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  1. There are two separate topics. A GRB Project and the Hilton Rooms reno. You are correct, one has nothing to do with the realignment. The other one does.
  2. Naviguessor

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    ^^ There is a long sting above you request that will tell you as much as anybody knows about what is going on.
  3. The "backside will still be all loading docks, on two levels...a very functional side. I would not expect that this side will see much aesthetic investment. Not much that can be done, I imagine.
  4. ^^ I certain do Not think that the exterior will be changed, unless something necessary is added. Houston First just spent a small fortune on it two years ago. Looks great now, imo.
  5. I think the "Damn Decade" has to do with the I-45 realignment and 45/69 trenching.
  6. Naviguessor

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    It’s “more afforable” than $1300. That’s my point.
  7. Naviguessor

    Theater District Master Plan

    Looks like a significant enhancement. Exciting project.
  8. Naviguessor

    UTHealth Continuum of Care Campus for Behavioral Health

    Excellent project.
  9. Naviguessor

    Emancipation Center, Dowling/Elgin St.

    Another one of those projects that doesn’t just make the city makes it better.
  10. Naviguessor

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    I think that Democrat leadership is representing the resounding will of the voters who returned them to power, due in large part due to the policies and campaign promises that the president made. It’s pretty clear that they are representing the will of the people. That’s what they are supposed to do. The wall just doesn’t have the support of the public. My larger point, is that if trump decides that the only way he will get a wall is to side step the process and the public will, and declare an emergency, do you (we) think it is worth paying for with previously defeicated desalted relief funding, for such funding as a coastal barrier/Ike-dike, additional reservoirs and other flood control remedies for our region? Because, this is likely where the money to build the wall will come from. I find that unacceptable.
  11. Naviguessor

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Wow. So, the incentives have lead to not only more housing options, but some more affordable housing options, as well.
  12. Naviguessor

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    If a wall would have a significant effect on drug flow/addiction, violent crime, terrorist infiltration and Illegal immigration then I could see throwing a lot of money at it. won't. Now, it appears as though unspent disaster recovery funds are being targeted for the wall, if trump declares a state of emergency. So, if this is the case...Houston would pay for the wall.
  13. Naviguessor

    The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    Sampling was also being done on the outbound portion of the Spur, midday yesterday. Lane closure.
  14. I agree with you, Matty, that there needs to be some family friendly/affordable options on this side of downtown and totally agree with Lumi about Torchy's, that is exactly the type of Taco place that would fit perfectly in McAllister's space. But, I think that the intention of the spaces on the front of the GRB, was to showcase Houston's food scene, similar to the great progress which has been made at IAH, Terminal C & E. But, until some better retail space options open up in the area, the GRB is almost all that there is. Unsexy Chains like Saltgrass, which can afford it, will certainly step right in. I just hope that Applebee's isn't next up.
  15. Regarding Saltgrass, I am sure that Houston First isn't excited by the concept, but happy to have a tenant, who will probably be viable. It does seem like we should have a BBQ joint (I realize Bud's didn't make it, but Goode Company might. McAllister's was a chain but didn't have much curb appeal, IMO, for the high profile location. But, it was financially accessible. A more reasonably priced TexMex (compared to Pappasito's) also seems like a MUST on Avenida de las Americas. Maybe funky taco place could substitute. In the end, Saltgrass is fine...but not more than that. Just think Houston First should filter a bit more.