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  1. The Real Randalls #1

    Your is on a static site. Mine is on a Google Sheet and so it could be collaborative. Also I did start mine several years ago but just didn't share it until now. The informaton is public domain; use it on your site if you like. For some reason I don't see any edit, also, you should only be able to comment unless I add you as an editor. Is Deauville Theatre related to Deauville Malls at all? Also, here are pics I took of store #35 when it was closing. http://www.mikerichardson.name/tidbits/randalls/ I also have some pics of store #22 before the partial remodel. This is an interesting store because it's in a sort of poor neighborhood but does good business.
  2. History of cable and satellite tv in Houston

    I just remembered this fascinating Texas Monthly article about the dawn of Cable Television in Houston. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/invasion-of-the-cable-snatchers/ Really awesome long form reporting.
  3. History of cable and satellite tv in Houston

    Is this user some kind of bot or something? That has nothing to do with old analog cable television. Was that really on channel 1? That would be pretty rare. For some reason cable systems never used channel 1. Converter boxes would sometimes put something on channel 1 but it was not really on the actual "channel 1", by which I mean the channel with a center frequency of 75 MHz - channel 1 when you plugged the cable directly into the TV. On cable systems channel 1 is actually between channels 4 and 5. Channels 95-99 are actually right after channel 6! After channel 99, is really channel 14! I don't really know why it's done like this.
  4. The Real Randalls #1

    Here is an Excel spreadsheet I started several years ago and last updated in 2013, now uploaded to Google Sheets. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17uR-1xMjZAEQ6tTHY_M0olNGik0fzP3wweplL-KmPnM/edit?usp=sharing Randalls Store History (Houston Metro Area) I'd like to add editors to this sheet, anyone else interested in this sort of stuff. Looks like we could really fill in 1-10 with the information on this thread. Also, anyone can comment on the sheet without being an editor. That way one of the editors could incorporate that information. Please PM me if you want to be added as an editor, I will need your Google username (usually a gmail.com address).
  5. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    My PO Box is out that way, and I always drive back past the old building. It's currently half torn down. Someone here had offered to fly a drone and get some video that way whenever it was being torn down, I don't have their info though. The laundry room still had rented laundry machines in it. Bet they're super happy about that. Also, what the hell is "2220 1/2 Westcreek Ln."? The building's address is 2220 Westcreek Lane. Always has been. Even the new buildng isn't going to be at some "1/2" address. I'd guess either 2220 or 2222. Good job letting the building rot there for, what, over 2 friggin years? You got no rent from me or anyone else. How much did all those guards cost, to protect an empty fricking building? I do not miss the traffic. You don't have a snowball's chance in hell of going anywhere at 5 PM. One Swain & Houck building remains. http://www.thegeorgianapts.com That's because they still own it. (or, their estate, or whatever, they're both dead I'm sure) Owner Name & Mailing Address: SWAIN & HOUCK 8811 WESTHEIMER RD STE 208 HOUSTON TX 77063-3617 Submit all flames to /dev/null.
  6. KPRC Channel 2 Houston Expansion

    Please share your booze with us, so that your posts might make a modicum of sense. I am still trying to figure out what the hell is "WB 14".
  7. Ever since the Safeway/Albertson's merger closed there have been some really good Randalls card sales. Right now you can get 12 packs of Coke, Pepsi, DrPepper, 7 Up etc, cans, $2 each pack as long as you get 5. So $10 for 60 cans of name brand soda. That's cheaper than the damn store brand literally anywhere. It's cheaper than "Always Low Prices Walmart". And you can mix or match. They also have some "Monopoly" promotion kind of like McDonalds now? I don't know if it's any good or not but you get a bonus Monopoly ticket for every case of soda, and a lot of other stuff as well. Some of the tickets are instant win for free products. Anyway there's some good deals to be had depending on what you buy, but on any given week I am likely to hit all 3: Randalls, Kroger, and HEB.
  8. Those huge air vents at Kmart

    Yes. There was a Kmart at FM 1960 @ Kuykendahl (later a Hobby Lobby, now it's empty/?????) that had these air vents. We didn't go there a lot, and it closed down after Kmart bought the Venture stores. But I remember it was definitely an old style Kmart, dating to the 80's or earlier. Also, there was another old style one I remember. It was off I-45 near Fry Rd. We only went there a couple of times, when Kmart was shutting down in Houston. Not sure what it is now.
  9. FM 1960 and Kuykendahl in 1971

    The BofA on the southwest corner was originally a Citibank. I don't know how far back that goes though. That same corner was also home to an original (non-Venture) Kmart store. I would say the store dated back to at least the 80's. On the northwest corner, I know that brake or muffler shop or whatever it is, has been there since almost forever. 80's or even older.
  10. The Wilshire By Pelican Builders (Westcreek)

    I'm just curious - where do you guys all currently live? By you guys, I mean, anyone who is excited for any of these new towers on Westcreek.
  11. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    That will come in handy when it's 5 PM and you want to eat food or purchase handbags. Even eating handbags would be preferable to dealing with that shit again at 5 PM. The extra street that they (have already) put in might help to a limited degree - instead of coming off the loop and trying to make a left turn from Westheimer onto Westcreek, you could just drive down a bit more, turn right and you're home.
  12. Westcreek Centre — 21-Story Office Tower Along I-610

    And of course, following the autopsy, is the estate sale. Offers are due March 25th. http://arausa.listinglab.com//Westcreek610LandSite/index.cfm
  13. Marq 31 (3131 Timmons Lane)

    So what would you rather have? Some kind of affordable apartment in the loop, or this comparatively marginal, downright boring "redevelopment"? I'll admit there are some exciting developments on Westcreek, but it's extremely difficult to call this project - an increase from 3 to 4 stories anything other than "tepid".