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  1. Pickard Chilton works with most major commercial architects in town. You'll see them teamed with Kendall Heaton quite a bit too. As for the Exxon campus, I think most of the major commercial architects in town had a piece of it. Kirksey built a lab or two, and PDR was involved in the interior design of the office buildings. They all seemed to play well together.
  2. same project. Vitol is the anchor of the Levey Park development. Vitol will occupy two floors... hardly a campus.
  3. Agreed, but you don't want to advertise your data center. Makes it an easy target. Think about the other data center campuses around town... they're nondescript and unlabeled. Ambiguity is best when you're housing the "brains" of your organization. Cool building though.
  4. it would almost have to be. I'm not sure what the zoning requirements are, but everything else in the area is mid-rise at most. I'd imagine the buildings will be similar to Southwestern Energy (and BMC), where the floor plates are large (35k ft), but the overall height is low.
  5. just to clarify - this is Samsung Engineering Americas, competitor to Jacob's, Schlumberger, etc. Nothing to do with the retail or electronics arm of Samsung.
  6. and the new Cameron HQ off of the beltway, FMC at Generation Park, Conoco's new tower in the Energy Corridor.
  7. I don't know that they've made that decision yet. What I do know - they have the Bell plot of land earmarked for another tower in the (near) future.
  8. full disclosure, I saw it on clutchfans originally.Thought it fit well here.
  9. you shouldn't be surprised at all.
  10. rumor confirmed - checked several sources. New campus designed by Gensler and developed by Patrinelli.
  11. Cameron is indeed spread out all over town. Only problem I see with a new campus - they're in multiple long-term leases in their current buildings.... two new leases this year alone. BUT, they have had a couple of decent sized projects on the drawing board recently that have been stopped rather abruptly. Could mean something. A lot. There are a half dozen smaller energy companies (people size, not revenue size) that will build in the next 12-18 months. There are two large companies that will build in the next 24 months.
  12. Not sure about 40 stories, but you can expect to see something in the neighborhood of 30 stories pop out of the ground in the next 24 months. As far as the physical boundaries, I think the folks on Clay Rd (GE Oil & Gas, Cameron, etc) would like you to believe they're in the Energy Corridor. Same with the folks on the BMC Campus. It's really all conjecture.
  13. agreed - downtown is an unlikely destination for them. I think they'll be back in the market well before their lease is up though... they'll get a new building in Greenway Plaza someday, possibly on the site that Amegy Bank was rumored to be building a new tower on.
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