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  1. Waiting for God to reveal himself in the details on this one.
  2. “Excuse me, Sir. Are you married?” ”Where are you, from?” nunyadam!
  3. Do you really think, even for a moment, that THAT is what our government would fund and build? We would be getting knock of versions, made of concrete and foam. ridiculous.
  4. I prefer the apartments, to townhomes. Need some diversity in residences and residents moving in.
  5. ^^ If true, that’s all I need to Love the name. thanks for the research @ChannelTwoNews
  6. The who? Serious question. Who is this named after...if anyone at all? This trend got annoying the very moment that Fingers named their place on Dunlavy, The Susanne. I'm hoping that MIDWAY is backing this up by a historical reference to someone from this area of town. That is the direction they were headed regarding the names of the streets in the development. Just hoping.
  7. "Pre-Show Cocktail Hour" Now the Plaza is sounding better as well as looking better.
  8. So, when you open the flue the neighbors and birds, can here your recital.
  9. Eastwood Cruisin, are you the realtor? You tagged the topic as if you were.
  10. ^^ and that’s what wood, which was delivered a couple days ago, is being used for.
  11. It also is evident that they are leveling and prepping the ground towards the eastern extents of phase 1, roughly at Sydnor St. The big missing piece in Phase 1, which we haven't seen detail on, is at the corner of Jensen and Clinton, and along Clinton itself. I expect that the face along Clinton will be lower density residential...but the big Jensen/Clinton corner plot, is a real high visibility spot. Just wondering what is in the work here. Hey @brijonmang Let's go flying.
  12. ...delicate flower NM. Autocorrected
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