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  1. I was trying to remember the name of that place! I went there a couple of times. It was not far off Almeda Rd., which was Texas 288 back then. I'm pretty sure it was on an east-west street rather than a north-south, probably between Elgin and where I-45 cut through, south of downtown. The colors were blue and white inside and it was freezing in there.
  2. Does anyone know where the old Houston neighborhood known as Luna Park was/is? (In the mid-20s). Was it a neighborhood or a park? Alternatively, has Houston Ave. always been known as that? Or did there used to be another Houston Ave.? I have 2 references, one to Luna Park the other to an address on Houston Ave., but I don't know if it's the same place being referenced. If so then it's basically between Downtown and Woodland Heights, north of Washington Ave. I'm new at this and I have no idea where to go to find this sort of info. Thanks.
  3. True about the Tom Peacock lady. Chuck Davis was still in business ca. 10 years ago; I went there to look at a used car. The dealership was pretty run down. There's a Davis Chevrolet dealership on the S. Loop at Kirby. Tommie Vaughn is still in business on N. Shepherd, inside the Loop. I have not been able to remember where Mike Persia was located but I remember the name and the commercials. What was the name of the Chevy dealership on Shepherd at Westheimer, where the Randall's center is now? Incidentally, Hub Foshee died this week. He took over the DeMontrond Buick dealership on Kirby and Westheimer and ran it as Hub Buick for years.
  4. Amen. They just don't make furniture stores like they used to! I was thinking Waddell's became Brittain's then moved out to First Colony near Hwy 6 but is gone now. I'm not sure, may have that mixed up with something else. I keep getting distracted in my research by these old ads which I can't resist taking the time to read, but I didn't note where Waddell's was located downtown. Re: another post above. According to something I found on line, Ineeda Laundry and Dry Cleaners big plant was where the Federal Building is now. That was in the 20s. I thought I remembered in the 50s they were out near Telephone/Winkler. There was also an Ineeda Tire Co. in the 20s. Edit to insert: In the 20s, Waddell's ads gave the address as Prairie @ Fannin. Many merchants never mentioned their location in their ads. I guess they thought everybody knew since they had only one store. A couple more from the 20s that were still around in the 60s-70s, Shudde's Southern Hat Co., Travis @ Preston, and Houston Trunk Factory.
  5. Can't say that I remember that dish. I went to the one in the River Oaks Theatre bldg many times for breakfast in the late 70s, early 80s, and the one on Memorial not long before it closed.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll be checking it out.
  7. One's-A-Meal has been around since the 30s. In the 60s there was one on Almeda at Southmore, or a few blocks south of there. Compared to the boarding house I was living in, the food was heavenly. The only thing I remember from the menu was the hamburger steak smothered in mushroom gravy. They were called Brooks System Sandwich Shops - One's-A-Meal.
  8. As a kid, riding along in the back seat of the car, I always looked forward eagerly to seeing the one on W. Gray, almost as much as passing the Mrs. Baird's bakery a few blocks east and smelling the fresh baking bread and seeing the loaves moving along the production line through the big glass windows. Dino never did much for me, but I really dug the Flying Red Horse. Several people have mentioned Henke and Pillot in this thread. I just came across a special section in the Chron in 1922 - August 15, Henke and Pillot was celebrating their 50th anniversary. Founded in 1872 in Market Square; Henry Henke hired Eugene Pillot as his produce manager and then made him a partner. They were sold in 1956 to Kroger. Here's a couple more I came across in the old papers that were still around in my childhood: Waddell's Furniture - I think they were in business up until about 10 years ago. Ineeda Laundry and Cleaners - started out doing home laundry but by the 50s I think it was mostly commercial and industrial laundry and linen supply. Used to see their trucks all the time.
  9. Here's a previous thread with a graphic. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...?showtopic=3171
  10. Does anyone know what happened to the photo archives of the Houston Post when they shut down? Did the Chron get them? Destroyed? (hopefully not). I know the papers are on microfilm at the Library but I can't find anything in the catalog about the photos themselves.
  11. I went there too, ca. 1977. I wanted some of those pics - actually, lots of them - so bad, but couldn't afford anything at the time. Always meant to get back and didn't and still regret it. Mostly what I saw, however, were not in great shape, lots of scratches, tears, etc. I remember lots of photos of Hollywood celebs who had come to town for motion picture openings, photographed standing next to their big cars in what was probably Hermann Park and in front of the big downtown motion picture houses. Good to know they're available, even if I have to go to Austin. BTW, does anybody know - was Bailey Brothers and Bob Bailey the same firm?
  12. Great pic, subdude. I had forgotten they referred to the Flying Red Horse. In my memory, the one at W. Gray and Shepherd was white. The Magnolia bldg in downtown Dallas has been restored as a hotel and the big Flying Red Horse on top of it restored, too. There are pics on line. I haven't been on the sidewalk on Main in many a year. BTW, how far back does your collection of great pics go? How about the Iris Theatre, 612 Travis, 1920s?
  13. Zone d' erotico was originally a Roy Rogers Roast Beef, then Rolando's or Roland's, I think, a burger joint, then Luke's.
  14. The building is gone, now a Randall's service station. Charlie's seems to be slip-sliding away.
  15. When the Duke of Windsor, nee King Edward VIII, was at the Med Ctr for open heart surgery, the Brit press corps lived at the Red Lion and raved about it. Wallis stayed at the Warwick, I think. I never got to go.
  16. The JoJo's on S. Braeswood, 1 block w. of Hillcroft, has been vacant for about 15 years now and you can hardly see the building for the overgrown shrubbery. The JoJos on Wilcrest @ 59 became a Champs and is now an Exxon station. I don't know what ever happened to the Champs - they always seemed to do a good business but the food wasn't anything special. I only ate at one a couple of times. I think a lot of the JoJos went into former Sambo's locations.
  17. Steak and Shake was here in the late 70s; the James Coney Island on Westheimer across from the Jungman Library was a Steak and Shake; they're back in TX in the DFW area; hope they'll get back down here, but Culver's, which now has a location out in the Woodlands, is actually better as far as chains go. Houston had it's own sliders (mini-burgers) - My-T-Byte, on Sheperd between Alabama and Richmond, in a former Toddle House. Didn't last long, unfortunately.
  18. Former Del Taco locations: Shipley's, Richmond @ 527; KD Grill, S. Braeswood west of Hillcroft; Taqueria Guadalaja, Wilcrest n. of 59.
  19. Hardee's was here very briefly, I want to say mid 70s. The Whataburger on Westheimer between Edloe and Weslayan was originally a Hardee's. I ate there once. I think most of the Hardee's were taken over by Whataburger, which wasn't that big back then. I don't think Carl's Jr. was ever here.
  20. Homer's - a DIY place like Handy Dan Meyer Brothers Levy's - a big competitor of Foley's, in fact, at one time larger than Foley's; I think Levy's stuck with clothing and never got into appliances, etc., like Foley's. Zindler's Men's and Boy's Wear - yes, that Zindler. Maybe Zindler's Big and Tall is still around. Mosk's for Men - a big 3 or 4 story men's store downtown in the 50s, right next to the downtown Battlestein's as I recall. Wrestling promoter Paul Boesch did their TV commercials, so it was kind of like Harold's in the Heights. Here's one that goes waaaay back: W. C. Munn Co., also a dry goods merchant downtown. Haverty's and Stower's furniture stores. More recently, Suniland. 7-11, after all! and U-Totem, Circle K, even Stop'n Go, which was formerly U-Totem. Weingarten's - the few remaining stores were Grand Union for a while, then most became Safeway I think. When Safeway pulled out of Houston, they became the shortlived Appletree. Super-Valu (grocery) - I think Randall's started as a Super-Valu. Handy Andy - a somewhat upscale grocer from San Antonio; the Randall's Flagship on Voss was a Handy Andy. IGA Supermarkets Remember Magnolia Gas - their symbol was Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology; some stations, like the one on W. Gray @ Shepherd had a 3-D Pegasus revolving on a pole for their sign, others had just a 2-D representation. Magnolia merged with Socony-Mobil in the 50s to become Mobil. Sinclair Gas - still in business elsewhere - with Dino the Dinosaur. Okay, I confess, I've been working on a research project and reading a lot of old newspapers, dating back to the 20s. But I remember all of the above except W. C. Munn, which goes back to the 20s. Zindler's had a huge, 3 or 4 story store downtown in the 20s.
  21. The Nabisco plant fronted on Almeda which was Texas 288 then. I bet every school child within a hundred miles of Houston made a class field trip to Nabisco to see the crackers being made. I think I remember when they closed it was stated they never made Oreos there, but they did make Ritz. I remember when I was about in the fifth grade, looking down on the huge production area from a glassed-in walkway above and seeing the huge stainless tub of Ritz crackers that they said had broken in the process and wouldn't be packaged. Such a waste. Remember Gebhardt's Potted Chili Meat? (Not a Nabisco product).
  22. Dentler Maid - best potato chips ever. I ate nothing else as a child. They were absorbed by Lay's. I think they were actually made in Conroe or Humble; the son of the couple who founded the company, George Dentler, had Dentler's Pier 21, a good seafood restaurant on Fannin at Braeswood that was in biz up until the mid-70s or so. I understand he later managed Magic Island.
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