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  1. I mean it is walkable haha, but it’s not as enjoyable as it could be if the building went up to the sidewalk.
  2. I want all of Highland Village demoed and rebuilt up to the sidewalk. Could be a very walkable area, but the parking in front ruins it.
  3. I just looked back and realized they were speaking about the project on Jensen by Marquette being put on hold. My bad.
  4. I think the chances are very low this doesn’t get approved. Midway is a great developer, Buffalo Bayou Park is expanding over there, huge opportunity for businesses to open or move to this development with the waterfront.
  5. Infrastructure is really broad, is there any 2 pieces that fall underneath that umbrella you believe are the most necessary?
  6. There are no rendering yet right? Only site plans?
  7. This should not be built. This city floods more and more each year.
  8. The park is still there, just underneath the helix canopy at ground level. I kinda like this a little more for some reason.
  9. A gondola from Post HTX and East River would be great. It would offer amazing views too of downtown on the trip. Also, I would love to have ferries or boats transfer people over and have them designed in the traditional fashion of the boats that came into Allen Landing in the inception of the city.
  10. I agree, and I think a company of that size understands the importance of this site as well. Fingers crossed!
  11. Lovett is working with similar companies that Midway is with East River. I have hopes that this will be a great development because this project will be a statement from Lovett if they do it to right. They need this to be a success as it is a huge gamble for them, which could be the driving force for something amazing. It could also be the reason why they’re taking so long, because they want to make sure they’re doing it right. I won’t judge until the plans come to life. Did not mean to quote you, Marathon Man. My post was intended in general for the conversation.
  12. Thought the same thing when I saw that picture. Probably doesn’t help either that it is cloudy
  13. Why don’t we just redo everything around downtown and leave the rest of 45 as is? It seems that the downtown portion is the only one that makes a substantial difference to make up for the time and costs.
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