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  1. I looked up Pegasus Park and laughed as well… shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as TMC3 definitely feels like this whole “biotech triangle” is a marketing plan deployed by Austin and Dallas to not be left behind in this space
  2. You’ve explained this twice. We understand the governing entities of each type of development and how they work; however, it doesn’t mean it is right. TXDOT should be able to fund other developments that help transportation across the state if that’s what the local communities want, but that’s assuming we live in a democracy.
  3. I’ll back this up by saying that their name says Transportation in it. seems like they only consider freeways transit. They’re clueless
  4. I, in turn, still think it is too wide. Make it a one lane road and make the sidewalks wider, add a bike lane, and plant more trees
  5. Hey, can I share this picture on my social media page, @livelihood and @livelihoodprojects
  6. Sorry, but this is just some backwards thinking in my opinion. Nature is grander than anything we as humans will ever build, and it needs to be respected as such. Plus, it is just so much more beautiful when buildings are built into nature instead of over it . Imagine thinking that The Woodlands would be much more successful and “grand” if they cut down their trees so that we could see some buildings. They’re a model for the entire city to follow
  7. I want floating buildings on the water with water level retail and underwater basements
  8. I vote for Option D because the above are atrocious:
  9. I would prefer a 7 story condo tower that fits the design and character of the neighborhood than a giant storage building with 0 character
  10. If done with the right materials, I think it’ll look good. It’s daunting, imposing, and it feels strong. Definitely something that feels reserved for only the few. Which is the target that they’re going for. If given the cheap RD treatment, it will look horrible
  11. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In my personal opinion, natural beauty extends far beyond mountains, waterfalls, lakes, etc. Even the desert itself is beautiful in its way. But just how there are people who just like and listen to rap or rock, there will be people who just like a particular terrain and find others inferior. For all of us who do find Houston naturally beautiful, you’re not alone, lol to get back on topic, I can’t wait for the Eastern part of Buffalo Bayou to be completed. I am sure it will be “beautiful”😂
  12. Exactly! It is all a matter of perspective. Houston is so beautiful, diverse, and stunning in its way. The reason why we’ve never done well to protect/preserve our environment is because of this negative perception that we aren’t naturally beautiful. If we want to be more sustainable, greener, and preserve our natural beauty (Prairies, Swamps, Bayous, Forests, Savannahs, etc) , we need to change our way of thinking and appreciate the unique natural beauty that we are blessed with. Our appreciation will lead developers to appreciate nature as well as there is monetary benefits towards doing so.
  13. Houston is a looker in my eyes 😍
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