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  1. They did say they were going to start developing other portions of Regent Square a few months after the sovereign began, correct?
  2. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2013/02/bhp-signs-lease-for-new-four-oaks.html More information on the project.
  3. Is there a date when this was made?
  4. Does anyone know if they're attempting to get a certain percentage preleased before they begin construction? Looks like its been leasing up pretty steadily.
  5. http://www.bisnow.com/commercial-real-estate/houston/convention-district-makeover/ It's 20,000 sq ft but its also pretty far from a lot of stuff downtown(not for long with all the new development). Doesn't midtown have a much higher population to support at least a little retail?
  6. Is it possible to make an exception where only the blocks immediately surrounding HSPVA are dry or something to that extent? Bars seem like a major component needed to achieve the 24/7 activity people want to create downtown.
  7. http://swamplot.com/could-glenn-beck-bring-independence-to-texas/2013-01-29/#more-54093 I'm really lost for words on this one.
  8. http://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2012-12-19/dt_current_projects_121219.pdf It's number 22, the lot right up against the highway. The places you listed aren't shown to be near development on the map and are a few blocks away from the Tellepsen Family YMCA. They also look like they could be just a block or two away from each other. You should share with us some renderings of these towers you're talking about! Do you know if they're going to cause other possible office developments to be put on hold until the market absorbs the new space?
  9. The only way this one gets off the ground is if they build spec. Hines already demonstrated if you build a high quality(LEED Platinum, Sky Garden, Garden on top of Parking Garage, etc.) office tower then you'll attract tenants from all over. BG Group Place is proof since they are almost full just 2 years after completion. Getting a single tenant to lease half of it (~600,000 sq ft) or multiple 100,000+ sq ft tenants to sign on is obviously proving difficult after 5 years. They already have a precedent that proves its possible, just hope they get a little more ballsy.
  10. It would be cool if they did something like a public-private partnership and had residential on top of school. Would be a great use of space next to all the other (mainly residential) development going on nearby. It would allow for some of the construction costs to be lifted off of HISD and create a nice residential area in a pretty central location in downtown.
  11. I didn't realize until now why we hate Dallas so much. We have a private company trying to build HSR without taxpayer money and the North Texas politicians are still trying to force them to connect Dallas and Fort Worth when isn't that what DART is supposed to do? It doesn't say anything about Houston officials (although they very well could be) complaining how the HSR wouldn't connect to IAH, Katy, The Woodlands, etc. even though our Light Rail system isn't nearly as extensive.
  12. On the third bullet under residential in Downtown's 4th Quarter 2012 Real Estate update it says all the offers were due to Houston First on January 24th. Hopefully they announce finalists pretty soon like how they chose the developer for the GRBCC hotel. It'll be exciting to see and of course hope its tall! http://downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2013-01-02/Downtown_Real_Estate_Update_2012-4Q-2.pdf
  13. Here's the rest of the article before they start talking about renovations to the old Exxon tower, the Marriot Marquis, and the downtown living initiative which we already know about: "Devon announced it will consolidate its Houston operations back to its headquarters in Oklahoma City, leaving behind more than 500,000 square feet of office space. It was the largest tenant to announce it was leaving downtown in 2012. “It happened in a matter of 48 hours, the general redirection was very quick,” said Tim Relyea, vice chairman of office brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield of Texas Inc.’s Houston office. The new tenant has a presence in Houston already, he said, and will move in after Devon leaves in February, although he declined to name the company. The mystery firm’s presence will bring a net positive absorption for downtown — meaning the company is likely coming from outside the area, said Laura Van Ness, director of business development at Central Houston Inc. In the first quarter, Relyea said there will be a few other relocations within downtown announced as well — one with about 125,000 square feet and another with about 200,000 square feet. One of those leases might be TransCanada's Corp. downtown relocation to the Bank of America Center to accommodate its Houston growth plans. Also, blocks that were vacant through 2012 may start to see activity in the coming months. “In 2013, I think you’ll potentially start to see construction or announcements on a couple of new buildings and skyscrapers in downtown,” Relyea said."
  14. The KBR site would be perfect for A&M if they opened a Houston campus for their expanded College of Engineering. The internships in the area would be great for students if they decided to do so. It'd also be better because you can only have so many mixed-use developments at once. If this got developed into mixed-use it would probably take away from development that could go downtown, BLVD Place, River Oaks, etc. Heres the article about A&M hoping to expand their Dwight Look College of Engineering by 14,000 students in just 12 years. It's ambitious but has support from big energy players Exxon and Chevron: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2013/01/23/texas-am-on-mission-to-increase.html
  15. I hope they look to do something stunning to sort of say to Hines "You aren't the only one in town anymore"
  16. So with space downtown tightening up again we can expect one or two of these office buildings to be developed?
  17. http://www.bisnow.com/commercial-real-estate/houston/bisnow-exclusive-generation-parks-first-buyer/ Just some more information on Generation Park and some deals that they seem to have coming down the line. From the 18 months it'll take just to get infrastructure to FMC it might take a while for this thing to really get going.
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