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  1. Yes, that's the place. I had forgotten the name Cody's - it was that for a long time, I think, but something else was in there before that -- I thought it was Scott Gertner but I see that's what's there now. Maybe I have him mixed up with some other local entertainer. Yeah, very impressive place; not what you'd expect from the outside of the bldg. Nice view of the sunset, downtown. I'd forgotten that about the elevators, too.
  2. Anybody know what the original club atop 3400 Montrose was? I vaguely remember Glenn McCarthy had several clubs in town and that was one of them, I thought the Cork Club but that has been identified as atop the Central National Bank Bldg. I know it was a gay club in the early 70s, the Palace or Plantation or something like that, Scott Gertner's, a jazz club, etc., but it dates to the 50s I believe.
  3. Thanks, H2B, I saw it was episode 3 of the Houston Remembers When tapes and there's a good bit on the KUHT website describing the program; unfortunately the tape is out of stock and it's one I don't have. The two references I have: one referred just to Luna Park, the other to 1406 Houston Ave, which is about 3 blocks north of Washington as I recall (drove the area a couple of weeks ago looking for a school or something 'Luna'). I'm proceeding on the assumption they are references to the same place. Thanks for all your info; I'll be trying to find a copy of the tape. Do you have the tape? Does it make any mention of Bay Shore Park in La Porte, same time era, apparently a competitor of Sylvan Beach Park? -- a dance pavilion, band stand, pier into the bay, even an inn on the grounds.
  4. Please do. I've been eating the Reuben at Kahn's and his father's place, Alfred's in the Village, for decades and it's great. Sometimes the meat is a little fatty -- some people like it that way. The Potato Salad is awesome, if you ask me. For some reason they have in the last year or so I think started putting cheddar and swiss on the Reuben. I always tell 'em to leave the cheddar off -- has no place on a Reuben. If Mike Kahn makes it for you, it'll be great.
  5. I imagine there was. I was only about in the 5th grade and wasn't asking a lot of hard questions.
  6. Re another thread: the caption on the Bailey calendar mentions the 'sandwich' sign in the lower left corner marks a One's-a-Meal. The year was 1933.
  7. I had relatives living just a couple of blocks from there so went by it so many times but didn't remember the name. I think it also showed Spanish language films at one time.
  8. Most of the TV stations, except the lptvs, are on the antennas east of Missouri City, off FM 1092 at Senior Road. The closer you live to that, the more likely you're going to get good reception with rabbit ears. But a set that gets good reception over the air on every channel -- I don't think that exists. It depends some on the tuners built into the set - some are better than others. Many of the FMs are down there too, if that matters to you. My parents lived at Lake Jackson, about 45 miles from MoCity, and had to have a rooftop antenna. When it got zapped by lightning, they couldn't find anyone to repair it or install another one, so they had to sign up for the local cable. They were able to get a very basic deal - 10 channels of their choice (except premium) for $6.50 a month, I think. They only took 6 channels, the over the air ones they were used to watching. I tried to get 'em to sign up for FoodTV or HGTV or the local sports channel but they were happy with what they had and it wasn't a bad deal for the price. I think cable companies may be required to offer that option for low income subscribers, but they don't publicize it very much, they want you to sign up for as many channels as possible. I don't have cable or satellite and haven't for 20 years. I don't watch much TV and sure don't need 120 channels.
  9. You remember some good ones, belmontdrew. I didn't remember the Antone's in Sharpstown Center. The Tamales was in an old Meyer Bros. store in the Village, I think (or the Meyer Bros. might have been the store next door). I remember Yamin's and Stefano's pizza places; they had been one chain at one time, but went their separate ways and now both are gone. The Ming's on Montrose just north of Westheimer was a Big Frank's. Go to this page: http://users.ev1.net/~plhailey/hpat/index.html click on Topics, go to Restaurants and Diners, page 3, scroll down to the series of pics labeled 23469, #s 1 thru 13 -- it's an Albritton's, I think the one on Waugh, which was the only one I ever went to. Lot's of great pics of old restaurants on that site, many of which I've never heard of.
  10. Chestnut is just a block or so outside the loop. I think that's the corner where Don's Record Shop was for years - set back from the intersection, the parking lot was triangular but the building was rectangular. You may be thinking of the block bounded by Bissonett, Cedar, and 5th St., between Rice and the intersection where Bissonett and Bellaire cross. There's a triangular building there that's been there as long as I've been driving Bissonett (I don't remember Old Richmond Road). I'm sure there used to be a prescription shop in there and a cleaners, I think. The exterior has recently been updated; the shop 'on the point,' so to speak, is a computer shop.
  11. Thanks for the info. That book is on my list but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have a couple of the KUHT shows on tape; I'll have to review them. I hadn't even thought about that.
  12. Does anybody remember the name of the hamburger restaurant in the old Meyerland Plaza, on the s. side of the center, not facing Beechnut or the Loop, that had the gasoline station theme -- lots of pumps and signs and the like. Was it just the Oil Co. or something like that?
  13. Originally the Continental Oil Co. building, I think (Conoco). Anywhere you lived in Houston, you could see the weather ball! Houston was a lot smaller then. On the ground floor was Shudde Bros., a men's clothier and hat store. I went in there once as a pipe smoking college student wanting to buy a bowler or a derby; they had them but they were outta my price range. There was also a bank on the ground floor, I think. At that time also there was the big orange disk on top of the Gulf Building. Okay, who's going to be first to come up with a picture of that?
  14. The fancy men's store was Cromwell's. Very nice gentlemen. When WSq started going down hill, they moved over on Beechnut at Hillcroft for many years but they're gone now. WSq succumbed to the suburban car culture -- it wasn't close enough to any freeway to be convenient to Houstonians who didn't live nearby, plus it was open air. Most people prefer to shop til they drop in air conditioned comfort. Same thing worked against the original Meyerland Plaza. Funny now that the a/c malls like Sharpstown are going down hill and the re-developed Meyerland is booming.
  15. Yes. For many years at W. Bellfort and So. Post Oak, I believe. Kroger bought them out and put in a Kroger Signature store; Belden's moved to N. Braeswood and Hillcroft and rebuilt, using that same pink exterior. Very nice store, very nice people. Kind of a small Rice Epicurean. There's a very good ice cream shop in that center, too, Sugar Mountain, I think.
  16. Texas Tumbleweed was a chain of about 10 or 12 at one time, went bankrupt ca. 1984 for some reason. Pecos Grill, up around Ella and 20th, is a remnant of the chain still doing steaks that way (mesquite grilled), I think.
  17. I was trying to remember the name of that place! I went there a couple of times. It was not far off Almeda Rd., which was Texas 288 back then. I'm pretty sure it was on an east-west street rather than a north-south, probably between Elgin and where I-45 cut through, south of downtown. The colors were blue and white inside and it was freezing in there.
  18. Does anyone know where the old Houston neighborhood known as Luna Park was/is? (In the mid-20s). Was it a neighborhood or a park? Alternatively, has Houston Ave. always been known as that? Or did there used to be another Houston Ave.? I have 2 references, one to Luna Park the other to an address on Houston Ave., but I don't know if it's the same place being referenced. If so then it's basically between Downtown and Woodland Heights, north of Washington Ave. I'm new at this and I have no idea where to go to find this sort of info. Thanks.
  19. True about the Tom Peacock lady. Chuck Davis was still in business ca. 10 years ago; I went there to look at a used car. The dealership was pretty run down. There's a Davis Chevrolet dealership on the S. Loop at Kirby. Tommie Vaughn is still in business on N. Shepherd, inside the Loop. I have not been able to remember where Mike Persia was located but I remember the name and the commercials. What was the name of the Chevy dealership on Shepherd at Westheimer, where the Randall's center is now? Incidentally, Hub Foshee died this week. He took over the DeMontrond Buick dealership on Kirby and Westheimer and ran it as Hub Buick for years.
  20. Amen. They just don't make furniture stores like they used to! I was thinking Waddell's became Brittain's then moved out to First Colony near Hwy 6 but is gone now. I'm not sure, may have that mixed up with something else. I keep getting distracted in my research by these old ads which I can't resist taking the time to read, but I didn't note where Waddell's was located downtown. Re: another post above. According to something I found on line, Ineeda Laundry and Dry Cleaners big plant was where the Federal Building is now. That was in the 20s. I thought I remembered in the 50s they were out near Telephone/Winkler. There was also an Ineeda Tire Co. in the 20s. Edit to insert: In the 20s, Waddell's ads gave the address as Prairie @ Fannin. Many merchants never mentioned their location in their ads. I guess they thought everybody knew since they had only one store. A couple more from the 20s that were still around in the 60s-70s, Shudde's Southern Hat Co., Travis @ Preston, and Houston Trunk Factory.
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