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  1. 1. Gabs 2. Struts 3. Cardi's 4. Astrodome 5. Concerts Would love to know someone that remembers Gabs. No one seems to remember it, but there were 2 of them.
  2. Does anyone remember Davis Auto Parts in Houston? It was there about 1967 I know. I am trying to remember the owner's name. Anyone know?
  3. Does anyone remember a club called Yellow Rose in Houston in the 1980's? It was a country/western club.
  4. My husband was a DJ at Gabs and went to many others. He was trying to remember some of them. I can remember some, but would love to see pictures of the late 70's/early 80's clubs. We went back recently and so many are gone now...even the buildings.
  5. Thanks, TomV. Hope someone else posts some more. I knew about this place, but never went there.
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of clubs in Houston in the late 70's and early 80's?
  7. Would love to see some pics posted of Houston in the early 70's/80's! Anyone have any pics of Cardi's, Struts, or Gabs?
  8. We will be travelling back to Houston this week for some reminiscing. Does anyone remember the location where Confetti's was? Also, does anyone remember an upscale disco near Greens Road?
  9. I will be making a trip to Houston for old times this week. Does anyone remember the location of the Confetti club? Also, does anyone remember the name of an upscale disco near Greens Rd.?

  10. Does anyone on here remember the club in the 80's called Struts? Remember its exact location?
  11. Thanks, Hoop-98 for the information. That makes sense because the owner of Gabs during the period of 78-80 or so was a guy named Ken Carpenter. Trying to find an old friend that worked there and would love to talk to someone who used to go there.
  12. One was on the road from Houston to Austin. I forgot the number...maybe Hwy 291 or 241 or something like that.
  13. Does anyone know what happened to a bar that was in existence in Houston in the late 1970s and early 1980s called Gabs? There was also an oyster bar called Gabs 2. I would love to hear from someone who remembers either of them.
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