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  1. I love hotels. Always have. But, this place? This place does absolutely nothing for me. I'm not even curious to inside and check it out.
  2. To the far right you can see where they raised the grade where the first building (building F) will go. It’s raised about 8 feet. Curious to know if the intention is to raise the grade of the whole phase.
  3. Houston Saw is a great little business though. Hope they are just moving, locally, and not going under.
  4. Need to explore it a little more. My mother lives in Ingram, so we usually don't get a far as Hunt. Have been to Criders Rodeo a couple times. That is a worthwhile thing to do.
  5. let's hope that's all he's hiding. @Hindesky - Is that the Guadalupe down there making the fog? Love it out there.
  6. Was saddened to see this happen. These buildings were great atmosphere. I fear the this will just be parking for the building across the street.
  7. Yes. 5th Ward. There is a guy on the Midway Payroll who plans the windows, among other things, I assume. So, trying to figure out this course. To me, it appears that there are 18 tees for 9 holes. Maybe it is the reverse of that, but it's not how I am interpreting it. Not quite sure how that would work when the course gets busy... if people are playing from 18 tees.
  8. @j_cuevas713This was just a really bad idea who's time never came. Those in the Paris suburbs though, unfortunately, did. Yikes.
  9. Liking the sound of that. Not sure why Brooke Shields' photo is on all of the menu's...but more raw bars are always welcome, IMO.
  10. Wear a suit. Act like you know what you’re doing. Research and find out the name of a company located above the sky lobby. Pause in the lobby like your early for an appointment and go look out the window. Leave the kids at home.
  11. Oh yeah. Lots of activity. 1. They installed new towers to span the power lines across the Bayou and removed the old one which was very close to future Building F site. 2. They've raised the grade of the Building F site, by 5 or 6 feet. 3. They've scraped/cleared most of Phase 1 and appear to be getting ready for utility and road work. 4. Construction materials (mostly pipe) are have been brought in and being stored in a secure area. 5. And work is continuing along the bank further east as well as on the Par 3 and Ice House.
  12. Monarch. Just leave the U of H forum about the U of H. It has nothing to do with your alma mater.
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