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  1. Been waiting eight years for this. Purchased my home over here because of what this property appeared to offer...long before Midway was involved. Planted a pine tree shortly after moving in, which was 5' tall... is now 30' tall.
  2. There are a few bridges indicated in the BBP's Eastern Sector Masterplan. But I doubt that this is what is going on here and now. There has been working going on the north and south banks of the bayou in this area. It could be that the foliage was cleared for equipment access or perhaps a connecting trail. But, I think it is still early for a pedestrian bridge in this area.
  3. Good Riddance. That thing was horrible. Let's hope this owner has a better vision.
  4. This is a really exciting project. This will allow RCI to position their largest class of vessels, which are the largest Cruise Ships afloat, in Galveston. Royal Caribbean Group (Parent Company) also owns Celebrity Cruises which hopefully will someday also be introduced to the Market. Galveston is already the third largest cruise embarkation port in the US, and this Major Terminal is a very positive step for the Island overall.
  5. Blatant false information, actually. Curious about your motive, actually.
  6. Just to belabor the point…I ran a quick check on the prices of a single taco at Fusion and Torchy’s…the cheapest I found was $3.75 (Fusion)and most expensive was $6.95 (also Fusion). So, La Calle, actually, seems to be charging about the going rate. Looking forward to giving this place a go.
  7. Is @starsatmaps the same member who was so unnaturally pro-TacoBell in another forum?
  8. Furthermore, the Caps in midtown are far more modest than along the east side of downtown or over I-45, are associated with the MetroRail lines, are adjacent to The Ion blocks and part of planned streetscape improvements in the that district. I'd say that these are very likely to happen. Which would, also, add to that win.
  9. …the depressed highway with cap park, instead of a raised structure with with whatever underneath would be all that it would take for me to support the idea, if I lived in that neighborhood. I can see why they support it. And I’m sure the President of the association does speak for the m the interested consensus of the neighborhood. That’s what he’s elected to do.
  10. Marriott is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. So, the brand could be one of about a hundred different names.
  11. It does, but I believe that that is a misprint. The name of the project is "East Riverside"...and the location that I am guessing, is just across the street from "East River".
  12. Educated guess: North side of the Bayou, West of Jensen, East of the train tracks. Good downtown view, across the Bayou.
  13. I think that our crappy grid continues to be tested periodically during the hot summer months, it makes better sense for them to lay-off the lighting for a while. I think if I were managing the building, I'd do the same thing. I bet they light up again in the fall.
  14. Okay...just as long as we are not talking about the block where the Library and Black Lab used to be.
  15. Clutch, comments like that will just derail the thread. They always do. Not suggesting it isn’t a significant issue, or worthy of conversation. I’ll just suggest that maybe you can start a new topic at an appropriate place in f you want to address the issue. The topic generally just spirals into a chaos.
  16. I think that we should all give, even well established restaurants, a little leeway right now. It’s no secret that labor is a major issue. Sounds like Acadian Coast explained the issue pretty clearly.
  17. I sincerely doubt that the HLSR will be down with that Park concept. Pretty much anything that happens with the Dome will need their approval.
  18. Judging from all the other trees that were planted and have grown-up in this leafy neighborhood, I'd say their odds of survival are pretty good.
  19. Is this the "Change is in the Air" Changes were were expecting? I wasn't. This is just a new outfit for the strip mall with a few parking spaces converted to Patio Seating. No increased density on this key boulevard. Guess I am not surprised basis the leasing activity...but still....
  20. John’s xpresslube on Bissonnet is a great Greek shop in Bellaire. They are my preferred place to go. Very friendly and professional. May be the same family johnxpresslube.com
  21. Agree with samagon, provided that streets/lane-ways are kept to a higher standard of maintenance and repair, then the rest of our third-world surfaces.
  22. I don't think it's stopped raining long enough, in the past 4 months, for the mud to become dirt.
  23. There is a marine construction company setting up in that area as well, for bulkhead work and bank stabilization.
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