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  1. A second crawler crane has been set up, more towards the center of the Phase one. I figure that this crane will be used for the other/commercial parking structure. It will be needed for all the other structures aside from the residents of The Laura. Hindesky, you are probably correct about the bridge, although it seems a bit early for it.
  2. How the hotel will be run and staffed, including the security component, of which there certainly will be one, is the business of the Hotel Manager and management company. To ask the developer just how that will be handled is a bit premature. I am sure your concerns were noted...but asking him to comment or commit to what will be done, is premature...don't you think? If there is a need for some enhanced security measures I am sure that they will be address then. It is the business of the hotel to ensure that their guests are safe.
  3. Oishi on Richmond, is a great option for the money...if you are willing to wait for a table. It's as much a cult as it is affordable sushi.
  4. Then Hanover built a mattress shaped building down the street, with mattress shaped windows and named it the The Hanover Mattrose, as a permanent reminder.
  5. I already plan to be delayed when I use this intersection (daily). This is wonderful news. Thanks.
  6. Observations from phase 1 on the west end of the property. The modular garage structure for The Laura Apartments is being assembled by a heavy crawler crane and a crane base is in place for Trail Head 1 (Building F), along the bayou frontage. Lots of activity all along the southern half of Phase 1. No indication yet, for what is planned along Clinton Blvd, that can be seen from the road. Would be interesting to see the property by drone....
  7. Andes Café fully opened this weekend. Their ceviche bar is really special and place is beautifully done.
  8. The horns don't bother us either, In fact, I like them, but we are several blocks away form the nearest line. You definitely hear them more after the first cold front blows through with dryer, cooler air. Then, like clockwork, every year, NextDoor App blows-up, with residents convinced that the horns are a personal attack on them by the conductors. It's entertaining.
  9. I notice that there is an Amazon warehouse just across the road from the East End Macy's Dist Ctr. Amazon could have purchased/leased the Macy's space.
  10. I know exactly what odor you talking about. It is sewer gas and comes from the Main sewer line for the north side of the bayou, which runs under Clinton. The smell mostly just comes from the sewer's man holes about 200ft East of Jensen and, also, seems usually present around the intersection Clinton and Hirsch. I live on Sydnor half a block north of Clinton and never sense the smell in the general area. Its' pretty localized, but sharp.
  11. I think that Houston First is planning to open the ground floor on the north end open to the ease side and connect and engage eado and eventually the cap park.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Joe_Campos_Torres Draw your own conclusions.
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