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  1. I love the steps, but I'm really not liking all the glass on these buildings
  2. Im excited for the day that Post Oak becomes a skyscraper canyon
  3. I'd be open to more vanity in Houston
  4. If I had to guess I don't think it'll happen as proposed and if it were to break ground with or without modification it would be in ~5 years
  5. Great video! Question, is the landing/balcony area at 11 seconds a maintenance area or is it a sort of covered balcony/lounge area?
  6. I think that's a temporary suspension along with Ethiopian Airlines
  7. BIG's first Texas project 😍 that's awesome. I can't wait for all the lots behind this one to be built out. He's already familiar with Houston being that he was a visiting professor of architecture at Rice.
  8. I'm a big fan of this development, I hope it happens.
  9. Why do St. Lukes's spires have scaffolding around them?
  10. Dear God, I despise this building. Paint it all black and save us of this eyesore.
  11. What's Houston's 4th skyline?

    1. HoustonBoy


      Downtown, Galleria, Med Center, and fourth is a blend of all the smaller skylines; energy corridor, Allen Parkway, Memorial City, etc. All the infill between the main three. 

  12. I love Houston's greenery and our urban landscape. There are very few cities in the US that legitimately have four full-scale skylines.
  13. Im excited to one day walk on the first hill/change in elevation in Houston history
  14. Politics above the common good. I have hope that new and grand infrastructure is within our great country's near future.
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