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  1. My dream for this building has always been to strip it to its concrete, knock out some walls, add creative stairs and ramps throughout, beef up the elevators and/or put glass elevators on the sides, and turn it into a gallery/exhibit/event space/vertical graffiti park. Restyle the garage and add ground floor amenities and you could have a hot spot that generates some revenue at least
  2. I love it. These buildings, if ever built, could easily be some of the most recognizable towers in Texas. I'm really digging the helipad
  3. I actually really dig those townhomes, it'd be great if Giorgetti offered to power wash them. One can dream I guess
  4. That looks great. I hope we can get some vertical greenery! Something like Bosco Verticale being the ultimate goal.
  5. Im confused. Is this site going to be home to the tower rendered in the previous page, another tower, or something else?
  6. I think the main tourist area of the Riverwalk downtown is outdated as well, but there is a synergy that extends outside of the immediate downtown core that I personally find very attractive. What, if any, city would you like Htown to move towards or take inspiration from?
  7. Agh it hurts to look at that rendering. It's so nice. I think had it been built it would've been the hottest place to be in Houston. It reminds me of the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. I know Houston is forging its own identity, but I wish we had a more downtown SA feel. SA has such a natural and interesting downtown/central area
  8. Exactly! It really does help connect people to their city.
  9. Scooters are a pain in the ass, but one positive aspect is that they encourage people to be on the streets and to engage more with their city. In Austin, and in Corpus Christi, I've noticed so many more people exploring the city-scape and all of it's hidden streets and buildings. That is something I've always wanted in Houston. I think one of the larger challenges that Lime, Bird etc. will face in Houston is vandalization/theft of their scooters.
  10. Living in central Austin, with my heart in Houston, I so desperately want to see a bigger version of graffiti park in Houston. Seeing this building makes me dream of it
  11. ^ I hope it doesn’t get built. Houston’s W should at least look a little bit interesting
  12. Looking from that angle I cannot wait until the strip mall on Post Oak is gone. I want to see all of PO lined with skyscrapers
  13. So is the building under construction 7 or 14 floors?
  14. If anything, I feel like 2019-2021 will be an exceptional time for Houston office and residential construction. I have no concrete reason to believe this, but I just have a feeling that a supertall could be in the works. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but the near and long term future of Houston is very bright from downtown, midtown, med center and everything beyond. I’d put the next supertall in the Galleria, hopefully a mixed use beauty with a spire.
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