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  1. Saw this too. To me, it looks like they were doing work at the boat ramp and small dock, which was built as a put-in for the rowing and dragon boat clubs. That said, perhaps there is a bridge component here, but I doubt that that would go unnoticed. I just think that they are doing work that to preserve/improve the asset that exist...the ramp and dock.
  2. I think maybe I’ll judge by looking past the first weekend. Surely there’ll be some opening glitches, that can be ironed out.
  3. On page 54 of the document, there is a reference to an expansion of the GRB, at the northeast corner of the building. This is shown a couple places in the graphic plans, regarding the cap park. I’m sure it’s preliminary, but a couple years ago, there was a commission awarded to connect/open up the east side of the center, in some way. I bet that this is it. http://www.downtowntirz.com/downtownhouston/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/08-11-20-Board-Book-FINAL.pdf
  4. Is it gravel or is it crushed granite? Big difference in the quality of the riding surface. If it is just a temporary fix, and it is crushed granite, then it's no big deal. I'd ride on the grass before I'd take my chances on the gravel.
  5. Sam - True that blocks will be lost in Eado and a few of those blocks are presently built upon. But, East End isn't an ultimate looser in the deal. EADO will lose the barrier of an elevated Highway and most likely gain significant green space and build-able real estate, as envision in the latest plans. The cap-park, could be a real connector and it also appears that the GRB, would now have an East Facing entrance on the north end, further connecting the east to downtown/convention distinct. Regarding Clayton Homes, most of this was deeply flooded in Harvey and the units are planned to be replaced in the area.
  6. A couple years ago I adopted the drain in front of our house and named it “Husband-of-Melania“...since CoH wouldn’t accept Donald Trump.
  7. @Avossos Funny you should mention that. I was thinking of Stanley Park while I was there, and that great restaurant. Memorial Park would benefit from such a place. Good thought. @cloud713 those stubs are just a creative change in direction of the walk and provide a resting space that’s out of the traffic path, so to speak. It’s a cool effect.
  8. We went last night at sundown. IT'S GORGEOUS. The Ellipse Lawn is probably the most beautiful field of green I have ever seen. Not exaggerating it. Iconic addition to our city and park system.
  9. Waaaayyyu better than a humongous neon crucifix.
  10. Yes, they’re garage-door type windows. It looks to me as though there will be a bar there with indoor and outdoor counter seating. Nice!
  11. ArtNsf - The sheet piles will prevent the erosion of the bank...that is what they are designed to do. BBP knows this and they are the ones designing the waterfront. When they surveyed what residents wanted from the Easter Sector landscaped a big response was the ability to get close to the water, including entry points and water taxi landings. That is what you are seeing here, as the sheet piles taper down towards water level. Certainly, during floods, this "hard" edge will become inundated and the water's edge will ascend the slope behind the bulkhead. But, the bank will is not likely to fail. Certainly, there will be silting and clean-up will be required...but this isn't terribly difficult. The Partnership has learned a lot of lessons from Harvey and generally knows what they are doing. The hard-bank/bulkhead, which is being installed, is necessary to prevent erosion, but IMO, it is good to see that it wont just be a 30ft wall all along edge of the East River property. It'll make it far more enjoyable to use and enjoy, even if it has to be closed and cleaned from time to time.
  12. Can we not, please? We hammered this topic out and derailed the EAST River Forum for days with the topic. Suggest trying here:
  13. There hasn’t been rain. Low flow settles and clears up the water.
  14. BB's would be AWESOME...and Rajun Cajun would be Great....Just do not tell me that its going to be a Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen.
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