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  1. Be assured that I didn't forget about Texas A&M at Galveston...I am a graduate. Certainly TAMUG would contribute and enjoy some benefits from HHM. But, I didn't want to take ownership away from Galveston. Also, San Jacinto College has an excellent new facility in La Porte. There is a huge number of Mariners and Maritime professional who live in Houston. I would even say that it is probably among the largest regional concentrations of Mariners anywhere in the country. Again, a good museum, and the maritime community would be mutually enhanced. It is just a pity that you can't even see the port from this location.
  2. I have been to HMM, a few times in the past and attended a few lectures. When I was there (last about 8 years ago), it was focused on Houston but not limited to it. Lots of models, a good Maritime Library, artifacts, donated exhibits from Oil and Drilling companies, etc...But, all in always what seemed to be a temporary home, limited on space. Not much in the way of interactive exhibits, which I am sure would be part of a larger and permanent building. There is a lot to be said for the Maritime community in Houston. Several Large Tanker companies and Barge companies have HQ's here, we are the largest Breakbulk Port in the country, #1 in foreign tonnage and there more vessel arrivals and departures daily than any other US port. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the United States' Classification Society, is based here. I imagine that there would be no shortage of Corporate Sponsorship with an ambitious and professional Museum plan. I also think that acquiring some historic vessels (of limited size)that could be placed on the grounds would be possible, since the bayou is deep and navigable up to the East River Location. This all being said...and expanded mission still seems as though the concept would be more viable and sustainable. Some good ideas have been discussed on this forum.
  3. I share the same concern as H-Town and I am in the Maritime Industry. Perhaps HMM expanded their focus to include, Aviation, or Weather/Hurricanes or Rail or...something, it would help. While there is much maritime history here and the city was built on the bayou because of access to the gulf, Houston doesn't have as much of a sense of it's Maritime Heritage as, many other Port Cities. Perhaps the existence and future programing will help this. I hope that it does. I would love to see a great museum as part of EAST RIVER.
  4. Houston doesn’t have lax zoning. Houston doesn’t have zoning.
  5. Jensen exit from I-10 is part of the I-45 realignment. Always has been. What makes you think otherwise?
  6. ^^ I think that that area is cut just to keep the powerline easement clear and accessible. I have not seen any concrete plans yet for any bridges of any kind over the bayou. There do appear to be some on the MIDWAY conceptual plans, but I do not think that these are firmly confirmed or would even be build by Midway. They would more likely be build by BBP.
  7. Naviguessor

    Car Talk

    It looks a little more “Dodge” than “Volvo” to me.
  8. Sorry to see this too. Swamplot’s been a go-to for a long time. Remember Houstonist? Another site, long gone.
  9. Doubt that...On many levels. I know the owner pretty well, and he has got no problem with East River. In fact he is pretty good friends with people of Midway, who are anoung his customers. TNP has big plans for the future. I think I may know who you are referring to. But, I assure you that they are not the one who is running the place.
  10. I think you exaggerating quite a bit. To the theater, I see a one block set back from the Jensen metro stops as well as a half a block distance from Clinton metro stops. If the East End has its way, then there would be a street car to n Jensen and Clinton. But...I’ll believe that when I see it.
  11. Lighten up, Francis. This is a good thing.
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