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  1. In a story in the Galveston Daily News today talking about Landry's recent move into the Las Vegas casino scene, it states that Landry's sold two parcels of land it owned on the Seawall. The large plot at 34th street (the old Seahorse Inn) and the old Sea-Arama site. Here is an excerpt: Bigger gains will be made this year when the casinos in Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nev., are at full operation after millions are spent on renovations and property upgrades, he said. During the conference call, Hamilton asked Fertitta why he was selling two big chunks of prime Galveston real estate on the Seawall at 34th Street and the old Sea-Arama Marineland site. Hamilton and other analysts have suggested that because Landry
  2. I noticed today that the old washeteria being renovated on 14th and Postoffice will be the new Sunflower Bakery and Grill, per the liquor license application at the construction site. The original Sunflower Bakery is at 16th and Church St. They had a successful Sunflower Cafe with an expanded menu on 45th St. but closed it a few months ago siting the difficulty of running two successful eateries and raising two teenagers. The new venture will combine the two. No word on a projected opening. But, I would guess it would be a while since they have finish renovating the building and then build a kitchen, etc.... No word on what will become of the original bakery on 16th and Church either. Also, the Daily News reported recently that a chef who used to work at Saltwater Grill on Postoffice will open a new american cuisine restaurant at the site of the old Saltwater Grill on 45th. It will be called Pick's on 45th. The News said a late August opening, but the are often premature in predicting opening dates (for example, the new bar/deli on Postoffice near SkyBar sushi). Now, if we could just get a thai restaurant and an indian restaurant on the island. Yes, I know about the new vietnamese restaurant and I know that Skybar serves Indian fusion at lunch - it's just not the same.
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