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  1. At the time of modernization, it made perfect aesthetic and fiscal sense. That is why it was done. I assure you of that.
  2. ...in ADDITION to the AMC theater.
  3. Houston Maritime Museum, is the intention.
  4. Someone is playing Chess with downtown
  5. Well said. The important thing is that THE HIVE IS ALIVE!
  6. Actually, it was to be on N York St/Hirsch Rd, just North of Navigation...right where the newly constructed Seafarers International Union Build now sits.
  7. It will more blend and match the environment being created across the street, which also stands out from the buildings behind and above. So, I expect that, in context, that the streetscape will make sense, hold the attention and the supporting structures just be background.
  8. Yeah. I get that. It’s great. I hope it succeeds and more like it is done across the immigrant spectrum.
  9. Awesome!! Now if we could just figure out a way to get lifetime locals to connect with other locals and try to enjoy their environment (and life), rather than being hold up in their airtight homes, watch nothing but trash and news, being convinced by social media that the other people, and the world, are things to be feared. More thoughtful, productive, innovative and attractive developments like this, please. Lots more.
  10. Knoxville, Asheville, Savannah and Destin. All good weekend destinations. Not a great airline to fly, but the destinations are good and underserved from Houston.
  11. The Galveston burns center is a big deal. The move seems to make sense, if Shriner's had to choose one or another. Galveston needs the Shriner's Hospital more than Houston does...So, I'm sorry to see Shriners Houston close, but I am happier that it is not Galveston's loss.
  12. I'll miss, Andes Café. Really loved the unusual little place. But, the location was strange and always felt temporary. So does the Maritime Museum in the same building. But, don't blame Marquette for this closing or Andes Cafe or Alamo Tamales . The landlords of the property is Midway, I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong). Midway is the developer of this parcel. Also, The cancellation of the 400 Jensen property, may be true, but the reason is pure speculation, basis "Save the east end" hysteria, about mixed income housing.
  13. I believe that the Houston Parks and Recreation Building ( Address: 2999 S Wayside Dr, Houston, TX 77023), close to Gulfgate once housed NASA offices. Great building, btw.
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