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  1. Westcreek at River Oaks is now closed. The show is over, the monkey is dead, and they've chained up the gates.
  2. Built 1977, these are the newest apartments I've heard of so far being demolished. (ducks as the relentless flaming begins)
  3. I walked around and all of the buildings are nearly empty except for mine, so I am going to guess they were evicted at least a month ago. No evictions in my building for some reason.
  4. Now we know that "Highland Terrace" is really Pelican Builders Inc. and they intend to demolish the building. It really is unusual, at least to me, how they will go to expense to maintain the illusion of normalcy at a property which was doomed months ago. Just last week they were setting up a new model apartment in this building, rental furniture was delivered and staged in a 1st floor unit.
  5. There's no WAV file of Chris Farley saying "I'm sick and tired of living in a van down by the bayou" though :/
  6. I wonder when the evictions will come. I suppose it's been a pretty good run. Strongly considering living in a van down by the river after this. Does Houston have a river?
  7. They sold building E to an "individual owner", and now that building is called "Highland Terrace" and is no longer a part of "Westcreek at River Oaks". They set up a separate leasing office and everything.
  8. Yeah, the old buildings are still standing, including the car ports, etc, and they have electricity still. Starting last week there has been a small crew working to remove the appliances and other fixtures. It looks like they have all of the appliances downstairs now and under the car ports. Another guy in a pickup truck comes every so often to take away some of the appliances. Like I said it's a small crew, maybe half a dozen guys for both buildings. Demolition is still some time away.
  9. The only empty buildings are B and D. I assume this project will be built within the confines of those two buildings only. F building still separates this new project from ROD. They also really haven't "broken ground" but they are continuing the fixture removal that began last week (appliances, window blinds, etc)
  10. Based on the stores being rebranded "TETCO" and not 7-Eleven I would still say this is a total non-starter, no 7-Eleven stores coming back to Texas for now.
  11. That's it though? There seems to be in each clinic, a waiting room, and one or two exam rooms. It's built out like an HEB RediClinic or CVS Minute Clinic. Sam's Club gives out shots, but they just have a cubicle wall partition near the pharmacy where they go to give out the shots. Seems like the Randalls "clinics" were destined for something more, but for some reason were never fully realized.
  12. There's men out there working right now, saw them when I was driving home. Not sure what they are doing at midnight, but they have one lamp on, you can see it in the web cam, and maybe 10 men working on something.
  13. New development has "278 residential units". Another source says 279. Old apartments... HBJ says "Those 415 units carry a 4444 Westheimer address", but in regards to the newer portion built in 1971. There were also two older 1968 buildings, which would have had at least 93 apartments each. So there were at least 601 apartments demolished. That sounds about right, because I remember remarking that there weren't even going to be half as many apartments to replace the ones demolished.
  14. I was in the Wilcrest Randalls the other day. The pharmacy is already closed. No store closing sale yet. There were very few customers at 9:30 PM. I have definitely seen more customers in the San Felipe and Westheimer/Gessner stores at 9:30. Even the store in Stafford, which is probably the last remaining Randalls store in a "poorer" part of town, still does good business, tons of people there buying gas all the time. They even had the fake doctor's office put in at the Wilcrest store, but it looked like they went in there and stripped it out. I don't know if anyone else has noticed the little clinics they put in all the Randalls - some of them have been in for 3 years now, but they have never been used or staffed. Even the tiny Bellaire store has one, with pamphlets and everything.
  15. I'm in 77027, an involuntary cord cutter living on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. What's neat though, is that I seem to get KBTX very reliably, using a $9 RCA VHF/UHF antenna that I duct taped to the outside of my window. Since I get KBTX and it's CW sub-channel, I get some syndicated programs at different (more convenient) times, and Craig Ferguson at it's intended time. Do I have an advantage being on the 3rd floor? This isn't some sporadic DX (I used to document my adventures in DX on the old Radio Discussions forum), this is reliable consistent reception. Google Maps says their transmitter is roughly 75 miles away.
  16. Did you look at the elevations? It's basically the old apartments, except with a strip mall stuck underneath them. Residential density is only coincidentally improved because the new apartments are smaller.
  17. I can point to one example where Randalls/Safeway, as well as Kroger, do seem to get this right. I used to live in Meyerland a few years ago and both the Randalls and the Kroger had tons of kosher stuff all year round. I remember the Randalls specifically had a good selection of kosher meat. There's not really a Meyerland HEB to compare to, although the Sellers Bros store had no visible kosher products the few times I went there. I thought about that, but then, think about all of the evil stuff that employees could buy with just their salaries? Porn, drugs, hookers, gambling, whatever. Edit: Ross' quotes also applies, but there is no way to edit this post to add another quote. So you could still say, well, the employee of a trucking company could use their salary to purchase alcohol which then causes the employee to have an accident with the truck.
  18. OK, there's been sale of the "E" building, 2220 Westcreek Ln only. It has been sold to an "individual owner". No evictions. Kaplan is still the management, and they are putting in a leasing office in the building. Going forward, rent checks are to be made payable to "Highland Terrace". I'll post a scan of the letter later.
  19. The point was that Randalls (Safeway) is offering both types of cards for sale, one which permits the "vice" items, and one which does not. I don't know if this is Safeway policy or just some old holdover, or if Kroger offers a similar thing, etc. I only got the one mailer rather arbitrarily.
  20. As a small business owner a couple of weeks ago I got a mass mailer from Safeway/Randalls/Tom Thumb/Vons/Whatever. They were advertising their gift cards as a kind of holiday bonus to employees. They offered two different kinds of gift cards. One kind could purchase anything, but the alternate card could not be used to purchase any kind of vice items (cigarettes/alcohol/gambling/etc).
  21. Both of these. The sale to Safeway, in retrospect, was a travesty. In regards to alcohol sales. Some of my earliest memories as a child were taking a trip to Randalls. I remember back then, 1993 or so, it was possible for anyone to retrieve cigarettes from any of the displays at each checkout line, you know, where they have the magazines now. I still remember what brand my mom smoked because I could walk right up there and pick out the package. But she was a single parent, worked 40+ hours a week, didn't touch alcohol at all, and Randalls didn't sell it. Yet they had the cigarettes right there.
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