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  1. At Lamar and McKinney, yes. From McKinney to walker, no.
  2. Main Street between Dallas and Lamar is completely closed to traffic and is basically this plan. I walk by it daily on the way to the gym and it’s a homeless encampment. Not saying homeless encampments are good or bad but they seem like they’re the outcome to pedestrian improvements like this. The downtown management district has limited ability to remove homeless
  3. I live downtown on Main. I am pro-pedestrian improvements in general. Every other section of downtown that has this becomes a homeless encampment. Not sure what the intent is but if the city wants to create large areas for homeless encampments, this would be the best path forward.
  4. Want to place a bet on whether or not they construct a new tower? I am extremely, extremely confident they will not. There is a lot of available Class A (or A+) space downtown for cheap.
  5. Least likely is building 1600 Louisiana. There is a 30% vacancy rate in downtown. I doubt they would add to supply.
  6. Carlton Tavern in London would beg to disagree.
  7. I lived in downtown Manhattan for three years and it was extremely interesting. Close to Chinatown, Tribeca, Lower East Side (some definitions of downtown Manhattan even include these neighborhoods). Tons of history in downtown proper with great architecture, dense urban form and walkability. The monied but no taste areas of Manhattan are the least interesting to me personally (Hudson Yards)
  8. There is always that weird smell going from the building whenever I walk by
  9. The amount of attention to this pizza ATM on an architecture forum relative to the amount of attention to other projects is surprisingly high
  10. I had it at 2am on Friday and it was pretty good for a pizza ATM.
  11. I think it is bad and not good to have Austin staples open in Houston
  12. Atlas Diner. I was super bummed that it closed. Need an upscale diner place downtown. Richard Knight was the chef and he is very good
  13. That's really too bad. I really like J-Bar-M and think it is very underrated compared to Truth. I also was a big fan of Night Shift. These two examples show how risky it is to have a concept revolving around a few specific people. Same thing happened with Degust, Pax Americana, etc.
  14. I took a friend from out of town and my family to the beer can house and they all loved it and thought it was unique. I also took them to Rothko Chapel and half of the group thought it was awesome
  15. Have you seen the Kinder MFAH? Think it opened late 2020
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