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  1. I’ve come to agree with the BRT option too. With the money that available, and the ground that we need to make up, it’s the best option imo. Also, if done right, Houston may become a roll model for the country. Are there any other US cities which use BRT as extensively as what’s Proposed in MetroNext?
  2. I actually don't see a lot of renderings viewed from above, unless from the top of the Glassell School and that is from a viewers perspective. Sure there are photos of models...but that is how people generally take photos of a models. There are also some drone photos of the construction site, but they tell a construction story, not a portrayal experience. Do a simple google search " MFAH Kinder Rendering " and it is almost all from a grounded viewer's perspective. https://www.google.com/search?q=mfah+kinder+renderings&sxsrf=ACYBGNRlIkw2f9PSXkGNwTq-vZfnMeKhSw:1573249113475&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjE27TUydvlAhVJCKwKHZQYARkQ_AUIESgB&biw=1781&bih=879
  3. Lots of great memories here. Black & Tans with my grandfather. Gathering around the fire in the winter. Eating bowls and bowls of their mussels...best in the city IMO. Sad now. Jesus, I hope that they feel for the building isn't altered by much, for whatever happens next.
  4. I vote we make an exception for ekdrm2d1.
  5. What do we all say we make Friday a TMC3 comment free day. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  6. Does forever 21 sale clothes for guys? I know Zara and h&m do.
  7. The Residential tower appears to be on the northeast corner of the site, close to the Main portion of the Medical Center, near Hermann Park, close to other large high-rise multifamily developments and where, apparently, there is high demand. The building does not appear to directly front the helix center nor detract from the overall effect or purpose of the very large project. What's the big deal?
  8. Work rerouting the High Tension Power Lines that run East/West in the interior of the property then across the bayou at Meadow Street, has started. The new location of the lines will be along Clinton.
  9. Really sounds interesting. Quote from the Summary: Along Navigation Boulevard, the former westbound lanes become an on-street greenway, wide enough to be a transportation path and a linear park. At the Turkey Bend site, this space can be used for neighborhood festivals and events. The former eastbound lanes now handle traffic in both directions. With active industrial sites still lining Buffalo Bayou’s eastern stretches, the Navigation Greenway provides an alternative route for accessing destinations towards the Port of Houston Turning Basin.
  10. The sign has actually been turned 90deg to the street. So...somebody cares.
  11. It's the best floor wax I've ever tasted. or Its the best drone shot ever drawn.
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