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  1. I think the real question is: are indoor tigers a “real” tiger location? Does downtown therefore currently have a tiger location or will it only have a tiger location once this outdoor pen is constructed?
  2. Downtown Houston has an area of 1.6 square miles. I defined 0.7 square miles as “core” - excluding the warehouse district north of the bayou and the Louisiana street office corridor which has no residential and is just a collection of skyscrapers. Gulfton has population density of 15,500 / square mile and second place is pecan park at 10,200 / square mile.
  3. Yes, when I leave downtown I go west 75% of the time and east 25% of the time. Making it 50/50 would make downtown even more central.
  4. The front of the building is inscribed "Frugality is the Mother of the Virtues" which is likely off-brand for a Moxy hotel.
  5. It looks like a major international corporation ripping off Ace Hotel. Which I guess is what’s actually going on
  6. I had a mediocre slice of $8 pizza there.
  7. Not a huge fan of Meow Wolf compared to Sleep No More or Houston's own DinoLion. http://sites.uci.edu/form/files/2015/01/Greenberg-Clement-Avant-Garde-and-Kitsch-copy.pdf
  8. Q4 2018: Downtown’s residential population is close to reaching the 10,000-mark. At the end of 2018, Downtown had an estimated 9,395 residents, up from 3,021 in 2010 (a 211% increase). Downtown also had strong rent growth, averaging the highest monthly rent in the region, at $2,032, reflecting robust interest in Downtown living. 2018 heralded a turning point in Downtown’s multifamily market. Downtown went from having the lowest occupancy rate in the region in 2017 to being named the hottest submarket by Apartmentdata.com, Marcus & Millichap, and Berkadia, recording a massive yearover-year jump in occupancy from 62.3 percent in Q 3 2017 to 83.9 percent in Q 3 2018 (Berkadia 2018). Source to read more (also has office information): http://www.downtowndistrict.org/static/media/uploads/attachments/downtown_market_update_2018_q4_final.pdf
  9. Also agree. Right now in downtown would rather have two 30 story buildings that knock out two parking lots (or twelve 5 story buildings) than 1 single 60 story building that knocks out 1 parking lot.
  10. My guess is that it's not a budget issue - the rest of the school is very well done. I think the fence was not part of the original plans and installed after completion to prevent homeless from camping there (which they were doing prior to the fence being installed).
  11. I'll have to check that out. I think the best coffee in downtown is: Prelude Amaya Boomtown Coterie
  12. It's high quality food and coffee. Went there for brunch and lunch. Seems like a hangout spot for people who live at MST.
  13. Agree. For example one at market square and Phoenicia would be great. Each anchoring a residential hub of downtown.
  14. The rendering in the chron article looks even better than the renderings posted above
  15. I’m surprised that food halls are a major draw or even worth mentioning. We’re 3-5 years behind the food hall trend compared to NY or Chicago.
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