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  1. Wow. That's a lot of Parking. Good Sign for the size and scope of the overall development plan.
  2. Can we not have this conversation again, y’all?
  3. The Wreckers are hawk-like in this neighborhood. Always have been. Interior of Postino looks great. Glad they realize, appreciate and commemorate the neighborhood that they are in.
  4. “Returning to Montrose?” Rich’s? Did Harmon operate another club, previously?
  5. Iah77 - You have a general beef Something, that’s apparent. But your anger and frustration with BBP is way misplaced, buddy. You are tying BBP and development/ redevelopment of the bayou into parkland and public spaces in with things it has absolutely nothing to do with (taxes, housing...). Actually, had you attended many any of the multiple meeting which BBP has hosted in these poor area in the east end (2 ward, 5 ward...) you would actually learn that they are very concerned about the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods, and are incorporating plans based greatly on input for these communities. What’s with these conspiracies?
  6. Texas911, It’s not just an educational facility, it also will serve the community as healthcare center. I’m very sure the administration considered multiple location options. Makes sense to keep the school somewhat removed so that it doesn’t get bogged down in traffic, for people who are just seeking care. To call the location just “dumb” doesn’t make you sound very considerate.
  7. Rarely are BRT buses just a reassigned city bus. The ones I’ve seen and risen on are usually designed with multiple sliding doors (like LR), articulated (like LR), board from raised platforms(also like Light Rail), which are on the same plain as the floor of the bus and fared like MertoRail is. All for faster, more efficient loading and unloading.
  8. They were painting large portions of the building, last weekend.
  9. I rather like the idea of two separate green spaces. If Camden had just added a little space to the larger park, and eliminated the pocket park, the larger really wouldn't feel any larger.
  10. Naviguessor

    Hogg Building

    Perhaps this could be a condo conversion.
  11. Naviguessor

    Hogg Building

    I bet that they are upgrading the property, but doing it in phases. The property must be able to compete for a higher paying tenants to earn its full potential. Hogg Palace a great building, with unique units in a great location, but it’s dated. Surely the new owners will go for top tier.
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