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  1. I believe, aesthetically, the rule-of-three applies. Two towers place near to one another can look awkward. But, a group of three or more can look more natural.
  2. Would be. But, can you put one of these over Private Property?
  3. Using this system in Quito to connect the new airport to the new Subway system. Makes sense there and it's supposed to be very cost effective due the terrain.
  4. Hobby Rental Car Center? Don't recall hearing about one of these developing. Should happen.
  5. but the tiny, tiny children...in the tiny, tiny pool... That's worth something, isn't it?
  6. Seems to me that Chevron just gained the Suburban campus which appeals to their other big competitors. I think Sparrow is on point regarding his speculation about an HQ location. Oftentimes large companies separate the HQ from their primary employment centers, however. So, moving some Anadarko might happen if HQ were to be placed in the Woodlands. All just pure speculation about on my part.
  7. Will self 5G driving vehicles swerve to avoid our spectacular collection of potholes or navigate Houston’s embarrassingly broken, third world quality roadways? I mean really...How will this situation and damaged resulting from vehicles be managed? Let alone the occupants.
  8. Actually Samagon, that is the KBR building that Midway controls and not the proposed development across Clinton that Crockpot was referencing. Midway surprised Paul, the owner of The New Potato, by lighting up the building with “TNP” on St Patrick’s Day. It was an awesome gesture...but, not a paid advertisement. It looks great!
  9. Thanks Nate. My guess is that he will try to develop more energy around Toyota Center. My guess a facility around there will be his choice.
  10. Several months ago Paul (owner of TNP) showed me the plans. TNP will have a new home within this development. All going well.
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