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  1. Its a command that translates to "fear us"
  2. Singapore Airlines pulling out of the Houston market permanently or in the interim?
  3. Wondering the same thing. I could see Hobby losing passengers. Hopefully no destinations will be lost being that Southwest is still adding new routes to HOU.
  4. I really wish they could paint a giant mural or paint some type of photorealistic building on the flat surface. Oh well, I guess that's a discussion for a different thread.
  5. Port Officials replaced FIGG down in Corpus Christi for the New Harbor Bridge Project and replaced them with ARUP. Maybe they'll do the same here.
  6. This is how I see it haha I wish this could be converted into a flood-proof outdoor terrace or walkway. Such a unique structure within Texas I feel.
  7. What ever happened to the Moxxy hotel? Great pictures
  8. The Houston Mexican Consulate is closing? Is that for good? Where can I read up on this?
  9. I think Arabella would be a completely different tower if it wasn't painted white. Right now the contrast between the white and the glass is too jarring and makes the tower look unfinished/cheap. I think it'd be a real plus if it was painted a darker grey/blue mix.
  10. I would LOVE for this train to come to fruition in Texas. I think we could sustain it and develop a new culture within Texas that appreciates trains and regards them as equal in terms of transportation options, but the problem is that we would have to create that culture from scratch whereas all the countries you mentioned already have that culture (and infrastructure) in place. I have ridden high speed trains and subway systems all across France and Spain and in every community/major city where I've arrived there is a HUGE population of dense urban residents who do not see trains as a conveni
  11. I'm not surprised by the jump in cost, but an increase of $15 billion is not a drop in the bucket. The price is $30 billion now and just one year ago it was half that. It is starting to sound eerily similar to that of the California bullet train, "its going to cost $30 billion, no wait $50 billion, no wait $78 billion," and then all of a sudden it's all but canceled. If I had the type of money to even consider investing in these large scale projects I would absolutely be worried about the fact that a similar proposal had already failed (albeit it had uneven terrain, tunnels, and different poli
  12. I had a lot of hope for this project, but when I saw $30B I knew immediately that this will never get off the ground. I really hoped we would be the first in the Western Hemisphere to get a bullet train, but I cannot imagine that they will get the funding.
  13. That Marriott still has a good design imo, but I would love to see it re-clad in glass with some sleek led lights. Is terminal D's upgrade/new construction a done deal? As in is the whole entire project approved and moving forward (terminal C and D margining into one)? Also, is it likely that we'll be losing some international destinations? I was excited with our strong economy and United's investment into a new baggage handling terminal that'd we'd be seeing some historic growth. Now I don't know.
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