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  1. This site has more renderings. Not as flattering from the side. http://www.coydavidson.com/office/hines-new-houston-office-tower/
  2. Seeing all the rendering makes the park look very...boring. Hopefully there are more trees/buildings/rides.
  3. My bad, huge mistake! Wrong city! I don't know why I was on buffalo's?
  4. Is it true that two rail stations are being destroyed?! Read the third paragraph. http://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/print-edition/2013/02/15/downtown-continues-building-boom-with.html
  5. I don't know why I think this, but the top floor looks like the type of place someone would put a dance studio.
  6. Can someone please explain what's happening here? What is the structure being built in the 3rd to last picture, and the last one?
  7. The one thing that really hurt when it was canceled here in Houston was the 66-story Ritz Carlton. That hotel would have been an AMAZING adition to the skyline and was the hotel that the city needed.
  8. What is the name of that island? Imagine if they got rid of the jails and did it all residential with retail.
  9. You should somehow incorporate a theme park! That would be pretty unique.
  10. I was doing some research online today, and who would have thought that United's plan to back out would help us. There are multiple rumors that both Air France and British Airways are seriously looking into bringing A380s into IAH. It seems perfect because IAH is expanding and remodeling terminal D. Also less than a week ago Emirates CEO was quoted talking about bringing A380s to Houston, "the economics of Houston are very powerful. That would be an extremely attractive proposition."
  11. I didn't mean to put announced, I just realized it, but air china has Houston to Beijing service listed and it was taken down 5 days ago. Apparently they do this before they announce new service. It is supposed to start in July. Lets hope it happens!
  12. Downtown may look bad right now, but there is a lot of advancement. The new jw Marriott is under renovation downtown, the new convention center hotel is approved, the pavilions seems to be getting a little bit more action (eventhough books a million left), residential units are being made/sold left and right, and the metro line is extending. We seem to be in the transformation stage going from office and work to residential and recreation.
  13. Iah has announced Air China service to Beijing in 2013!
  14. Yeah you're right. Tell me one thing though, how is downtown? I live in the suburbs and I've never really been to downtown and I've lived here my whole life! I've been to NYC downtown more than Houston's! Are there a lot of people roaming the streets, and shops?
  15. Downtown Houston could benefit so much by this! Now all we need is more business and residents!
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