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  1. I like the juxtaposition between the community college and the university. HCC looks simple but effective. By the way, is it called the University of Houston Victoria Katy....
  2. Have they in recent years painted their trailers to advertise their company? If not, maybe they're "advertising" their company because of how grand the cultural center is going to be and they want their name associated to the institution. Glass half full
  3. 😍 Tell me these are current proposals
  4. This would be PERFECT. It's the exact slope and everything
  5. My apologies for reviving this thread, but I just realized how great of a venue the Astrodome would be for Houston-area esports. Reviving what was once the the face of classic sports into the new center for future-oriented esports would be an incredible full circle achievement. This entire area could become a sports/LA Live area with residential, hotel, sporting and convention amenities. What are y’all’s opinions? https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/commercial-real-estate/an-esports-arena-could-turbocharge-the-gaming-scene-in-houston-108131
  6. If you squint, tilt your head to the right, spin around three times, hop on one leg, and say "Hines" four times into a mirror it sort of looks like there's a supertall peeking out from behind the building. One can dream.
  7. I love the steps, but I'm really not liking all the glass on these buildings
  8. Im excited for the day that Post Oak becomes a skyscraper canyon
  9. I'd be open to more vanity in Houston
  10. If I had to guess I don't think it'll happen as proposed and if it were to break ground with or without modification it would be in ~5 years
  11. Great video! Question, is the landing/balcony area at 11 seconds a maintenance area or is it a sort of covered balcony/lounge area?
  12. I think that's a temporary suspension along with Ethiopian Airlines
  13. BIG's first Texas project 😍 that's awesome. I can't wait for all the lots behind this one to be built out. He's already familiar with Houston being that he was a visiting professor of architecture at Rice.
  14. I'm a big fan of this development, I hope it happens.
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