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  1. That Marriott still has a good design imo, but I would love to see it re-clad in glass with some sleek led lights. Is terminal D's upgrade/new construction a done deal? As in is the whole entire project approved and moving forward (terminal C and D margining into one)? Also, is it likely that we'll be losing some international destinations? I was excited with our strong economy and United's investment into a new baggage handling terminal that'd we'd be seeing some historic growth. Now I don't know.
  2. Moving forward, the city of Houston needs to make economic diversification their number one goal above all else. The oil industry will one day balance out and perhaps show signs of some type of recovery, but it is VERY clear that oil is no longer a stable industry. The city should heavily invest in the burgeoning tech industry, the established medical industry, in becoming the green energy capital of America and in promoting Houston as a tourist destination. Tourism would need a more walkable inner loop, better connections to public transport, increased incentives/investments to museums and art installations, a unified Houston brand campaign (DFW and Austin excel at promoting their brand), and a major investment in all of our universities and their on-campus housing. I worry for Houston in the coming years, but I feel optimistic that Houstonians are willing to demand more of their city and let their pride manifest in more creative ways that could benefit the local economy. Lets just hope the airport doesn't lose half of it's destinations and foreign carriers...
  3. Wow I didn't know that existed, yet that's exactly what I want for this. I was thinking art galleries + exhibition space + museum space + vertical graffiti park + observation deck + restaurants and of course ground floor retail
  4. It's crazy to think that Thompson is building hotels in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio simultaneously. The Texas market is strong!
  5. A tunnel starting at the Northwest mall site that goes five miles to downtown would be great, but I know the economics of such a tunnel would not work. A huge bummer that downtown isn't getting the station. I think Dallas is ran much more with the future in mind as they seem to always be strategically ahead of Houston. I hope I've just been focusing on the wrong metrics, but I feel like Houston is always one step behind. Please prove me wrong because I know that that isn't the case
  6. YES! I've been waiting so damn long for a Uniqlo in Texas! This is great news I'm pumped
  7. I really like this development. I think opening bars around this area would actually create a cool synergy between the young urban populace and the older folks moving into this/these developments. Lord knows we as a society need to pay better attention to our older population. Here's to hoping that they can in some way make attractions that keep the elders in mind. (Not that I think even a fraction of them would actually go out to bars, but I'm sure there's a sizable group)
  8. Whats that ground work being done in front of the garage for Market Square?
  9. Hope landowners are fairly compensated and let it happen. Or, eminent domain takes over.
  10. I wish it was a more architecturally significant W hotel. It looks kind of boring and W is not really on the forefront of being trendy anymore.
  11. https://twitter.com/iah/status/1206762635875758080
  12. That same company is working on the $1B New Harbor Bridge project down in Corpus Christi. They just halted the project for the same reason.
  13. Looks great, I'm really hoping this come to fruition. Are there any plans to have the site connected to rapid transit? Also, is there a benefit of having the station outside of the CBD? More spread out growth, less centralized/intense gentrification, quicker access to different parts of the city?
  14. I've always thought this. The city's entire skyline, including all of its districts, is one of the most impressive skylines in the hemisphere and would serve as a great backdrop to pretty much any rooftop bar/restaurant/entertainment. Houston could be "Rooftop City" or something
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