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  1. yes it is, I just hope this isn't a temporary solution to the problem. Hopefully KCOH will remain on the air quite awhile longer, eventually purchasing the 1230 signal as opposed to renting it from Liberman. I believe Skipper Lee Frazier is still on the air here in Houston. Last I heard, he has a show on KYOK in the afternoons. KYOK is located @ 1140 and is formatted with Gospel music.
  2. If you have been following this story, you know that KCOH was recently sold after over 50 years of broadcasting from the KCOH studios on Almeda. Sadly, it seemed as if the longtime voice of the Black community was going to be silenced forever, but according to reports KCOH has struck a deal to move programming down the dial to 1230, once home to another longtime Houston radio staple, KQUE. KCOH programming will move to 1230 AM on your dial on 03/01/13, so make sure to tune in. History of KCOH: http://houstonradiohistory.blogspot.com/search/label/KCOH KCOH Sale: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/112486/kcoh-houston-sold Announcement of KCOH move to 1230: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/KCOH-Radio-moving-to-1230-AM-4118588.php
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    Iron Tiger: The answer to your question is yes. At one point there was a huge round water tank with a large "W" with a red dot in the middle still standing, even after the fire. I haven't been on the east end in years so don't know if this is still standing there. Scrubba: To add to your post, I fondly remember that strip center Having a large Sears on the opposite end of it from Big Texan. Also had a Wyatt's Cafeteria in the strip. The Weingarten's space is still there, occupied by the $ store. The old Walgreen's (complete with counter and fountain) space is now occupied by the hair and beauty supply. Some may not remember, but the Fiesta at the corner of E.14th & Studewood was a Weingarten's between its long history as Studewood Food Market and Fiesta. My mother ran the snack bar at the back corner of the store next to the meat department. I have tons of pictures taken of her inside that store. Shame to hear that it's being torn down in the near future. That store actually replaced the original Studewood Food Market that burnt to the ground in the 60's, owned by Carl Cohen.
  4. Couple of alleys in or very near the Loop that I frequented back when: North Shepherd Bowl- 701 N. Shepherd. This was mentioned earlier. Became a night club called NRG in the 80's, and building was razed in the overhaul of Merchant's Park. The location of the alley was where the Chinese Buffet currently sits. Del Mar Lanes- Mangum Rd. Still in existence and still stuck in the 60's last I was in there. Still has the old Reagan National Bank signs above the lanes from the old RNB on W. 19th. Little York Bowl- This was the small alley directly across from Big Texan on Little York @ N. Fwy. Became a church, as mentioned, with absolutely no renovation whatsoever...including the lanes still intact under the "new" floor. (Read that as a carpeted plywood covering) Building is no longer there, as it is now a large strip mall with Famsa as the main anchor. Big Texan Lanes- This was the grandaddy of bowling alleys. Seems like it had nearly 100 lanes. At least that's the way it appeared in my childhood. Closed in mid 90's. Part of it became Goodwill Thrift store which in turn closed and is now Food Town.
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