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  1. I've always dreamt of the day Houston decides to convert six mains bridges over Buffalo Bayou to signature bridges, each representing a ward, designed and voted on by each neighborhood. The bridges would, West to East, be at: Shepherd Dr Montrose Blvd I-45 Jensen or I-69 Hirsch Lockwood Many in this city see things like this as a waste of money, but beautiful bridges over the Bayou would lead to a massive ROI, in my opinion.
  2. Just confirming this is Houston 😂 The presentation says Austin, TX.
  3. From Goal Park Twitter: • “The transit and civic plazas are opportunities that we are in constant conversations with Public Works and Metro. We have made great progress, especially on the Metro side of things. We will have some positive news on all of this later this year.” • “It’s all dependent on funding/fundraising. That will be the bulk of our work for the next 6 months. It’s ambitious, but we are confident we will get it done.”
  4. Goal Park revealed their Master Plan last night and there are details on the Metro stop! www.goalpark.org
  5. Goal Park Foundation unveiled the Master Plan last night and is now live on the website! www.goalpark.org
  6. The reveal was so much fun! It was nice to see some of y'all there. Also, the Master Plan is now live on the website! www.goalpark.org
  7. Goal Park Master Plan Concept Reveal is this Friday! This is for the first 7-blocks of the Columbia Tap Trail https://www.eventbrite.com/e/master-plan-concept-reveal-goal-park-on-the-columbia-tap-trail-tickets-629751201797
  8. The ideal is for people to be able to live the life they want/prefer without imposing that lifestyle and negatively affecting the life of others. Do you love to live in the country or suburbs? Great for you! But your need for a car-dependent city negatively affects the quality of life of people living in the communities or neighborhoods closer to town. You love dense walkable neighborhoods and towering skyscrapers? Great for you! But your love for those things shouldn’t mean we ban suburbs and cars. The great thing is that there is a great solution/compromise; trains and public transportation, not wider highways.
  9. Goal Park Master Plan Reveal officially announced for June 2nd! https://www.goalpark.org RSVP See y'all there 😊
  10. Goal Park uploaded the following presentation to the website which includes all the design strategies for the park. The construction you see happening is relating to the TIRZ 15 Fitness Area. This was approved before Goal Park was brought to the table, but the two parties are working together to see how it can be integrated into the design. The master plan should be coming out soon. Goal Park Presentation
  11. The public workshop is this Friday from 6:30 - 8:30 at Pitch 25! Here is the signup link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/public-workshop-shape-goal-park-in-east-downtown-houston-tickets-480051566157?aff=ebdssbdestsearch Is anyone here going?
  12. They could potentially be working with Goal Park on plans for the stop! www.goalpark.org
  13. RSVP link is up for the public workshop in February 👍 Hopefully I’ll meet some of y’all there! https://www.goalpark.org/events
  14. I’ll chime in on this, but I don’t have any real world data besides my own recent observation. I recently had a friend from Germany coming to visit town, he had heard about Houston, but not great things. His perception was cars, highways, and cowboys As I showed him the city, his perception changed, and mentioned how much greener, prettier, and better it was than expected. He loved the arts scene and cultural institutions here as well. He liked it so much that he is now planning another trip to Houston for the Rodeo, and wants to bring his friends with him. This might be a dumb and tiny example that has no meaningful impact, but on the scale of the World Cup, it can have a huge residual effect. Many people can come to see Houston as a potential destination for themselves, their business, or whatever it is that suits them.
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