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  1. Let's hope that's not the case. It'll be open in a week if so.
  2. I like it. Its already value engineered and it'll make for solid infill. I can see it selling quick, too.
  3. I don't think there is a geopolitical interest for the current president to allow China to reopen its North American hub for cyber espionage any time soon.
  4. So is it safe to assume that this thing will be delayed a considerable amount? How do you even repair this type of damage?
  5. Knowing how we drive here in Texas; this photo gives me anxiety.
  6. Are we all overlooking the massive tower in the first picture of the model? Is that not a new tower? It looks great. Almost Art Deco.
  7. The majority of American highways in urban settings are inherently racist. Not by their existence, but by their placement. This is highly documented and can be seen in most, if not all, major cities. Developers in the 40s, 50s, and 60s were openly racist and used highways to separate and financially ruin communities of color.
  8. The glass looks great and I'll take whatever the market gives, but I don't want downtown to look completely blue. In my ideal world we'll get a couple more 700 Louisiana-calibre towers.
  9. Oh man, how could I forget about the Mercer. I'm hoping downtown gets a lot less glass and a lot more brick/classic architecture.
  10. Will this be the thinnest building in Houston? Maybe even Texas? It looks like it'll give the Hyatt on Congress in Austin a run for its money.
  11. I really wasn't a fan of this extension, but now that I'm looking at it it doesn't look half bad. I wish they would paint the white structure a more grey color to match the facade. Or maybe a chrome.
  12. I like the juxtaposition between the community college and the university. HCC looks simple but effective. By the way, is it called the University of Houston Victoria Katy....
  13. Have they in recent years painted their trailers to advertise their company? If not, maybe they're "advertising" their company because of how grand the cultural center is going to be and they want their name associated to the institution. Glass half full
  14. This would be PERFECT. It's the exact slope and everything
  15. My apologies for reviving this thread, but I just realized how great of a venue the Astrodome would be for Houston-area esports. Reviving what was once the the face of classic sports into the new center for future-oriented esports would be an incredible full circle achievement. This entire area could become a sports/LA Live area with residential, hotel, sporting and convention amenities. What are y’all’s opinions? https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/commercial-real-estate/an-esports-arena-could-turbocharge-the-gaming-scene-in-houston-108131
  16. If you squint, tilt your head to the right, spin around three times, hop on one leg, and say "Hines" four times into a mirror it sort of looks like there's a supertall peeking out from behind the building. One can dream.
  17. I love the steps, but I'm really not liking all the glass on these buildings
  18. Im excited for the day that Post Oak becomes a skyscraper canyon
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