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  1. Maybe since Oxy is leasing space in Greenway, once the industry gets back on better footing they might look to build their own HQ on the site! Of course it's wishful thinking, but it does seem, at least from this cycle, that energy companies like buildings built specifically for them. Maybe this experience will push them back to leasing space though.
  2. The first rendering makes the office tower look huge! Probably a bit ambitious though...
  3. And from previous pictures, there are balconies facing the garage, sure they won't have a good view, but it seems indicative that the backside is not just a blank wall.
  4. It's been on the development map for a while(6+ months). Interesting how it says 5 stories on the description, but the rendering looks like 6 floors all the way around.
  5. Looks like some pumper trucks are flocking to the site. Seems there is a mat pour imminent! Edit: Doh! Should have read to see if someone had already mentioned that.
  6. The balconies on that midrise look a bit slanted....
  7. Knowing the Chron they are already confusing this building with the Catalyst.
  8. I don't see why a larger development(100+ units) couldn't take the remaining 45 units in incentives and and just build the others without any tax credits(like the Fingers Project). Either way I'm sure someone will jump on the $675,000 credit left in the program.
  9. Another 20+ story tower near the ballpark too! It's great that developers are continuing to follow through with some good developments, despite the "slowdown" in the energy industry.
  10. The floors above the lobby are parking as well so they generally aren't very tall.
  11. From the webcam, it looks like the blue crane segments went into the taller tower crane and it also looks like they are assembling another red crawler crane. From the webcam, it looks like the blue crane segments went into the taller tower crane and it also looks like they are assembling another red crawler crane.
  12. Sounds like we need to get a petition going to save the sandbox!
  13. It's pretty incredible how many threads degrade to arguments about transportation.
  14. He does a phenomenal job of ignoring any logical counter to his severely biased opinions, which he states as "facts", though.
  15. Lots of concrete being poured on site today on the office/parking garage block. Nate, we need a downtown update! :]
  16. Interesting reflection of downtown.... Don't know if that's the right angle.
  17. I miss your great weekly updates! Please move back, thanks!
  18. Hey after knocking up Jackie he's adding even more density. Maybe a prophecy of good things to come?
  19. Unfortunately I haven't run into anyone wearing a Gensler shirt and bombarded them with questions since then. I wasn't trying to say it was a certainty, just that one of my questions was if they had been working on anything big height-wise, and they said they were working on a potential 65 story tower for a confidential client in downtown. This was about 6 months ago, so who knows what the status is now. It might be dead, or it might be more real then the proposed multi-tower development in downtown Dallas.
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