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  1. That building in New York is GORGEOUS! I wish Houston had something like that.
  2. Cool stuff. Just one thing, Carmelo's is downtown next to the Hilton, not East Austin. :-)
  3. It was burned (not blown up), and it was about 8 (not 10:30).
  4. I consulted with more than a couple friends who have lived in the area their entire lives. They were unanimous in the it was the Adam's Extract building. Also, they said that there were no restaurants in the area that were built in the prairie style. At that time, there was nothing out there except ranch land. Some history. http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/stories/.../19/story2.html http://txtell.lib.utexas.edu/stories/a0002-full.html A picture. http://txtell.lib.utexas.edu/stories/media/a0002-1.jpg A map. http://maps.google.com/maps?source=ig&...=1&ct=title The map is from a few years back. So there is a lot more stuff around that wasn't there in 1985-1986. You can see two red cars in front of what was once Crumley's.
  5. Crumley's was the store, and Adam's Extract was the other.
  6. The closer the crown gets to being finished the more I'm loving this building. It's just...I don't know what. I'm loving it.
  7. I hope the restaurant isn't built in a suburban style. Is Crave the same restaurant as the one in Austin?
  8. http://houstonist.com/2008/08/07/zai_jian_mings.php The Houstonist talked about it last week. They even mention HAIF and have pictures.
  9. That rendering is a building in San Antonio on San Pedro Avenue just north of 410 and North Star Mall And yes, it was built in the 80's.
  10. You do realize that it's a joke right?
  11. The crown should have been big enough to be centered in the middle of the building, and still reach the north and south side edges. That would have been nice.
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