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  1. http://www.etro.com/en_us/man/autumn-winter-14-15/jackets.html God yes? More like god damn. Commence hate posts/flaming now, I don't really care.
  2. Really? No. I was a bit tired when I wrote the original post, but the basic premise still stands. ROD just isn't that damned fantastic.
  3. ... do you get off the road at, calling people "retarded"? ... I don't really care - mostly, I just wanted to also post a massively oversized and unnecessary GIF, stolen borrowed from a graphic design firm that last updated their website in 1998.
  4. Please heed your own advice. ROD will certainly be different from what existed there previously. To a surplus of people, it will likely be considered an improvement - but only to a dearth of people will it be considered some magnificent spectacle, worth of comparison to the Astrodome. By general consensus, ROD is considered a general improvement. Either reveal your true intentions, or cease heaping unsubstantiated praise upon a project of which the typical praise might, on a good day, conjure a lukewarm compliment at best.
  5. It is my understanding, that a new road will connect the West Loop Feeder, Northbound to Westcreek Ln, and the new Peloton office tower will be built in consideration of said new road.
  6. It looks like there is a net gain in residential units (when you consider the new Davis Proj. + SkyHouse River Oaks) when compared to the old apartments on that same land. This is a net improvement for the area. Westcreek Ln is really a residential street, it has been for over 35 years now. River Oaks District was a net reduction in residential units. It looks like these other developments should make up for that loss, with a fair margin. Hopefully, maybe, one of the TBA projects will consider some upper-middle income units instead of going all out total luxury. So many middle of the road units are going/will be going away without replacement - eventually, the market will bear the consequences.
  7. Yeah, the buildings are totally gone. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xbokm6ztbblle2k/AAAVq3DNrqHTZRtQMRrHmwzAa?dl=0 Bunch of pics I took over several days, and a few videos that I have not had the time to go through. Was able to get so close since I actually live in the remaining building.
  8. I found this interview with Jane Hudson, one of the co-founders of B4-U-Eat, and some magazine I've never heard of called "My Table", that allegedly exists. http://my-table.com/sidedish/13-nosy-questions-with-jane-hudson/ They failed to even ask why the site was closed, but Hudson did vaguely mention "retirement" - and that the database has not been destroyed, but is explicitly not being offered to anyone else, either. I assume that if the database is ever offered again, so much time will have passed that the information will only have historical value. Even if you junked the reviews, the listings alone were probably better than any other site out there, but they become inaccurate, outdated, as more time passes.
  9. They are now doing asbestos abatement in the building located at 2221 Westcreek Lane. This is the building that sits between the ROD and the now-cleared land where B & D buildings once stood. On the other side of the street, there's been some utility disconnections at A & C buildings (where the office tower is going), and some utility reconnections at the lone occupied E building. A new electric meter is being installed for the common area lighting. According to the property manager, this is "good news" and means Highland Terrace (2220 Westcreek Lane) will stick around until "January". Pelican probably needs to build and sell their townhomes first before they have enough capital to build their new mid-rise apartment building.
  10. It's been pretty damn swift since the actual demolition. Took them months to sit around/waste time/prep the demo, and the actual demo was done in like a week.
  11. The new "parcels" do not correspond to the old apartment buildings, except for parcel "C" being the same as building "E". Skyhouse is being built on land where two buildings once stood, so they both had to come down.
  12. The Highland Terrace apartments (2220 Westcreek Ln) are being actively marketed for short term (2 month) rentals, available "though May 2014". http://www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/Texas/Houston/Highland-Terrace/552/ Posted 1 day ago: http://houston.craigslist.org/apa/4391423912.html Not sure if that could be interpreted as "new leases available to start until May" (implying termination in July), or "sign up now and live here until May". I couldn't obtain any solid information from the manager. Also, HBJ is reporting that all 3 remaining tracts "are under contract to an undisclosed buyer for an undisclosed price". This includes the San Felipe frontage, and the awkward plot of land sandwiched between the future Pelican townhomes and the ROD - the plot which Cypress had originally planned on retaining for some unknown reason, at 2221 Westcreek Ln. Although the land has an apartment building on it which is not in the process of being demolished, it was rendered unusable after demo work started on the adjacent building and blocked access to tenant parking in the rear. Anyway, thought it was interesting.
  13. B and D are now gone. For some reason, the old leasing office building hasn't been touched at all. They didn't abate the asbestos either. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but it looks like the only reason why F building was evicted is because they did not retain enough land adjacent to the building to permit the use of the covered parking in the rear. Otherwise, the entire building is still owned by Cypress.
  14. Prime Cable was a system I remember growing up in the 90's. They might have merged with TCI. One apartment we had Phonoscope for a while. They merged a few times, I think before that it was called "OpTel". Originally when we moved there, the landlord ran their own proprietary cable company, they had like 10 huge satellites on some adjacent land. Only problem is that they forgot to bill anyone, so everyone got all of the premium channels for years before they tore down the satellites. In 1998 we moved to an apartment complex served by TCI, they were offering the "innovative" new digital cable which we had for 6 months. You could only get 1 cable box, and they also deleted 10 analog channels in order to provide the 80 or so digital ones. Time Warner did not add digital until at least 2002 at the house we moved to. For info about satellite, look at the national services like Direct TV, they are all national providers.
  15. Micro Center would be committing instant suicide in Houston if they closed that store without an immediate and nearby replacement.
  16. What is their definition of "construction"? Right now we have empty apartment buildings, and I know for a fact that it takes them about 3-4 months to take down one of these buildings: obligatory wasting of time, appliance removal, wasting time, asbestos abatement, wasting time, further scrappage/prep, wasting time, and actual demolition.
  17. There was a Checker's at FM 1960 and Kuykendahl. The abandoned restaurant sat there for a very long time, years and years, before it was finally torn down due to road construction. Best damn fries though.
  18. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/eating/2014/02/houston_restaurant_news_site_b.php WTF? Why would you close this down?, and not even offer it to anyone else? This was the go to site, at least for me. It was unique to Houston, and therefore was much more relevant than Yelp or any of those other generic sites.
  19. All of the buildings were evicted to make way for Westcreek Centre, SkyHouse, the Pelican town homes, a soon to be empty lot Cypress is retaining, and two soon to be empty lots that Cypress is still marketing. This does not include the "Highland Terrace" building, 2220 Westcreek (formerly Westcreek Building E), which is owned by Pelican as well, but for some unknown reason is conducting business as usual.
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