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  1. I like the concept but it sounds like Frost Bank
  2. That would be really confusing with El Segundo Swim Club right down the street
  3. This "Downtown Economic Recovery Monitoring Update / December 2020" posted by Central Houston, Inc. is very interesting - all metrics are downtown from what I can tell: Office -Estimated 16.1% of employees in-office downtown -Office vacancy at 21.2%; rental rates down to $36.41/sf Residential -Core population of 10,251 residents across 6,279 units -Occupancy of 82.6% in December, down 7.4%(!) over last 12 months but inline with 84% in Midtown and 84.3% in Upper Kirby -Rent is still 15% premium to other areas Lodging -14.1% occupancy in November and
  4. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Life Time Green Street. It’s going to open in the spring and the facilities are large and incredible. I went in for a virtual tour over the weekend and joined at a discounted early rate.
  5. Wow not sure why I thought it was the airport code. Any idea of how Austin got ATX?
  6. It seems like we’re trying too hard to copy Austin and ATX which is their airport code. The preferred abbreviation is HOU for us
  7. Here's hoping the lead tenant will be a relocation from outside of downtown
  8. It's great news but hard to wrap my head around it in this context: "Almost 51 million square feet of office space – the equivalent of 50 downtown skyscrapers – is currently vacant in Houston." “Houston’s office market was struggling amid a glut of available space even before the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus,” said Wade Bowlin, president of property services, central division of Madison Marquette. And then there could be post-pandemic headwinds of additional working from home reducing the need for space and M&A and consolidation in energy. https://realt
  9. Awesome news: Georgia James Tavern to open in Market Square Tower later this year. Sad to see Coterie go but I like Chris Shepherd's concepts: https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/01-06-21-chris-shepherd-new-restaurants-georgia-james-tavern-market-square-tower-wild-oats-houston-farmers-market-underbelly/#slide=0
  10. Has anyone noticed this video projected ad on the side of Marlowe previously? Wondering if that was always part of the plan
  11. the sign is up. Sorry for bad quality but looks like it will be “The Nash” instead of Mia Bella. Maybe same owners? Edit: website here - https://www.thenashhouston.com/ All-day American restaurant and bar
  12. Still an awesome program but did not realize how much space is required for fire lanes
  13. Preservation Houston is hosting a web meeting on Dec 15 on efforts to rehabilitate the Kiam Building at 320 Main. I was unaware that any efforts were currently underway. This previously had a Mia Bella on the ground floor until a plumbing issue (I believe) forced it to close and the building is vacant today. invite below: Join Preservation Houston and architect Joe Meppelink for an online Preservation in Practice program Tuesday evening, December 15, examining the restoration of the 1893 Kiam Building downtown, one of Houston’s fi
  14. Ouch, but not completely unexpected: "McClenny’s report ranks the Downtown as the 42nd worst place on a list of 42 Houston submarkets. The cost of rent in the urban center has dropped 14.3% in the last six months, 12.3% in the last year. Just 271 apartments have opened in the Downtown, and over 1,200 are under construction." https://realtynewsreport.com/downtown-apartment-rents-down-14-percent-while-houston-suburbs-hold-firm/
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