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  1. ArtNsf - The sheet piles will prevent the erosion of the bank...that is what they are designed to do. BBP knows this and they are the ones designing the waterfront. When they surveyed what residents wanted from the Easter Sector landscaped a big response was the ability to get close to the water, including entry points and water taxi landings. That is what you are seeing here, as the sheet piles taper down towards water level. Certainly, during floods, this "hard" edge will become inundated and the water's edge will ascend the slope behind the bulkhead. But, the bank will is not likely to fail. Certainly, there will be silting and clean-up will be required...but this isn't terribly difficult. The Partnership has learned a lot of lessons from Harvey and generally knows what they are doing. The hard-bank/bulkhead, which is being installed, is necessary to prevent erosion, but IMO, it is good to see that it wont just be a 30ft wall all along edge of the East River property. It'll make it far more enjoyable to use and enjoy, even if it has to be closed and cleaned from time to time.
  2. Can we not, please? We hammered this topic out and derailed the EAST River Forum for days with the topic. Suggest trying here:
  3. There hasn’t been rain. Low flow settles and clears up the water.
  4. BB's would be AWESOME...and Rajun Cajun would be Great....Just do not tell me that its going to be a Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen.
  5. Honestly, I don’t think that this is “construction” related. They do this when they do work on the exterior of building to protect the sidewalk below. Maybe they are cleaning, repairing/replacing damaged granite, or doing something more than just washing the windows.
  6. Certainly look like scaffolding to me.
  7. The landscaping is turning out to be awesome. Can’t wait to see it in September!
  8. They raised the grade of the building they just built. Don’t you think that they would do the same for this building? I mean, it’s not like they forgotten about Harvey.
  9. I think you’re correct. Traffic is a result of any reasonably sized development. In comparison, to traffic that East River will produce, the NRP development will be nothing. Right now, traffic on Jensen SD Clinton is relatively light. When/if the traffic circle at Jensen/Navigation get built, will have a huge impact in the traffic, in a positive way. Burt, I certainly have concerns about concentrating low income housing in any specific area of the city, for example the east end. But, I have a serious question. Which would you rather: 1. Give private developers incentives through tax breaks to construct LIH. Or, 2. Pay for LIH directly with revenue that the city has collected in the forms of taxes? Do you believe that the city can build reasonable quality low income housing more efficiently than a developer (with oversight)? The housing has to get built one way or another. Unless there is another way to fund “public housing”.
  10. Hi pm91. I am speaking from a homeowner's perspective, in the neighborhood that your are talking about (East Bayou District). At the core of this neighborhood is Kennedy Place, a 108unit/224bedroom, Houston Housing Authority, low income housing project. This whole neighborhood, as you see it now, has grown up around this. There are literally, hundreds of new homes surrounding this development on all sides. Property values have sky-rocketed since the purchase my new townhome in 2013, and I attribute it to the potential of the East River property, as well as proximity to downtown and easy access to highways and all central city neighborhoods (Montrose, Heights, Midtown, EADO, etc...). So, the NRP project you are speaking of, is across the Bayou, on the southern bank . Much of this is designed as a replacement for Clayton Homes, which is currently being demolished and will be fully eliminated. THE NRP (which was actually further from the East Bayou District) will have little effect or interaction on this neighborhood. The closer proposed development is the OJALA mixed income development which 304units are proposed along with hundreds of market rate units. It's a large piece of property. Details are sketchy (and that is a concern) but it is easy to see how this could become a development of more than 1000 new units, as what has been indicated. In my opinion, what will effect the neighborhood more, is the additional residents that this development is likely to bring, which will bring more retail (to East River and elsewhere), which is desperately needed. As I see it, The enormous size of East River, the amenities and residents it will bring, the ongoing development of he the Bayou/BBP will far overshadow a few hundred additional low income residents. Reference: http://www.housingforhouston.com/public-housing/housing-developments/kennedy-place.aspx https://www.saveeastend.com/
  11. ^^Looks like a smoking area to me.
  12. Umm, Yeah. So, you're not going to be looking at the rugs when you drive by. You might not even notice the name of the showroom, even though signs say it twice because of that...Thing.
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