellefontaine, just on the other side of Stella Link. Those old apartments have all been torn down now and new townhomes built there.
  10. Thank you Devonhart for posting that clip. Brought back memories. In the early 1980s, friends and I (all students from Rice University) used to go see films at this theater. It had expanded to six screens and was renamed The Shamrock Six, although the theater was already going to seed by that time and so people nicknamed it "The Sham-schlock Six" and later "The Armpit Six" because the facility got so run-down. I remember seeing the bad film "Supergirl" there in 1984 in a nearly empty theater (with a couple of groups of kids talking loudly in the back rows). The theater was in awful shape. One of my more horrible movie-going experiences.
  11. I was reading a HAIF forum thread about Westbury Square and one the first page, a HAIF member named "Stu" posted an aerial shot of the Meyerland area in 1960 that showed the Meyer Speedway under construction. The photo's description by "Stu" read: Here is a 1960 photo that MK made reference to in an earlier post of his about the location of an old airfield in Westbury. This came from a website about old air fields in the Houston area. This is of an area of Westbury South, where I bought my first house in 1961. You're looking south in the picture with South Main (Hwy 90A) running east-west across the top. Chimney Rock is the north-south street to the far left. Landsdowne (street my house was on) is the next street to the right running parallel to Chimney Rock. That's Meyer Speedway under construction at the top. W. Airport is in the middle of the photo, starting at the little curve in Chimney Rock. No Hillcroft yet.
  12. There used to be a Weingarten's located at 1500 Richmond Ave. (see photo above). The Menil Collection purchased the property and kept the outer shell of the original Weingarten's store (which had a lot of nice decorative motifs along the top of the building), and remodeled the property into the Dan Flavin Installation at Richmond Hall. Here's a short history of the building: http://www.hamiltonshirts.com/blog/2010/06/28/dan-flavin You can see interior shots of the Flavin artworks (made of colored lights) here: http://menil.org/visit/flavin.php
  13. In 1978, I worked in the photography department of the Kmart located at 59 @ S. Gessner. I once caught a guy using a stolen credit card but the store manager was hesitant to arrest him so the creep ran out the front doors. Sadly, I didn't get a reward. In the mid-70s, I worked in several departments at the S.A.G.E. department store at W. Belt @ Katy Freeway. If anyone remembers, S.A.G.E. was the first department store to figure out a way to skirt the Texas Blue Laws and at the time, was the ONLY store fully open on Sundays, selling anything you wanted. S.A.G.E. was crazy-busy on Sundays! S.A.G.E. was also noteworthy in that each department was separately-owned by different companies, so customers had to pay for all items from each department in THAT department. Each department had its own registers with clerks/managers who only worked in that department. Which was a huge pain in the butt for customers who didn't understand how the S.A.G.E. system worked. Anyway, I have photographs that I took of both the Kmart and S.A.G.E. that I worked in during that time period. Eventually, I plan to scan all the photos and then I'll post them online.
  14. My mother has researched old Texas railroads in the past. I know she has some maps and has done a lot of research at the Texas Room of the old downtown Houston Public Library but that was back in the 1970s-'90s. Back during the 1970s, we walked through the forest about a mile from the Macedonia Cemetary (near Magnolia, Texas) and found the iron tracks of an old rail line there in the woods. We were using a map showing the old train line and were trying to find the tracks and we did!
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