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  1. Those people had leases, not "month to month tenancies". A "rebate check" is gone after a few months when you have to move into another apartment that costs significantly more.
  2. Does no one else find it appalling that over 600 families are being thrown out of their homes during the holidays? That almost 700 affordable apartments are being replaced with what will almost certainly be fewer than 300 much less affordable apartments? As a current resident of Westcreek at River Oaks (spared from the bulldozer... for now) I appreciate the almost entirely residential nature of Westcreek Lane and some of the most affordable housing in the area. Now I get worry about when they might to decide to tear my building down too so they can build fewer, more expensive residences and useless vanity shops of no appeal to me whatsoever. Note: My name should be MikeRichardson, not MikeRichardsob.
  3. I messed my username up. It should be MikeRichardson, not MikeRichardsob. Could it be fixed? Thanks.
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