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  1. The amount of attention to this pizza ATM on an architecture forum relative to the amount of attention to other projects is surprisingly high
  2. I had it at 2am on Friday and it was pretty good for a pizza ATM.
  3. I think it is bad and not good to have Austin staples open in Houston
  4. Atlas Diner. I was super bummed that it closed. Need an upscale diner place downtown. Richard Knight was the chef and he is very good
  5. That's really too bad. I really like J-Bar-M and think it is very underrated compared to Truth. I also was a big fan of Night Shift. These two examples show how risky it is to have a concept revolving around a few specific people. Same thing happened with Degust, Pax Americana, etc.
  6. I took a friend from out of town and my family to the beer can house and they all loved it and thought it was unique. I also took them to Rothko Chapel and half of the group thought it was awesome
  7. Have you seen the Kinder MFAH? Think it opened late 2020
  8. Those are also Hotel Laura photos. They did not change any of the rooms or design. Really just changed the name from Alessandra to Laura
  9. On face it looks absurd but the lot is 0.43 acres or 19,000 square feet. Land is $40-$50/sf in the east end.
  10. Anecdotally, I meet with a lot of business travelers from NY and Chicago who stay in downtown hotels. They mostly go to business meetings during the day and then eat at the hotel restaurant (JW or Four Seasons) and leave on the first flight out the next day. If they venture out, it is usually to safe choices that they are familiar with vs. local and independent small businesses. As a downtown resident, I constantly go out to eat and also take walks around the neighborhood and parks 3-4 times a week. I don't think the POST is touristy - I personally view it as an authentic and key addition to the area that I will visit often. Went to the grand opening and am doing dinner and Rufus this coming Friday and expect that to continue.
  11. It is a major amenity to me - 15 minute walk which is perfect for evenings. Also about 5-10 minutes to the performing arts district from Post so I will likely do pre-show dinners here. Realize it may be a little casual for others going to shows. The music venue builds inherent demand. Rufus du sol is sold out on Thursday/Friday. It is a little far for lunches for office workers however.
  12. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sekai Night and Day VIP preview party on Thursday, October 28 is being postponed. We will keep you updated with the new details as soon as we have them.
  13. Getting the official certificate of occupancy takes 3-5 days after work is complete (need inspections from a bunch of different agencies)
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