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  1. Wow, Urb. Lot's of meaty nuggets in this: https://issuu.com/midway2/docs/210126_junior_achievement_rfp_response/6?ff Aside from the Junior Achievement pitch, there is a list of prospective retail tenants and restaurants including Common Bond, Urban Eats, Southerleigh (From San Antonio), a Creek Group outlet, etc... a Par-3 Golf course & Driving Range and Ice House on the eastern end of the property... Awesome!
  2. Hot Dang! Here we go. A curious little thing is taking place close to the center of the site, near Bayou Street. Two 20ft containers were placed side-by-side and welded together to form a 20ft x 16ft room. Large doors on the 20ft sides open-up completely so both sides can be completely open. The room is insulated, paneled, and climate controlled. Inside is a stylish little set-up, with table, chairs, couch, coffee table, etc... Conference lounge. It is not a construction trailer and there are not any Port-a-lets. I think that it must be place for Midway to bring prospective cl
  3. Need a few of these in Montrose (and elsewhere)...to appeal to young service industry folks and students.
  4. When They developed that hotel, they always knew that this would happen. Will Love the new view from Disco Green. This is just what was needed here.
  5. The Plan is to add a W Hotel to the top of the Houston First building downtown.
  6. Is that even a question? I'm quite sure that they now how memorial park floods more that anybody else of the planet.
  7. ^^ The Houston Endowment has awarded a $10 million grant to help launch the Tony Moran Park, Japhet Creek and Turkey Bend Wharf projects along BBP’s eastern sector plan. The money also will go towards stabilizing the banks on the bayou to preserve trail connections and prevent further erosion (I can hear the pile drivers as I type). There is design work on going for the Park(Van Valkenburgh) , the Creek (Asakura Robinson) and The Wharf, which the grant is likely to spite further investment/grant interest in. Final design proposals for these projects are expected next summer.
  8. Memory Trip. By grandmother's room was right under the "Big Al" on the floor plan...but her name was Mary. 🙂
  9. Wow. Now THAT will be the end of an era. Makes me sad.
  10. If ever there was an intersection in Houston where a roundabout was warranted, it is here. Here combined with the Canal/Navigation intersection is more consistently frustrating than any other one-two combo I can think of.
  11. I’ve been watching this barge a for the past couple weeks. looks to me like they are just improving the South bank of the bayou where they has been some erosion. I don’t think that this is work on a pedestrian bridge.
  12. Oh. Unlike Astrodome or the Galleria, I guess. And “Once originated”? Makes my eye twitch.
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