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  1. I think they want to make money, not curry favor. And what types of people do not like parks?
  2. Includes the Preston? Don't see that. I don't even see BG Group tower. The Post Office was still a post office. The video was showcasing the subject's range of expertise and has nothing to do with the actual content.
  3. I always believed that the concept of the lit structure was to backlight the big Live Oaks around the property, which I thought was a very nice move as it respects the existing beauty of the area as well as provide a gentle light to the streetscape. I just don't think that this subtle effect would work with anything other than white.
  4. Please let it be a static tone. The changing color LED lights have become a design cliché, which is way overused in my opinion.
  5. They are still busy at the site constructing drainage infrastructure and pulling up former foundations.
  6. A buddy of mine who will be working here says that they call it "The BOAT".
  7. Great response X.R.
  8. What are you talking about? The Galleria is not San Jacinto Mall, or Greenspoint...or the Astrodome. The Retail environment is no doubt contracting but Galleria's formula bucks that trend entirely. If anything, I can see the Galleria gaining in size, with additional hotel(s), residential towers and entertainment options. The Concrete and Steel is surely still sound and I'm fairly certain that it will be in another 20 years. There surely will be multiple renovations and alterations to maintain the structure and update the product. But, tear down? I don't see that, in the foreseeable future.
  9. Gee icky...are the animals and/or plants not represented accurately. Is it because most Texas Wetland's don't have a café attached to them or stabilized shorelines. Or, is it the TMC looming large over the background. What's the issue and what were you expecting? I haven't yet seen it, I'd like to know.
  10. Were these the ones that had funny little cartoon stories drawn into the detail?
  11. half credit?
  12. Bloodworth Ship Repair?
  13. I imagine that Hines will add similar amenities to this property, that Texas Tower will have and 609 does have and I bet that they use the front plaza for this purpose. I don't see that recladding is necessary, nor practical. But, some cleaning and repair does seem likely and needed.
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