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  1. That's a shame. That grove of cypress trees was lovely. Maybe, at least, it'll open up the Station Lobby again. All a result of a good team. :-)
  2. The Laura is the apartment part of Phase one. It’s named after a riverboat that used to run between Galveston and Houston…which makes it a good name rather than an awful one.
  3. Bookey, If you look at the photo above your post, you'll find the answer to your question. Of course the school took flooding in account when they designed these buildings.
  4. This is that Building, that if we ever were to have an earthquake, it would be the one that would tilt right over, in one piece, and land on all the cars parked underneath.
  5. It wouldn't be present thinking, if it did not offer enough parking spaces for the tenants and users of the development.
  6. So, it definitely was a mistake to leave the trolleys where they were when they got flooded. Had they been on the seawall, where there are tracks they would not have been flooded, in the case of Hurricane Ike. I have been told that in the event of a Major Hurricane, where a significant storm surge is anticipated, this where they will be taken. That's a reasonable plan. The Seawall has never been overtopped. Certainly the trolley's could sustain some damages from wind, rain & Spray, but nothing as extreme as immersion. Certainly, if there is a major storm with a significant surge forecasted, it would not take a herculean effort to find 4x suitable lowboy trailers to move them off the island. This region of the country has more heavy haul equipment, and talent, available then anywhere else.
  7. The trolleys can be moved off the island the same way that they were delivered…on flatbed trailers, over the road.
  8. Actually, the aerial photo is very recent (Note the construction of the Par3 Golf Course, Townhouses north of Clinton, East River construction lay-down areas). Just the 3D models of the old warehouses on the site old.
  9. Sounds like the two "River Pavilions" / Restaurant spaces South of The Laura.
  10. A second crawler crane has been set up, more towards the center of the Phase one. I figure that this crane will be used for the other/commercial parking structure. It will be needed for all the other structures aside from the residents of The Laura. Hindesky, you are probably correct about the bridge, although it seems a bit early for it.
  11. How the hotel will be run and staffed, including the security component, of which there certainly will be one, is the business of the Hotel Manager and management company. To ask the developer just how that will be handled is a bit premature. I am sure your concerns were noted...but asking him to comment or commit to what will be done, is premature...don't you think? If there is a need for some enhanced security measures I am sure that they will be address then. It is the business of the hotel to ensure that their guests are safe.
  12. Oishi on Richmond, is a great option for the money...if you are willing to wait for a table. It's as much a cult as it is affordable sushi.
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