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  1. Harvey was a ridiculous flood. A decent flood might be a Tax Day Flood. A terrible flood might be considered Allison or Memorial Day floods. I don’t recall the post office flooding for anything aside from Harvey.
  2. And would Ninja's be that Tex-Mex place on Navigation that takes you by complete surprise and before you realize it you're eating a sushi roll instead of the taco that you thought you'd ordered? It's great.
  3. The gentlemen's shadows are not too long. Looks pretty early close to a summer afternoon.
  4. So...there was a big event held here today, but it wasn't a ground breaking. Appeared to be an inhouse Midway function. Award ceremony or something. Tons of cars and people is suits.
  5. Further east, work continues on sculpting and fortifying the south bank as well as repairing and replacing the trails. This photo was taken from the north bank at the East River, Bldg F site.
  6. There has been quite a bit of work going on over the past week, on the site. Mostly beautifying the areas around the "marketing lounge" containers (mowing, bush/tree trimming, removal of old fence lines, updated signage, ect...). Then, yesterday, a large party tent, with stage inside, was set up. Sure looks like Midway will be hosting an event of some sort. What else could this be, other than a groundbreaking event? Also, Building F (SE corner of Phase 1) has been staked out.
  7. A heavy rail line from Galveston to Woodlands/Conroe would be totally viable. Galveston/Clear Lake/Hobby/Downtown(Post HTX)/IAH/Woodlands/Conroe...Dallas maybe? I wish it were but I’m not convinced that just a Downtown-IAH line would work. A transit hub with N/S & E/W lines at Post HTX would be amazing, though.
  8. Sama, where on the internet did you read that? Where Amtrak owns the lines (NE Corridor), I can see that, but as long as the Freight Lines own the tracks...which is basically all the lines that freight travels on, I cannot see that freight lines would give way to Passenger Lines. Maybe Amtrak will be building additional lines in some some corridors.
  9. 1. Pollution 2. Crowded and dangerous highways. 3. Transit times. 4. Transit options 4. Short term Employment 5. Long term Employment 6. ...
  10. Would be nice if the feds kicked in to extend the line all the way to downtown...or Galveston.
  11. I’m hoping that one of those tower concepts is a hotel. The second rendering seems to show a theater/performing arts center of some kind. Can’t imagine what that might be, but adding more seats/venues to the district would be very exciting. Maybe it’s a movie theater replacement, but it seems a bit large/grand for that. Regardless whether or not this is a chosen concept, it shows that Houston First is thinking big.
  12. Y’all sure could be right. It’d be interesting for Amtrak to run a parallel service to TCR. They would be servicing a different market, I suppose.
  13. The Dallas/College Station/Houston line IS the TCR. Think they already announced that they would be integrating with Amtrak schedule system...or something.
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