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  1. Not sure if we had the timing of delivery before: "NORF Cos. plans to convert the property into a mixed-use multifamily project with renovations beginning in early 2021 and is expected to deliver in late summer 2022." Source: http://www.downtowndistrict.org/static/media/uploads/attachments/downtown_market_update_2020_q2-compressed.pdf
  2. Looks like BirdDog Saint (formerly Springbok) is closed. Saw them taking equipment out yesterday and the space is recently listed: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/711-Main-St-Houston-TX/20780571/
  3. I'm sure after the BBEE development and Brother's Coffee plant redevelopments, land values will be too high to justify using that amount of land for pickle ball courts and a seasonal swimming pool
  4. To me its charming and what makes Houston unique and cool. Same with all of the Buffalo Bayou East End developments including the Turkey Bend event space which is only a few blocks away but located next to active industrial
  5. Here's the link https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/554-Lockwood-Dr-Houston-TX/18640199/
  6. With all the other options in a 2 block radius, I don't think i would ever eat at that chipotle.
  7. I was just walking that path for the first time today and thinking the same thing... but at dusk
  8. If it wasn’t for the garden on top, I would have guessed that was a mall with the taller building in front an anchor department store.
  9. The primary concern is the combination of electric cars and increased renewables. The technology for renewables and battery storage are not there to displace fossil fuels today but technological change is rapid and unknowable. In the future, fossil fuels will not be extensively used - the big question is does this occur in the year 2500, the year 2100, 2050 or sooner.
  10. Very concerned that there is a Detroit dynamic at work - a single, concentrated and powerful industry crowds out all others. When times are good in that industry, the city flourishes and when times are bad... I understand that it appears we are more diversified now then the past but a lot of these jobs are tied to energy. This article although a little dated, explains the dynamic. There are 550,000 “base jobs” tied to energy and manufacturing that bring in money to the Houston area and then there are 2.5 million jobs that support those base jobs like real estate and retail.
  11. Frank's pizza is staying open. Just frank's backyard is closing. Hard Rock Cafe downtown is closing too: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/04/01/hard-rock-cafe-to-close-downtown-houston-location.html
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