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  1. Never went myself - in fact was not aware of it - but somewhere in the last couple of years I've come across mention of it somewhere.  Someone was mentioning growing up in the area and raving about the pizza.  Argentine pizza - whatever that is.  I'll see if I can find the reference (maybe it was here on HAIF).  

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  2. Do any of the Kroger banners compete against each other in the same market?  I can't see the Randall's name surviving.  Maybe some will become Kroger, some will be closed and sold off.  Most likely bye-bye Randall's Meyer Park (caddie-corner from Kroger S. Post Oak). 

    Another factor in the grocery business:  Kroger launches grocery delivery in San Antonio, taking on hometown grocer H-E-B, Walmart (msn.com).  Kroger has been in SA before but abandoned the market.  There will be no physical markets, only delivery.

    During the course of discussion on the above link it was noted Kroger operates in South and Central Florida in the same manner and has for several years.  There are no stores for hundreds of miles according to one poster.

    And don't forget WM.  Main competition for HEB in SA (Austin?, South Texas?).  And WM Neighborhood Markets are smaller stores, so you don't have to deal with the big box SWMs.

  3. The legend identifies the road next to the school as Almeda Rd., i.e., the road to Almeda.  Present day Almeda Rd./FM 521 runs parallel to the RR tracks coming down from the upper right corner of the map.  What was called Almeda back then later became Knight, I think.

    Looks like Griggs was an early name for a section of what is now S. Braeswood.  

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  4. See the source image


    From ebay.  I did not see a reverse side.   Seems Mr. Angelo had quite a few locations.


    I have not found a print of the ad I mentioned above but I did find a reference to it in my notes so I could go back and copy it:  "10/4/46, p.17, big ad for Angelo's Cafe (oyster bar), opposite Tower Theatre, grand cabin (?) dining room w/2 _____ fireplaces, meat counter too."   Unfortunately this page of my notes does not identify the source but it was among a series of pages of notes from the Houston Press and the dates are consistent.  The next two pages of my notes are from the Chronicle but appear to be out of place as they refer to the 1920s and then the Press notes continue.

    Are the Press files available online?

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  5. That's a new one on me.  Yes, Kaplan's and Kaphan's are not the same.  When I lived briefly on Southmore in '63 there was a One's a Meal on Almeda about a block or two south of there; I don't remember this place at that time.


    There was a Kaplan's Ben Hur on Yale in the Heights, a family run small department store.  I'm sure there's a thread on that here.  I don't know if they had a lunch counter?

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  6. Jetton's was out of Fort Worth, no connection to Romana/Luby's I think.  Jetton was a big barbecue operation but I can't remember if his place was strictly a BBQ cafeteria.  I only went once.  Jetton's was a one story, huge building (bigger than any Luby's I ever saw) at the NW corner of Richmond/Buffalo Speedway.  That address in the ad is at the corner of Richmond and Eastside and the building is still there (pictured in the ad).  I think Golden Inn Cafeteria must have just been an office building lunch room kind of thing.  Look at that pic of the interior - that serving line is even shorter than the serving line at Harry's on Tuam which is a lot smaller than a Luby's.  "Richly decorated main dining room..." lolololololol. 

    I think the ad was intending to indicate that 3000 Richmond is between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway, not that there were three locations that close together.

    I may have been in that space ca. 1973 when I worked briefly for a company in the building on the opposite side of Eastside and we went there for drinks after work one time.

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  7. Great info, cdenker.  Never heard of Leonardo's or the Brittain's @ Westbury OR the one listed in the ad at Fondren & BIssonnet.  There was a John's Broiler Burger, discussed elsewhere on HAIF, on Telephone @ Lawndale.  Thinking it might have been a Brittain's, I went over there once.  Wasn't worth the drive.  Bellaire BB closed during the pandemic.  The attempt to resurrect it by new owners was abandoned recently due to issues with the structure I think.  Still missed by so many, maybe they'll find a new place and try again.

  8. Well, with the food trucks - Abu Omar on the SE corner (and maybe one or two others in the picture) and Gyro Kings, I think it was, on the SW corner, maybe they've got everything covered (as far as dining options). They're both well known operations with multiple units, I think.  ..  But it's not a hot part of town for eating out.


    But you're probably right.  Maybe signage or access points, or management issues?


    M&M Grill, just up Almeda, is great Middle-Eastern + Mexican and burgers.

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  9. Awesome video.  Thanks.  I had a silly grin on my face all the way through.  I remember the SS Galveston, Jack Tar, most of the others (but not all).  Never went in the mall - fancier than I would have expected and the exterior in a couple of shots was in a lot better shape than I think I ever saw it.  Would love to see another video of other parts of the island that most of us from this area would be familiar with, not just along the seawall.

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  10. Never went.  Dean Goss was a name I was familiar with, though.  Seems I remember he had other entertainment ventures?  I believe I remember an article or interview on TV where he was talking about submitting proposals for TV game shows to the networks or something.

    Then there is this, which I found online, by an Austin TV station and I don't remember ever hearing anything about this.

    Dean Goss @ IMDb.  Check out the Publicity link on IMDb for mention of an article by John Nova Lomax in the Press a decade ago.  (I haven't checked).

    Marietta Marich was I believe a well-known name in local acting circles.  She had a show on Channel 2, late nights, or late weekends - ???.  Her husband, Bruce, as I recall, was a long time employee/director on Channel 2.


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  11. There's lots online about the Holmes Rd. Incinerator.  Here's a piece from the Chron.  We used to have relatives in Sunnyside, moving down from the Heights in the 50s and gone by the late 60s to West U.  We'd come up 288 (now 521), take Knight Rd. to get on Holmes and go across to Griggs, right by the incinerator.   I would see trucks there but never saw any smoke and all I remember is a metal structure that was the actual incinerator, I guess.  Controversial from the beginning.

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  12. Still one by that name on N. Shepherd just north of 610.  The one paragraph 'Our Story' section on the website says it opened in 1978 and is family owned and operated but doesn't give the family name.  The Spanky's on Telephone @ 610 was formerly a Gabby's, I think.  The other mentions you referred to probably included one by me about the location on S. Gessner just north of Bissonnet.  I never went inside but did drive-thru often.  Can't remember which building it was in so not sure if it's still there.


    I don't remember the S. Main store for sure.  I think that was also later one of the multiple locations of the fast rising, fast dying off Baytown Seafood chain, and I went there once (and only once).

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  13. That would be the current location of Hunan's Bistro at the opposite end of the block from Molina's.  The one at 2900 Weslayan is now (recently opened) Davanti which I understand has the chef/pasta maker from Fresca, Cafe Italiano which was in the strip along 59 across from the former Summit.  I'm wanting to check that one out.


    The only Albritton's I ever went to was the one on Waugh which was where Whole Foods is now.  The picture in this article from the Chronicle is of the Waugh Drive location  They weren't fancy.  Friends lived nearby and went regularly.

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  14. I came across ads for this in my radio history research, I remember.  I assumed this was the earlier location of FIsherman's Wharf on S. Main, later.  I didn't know about the other 2 places.  This was right across from the Tower Theatre.  I believe the ad mentioned a fireplace, too!  I'll have to see if I still have that.


    I ate at the Fisherman's Wharf in the early 70s but have only dim memories.

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  15. I remember seeing the original building in the 60s.  As I recall, I was on S. Main and it was off to the east, maybe a bit farther than other structures (Valian's?).  Never went to it but it influenced my appreciation of Houston a few years later when I was contemplating a career move.  Never regretted my choice to come to Houston and I went to the new facility soon after it opened.

    I'll be looking for pictures of the original.  Here's the history on the website.

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  16. I did not remember that either one of these was a Romana before becoming Luby's.  I probably frequented the one on Buffalo Speedway the most and always saw friends there.  

    The one on Bellaire is now King Star Seafood Buffet and Hibachi Grill.  Mostly a pretty standard Chinese Buffet with a few more seafood options and a grill installed on the back row where you can get a 'parrillada' freshly prepared from raw ingredients.  They have a large Hispanic clientele in that neighborhood, hence the hibachi/parrillada.  

    An AT&T store sits in front of the old Luby's building, making it easy to miss driving by.

    I've been a couple of times recently with a friend who has raved about it for a couple of years.  My first visit was ..  I did much better on the second visit but still not sure.  Haven't tried the grill offerings, which are included, not extra.  Gets terrible reviews online.

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  17. Hayrides - wow.  I had forgotten all about those things.  It's been a few decades.  I never thought about hayrides in the big city - I grew up in a very small town.  I wonder if all of these other riding stables would have also offered hayrides.  Where I grew up, they were popular with youth groups, particularly church youth groups, probably not so much for adults.  That's what hansom cabs or other horse drawn carriages for two instead of a crowd were for. 

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  18. 😃 Aha! So that's what that was.  Now Fresh and  Best Donuts, right next door to the (likely) permanently closed Bellaire Broiler Burger.  I went in only once (to the donut shop), a few years ago.  I'd been in the parking lot next door so many times I thought I'd give them a try.  I got a powdered sugar donut with a near lethal amount of powdered sugar.  It was the last one of the day so I don't know if that was characteristic of what they served.  Haven't been back; there's a donut shop much closer to me than I prefer.  It was tasty (I also got a cake donut), just had to be careful not to put too much of it in your mouth at one time and have some water handy.


    Never went to a Dobbs House;  I thought they were more upscale eateries than Toddle Houses, which Dobbs owned, at least toward the end.  Toddle House, One's a Meal, Dutch Kettle, and Steak and Egg I went to back in those days.  Steak and Egg was another Dobbs owned chain, very similar to Toddle House but a little more upscale interior in my one experience

    There was one on Montrose, just north of 59, back in the 60s, maybe into the early 70s.  I think it was Zimm's that was in that space (southern end of the strip center) years later.

    Dobbs House in Houston - The Arch-ive

    The revolving restaurant at IAH was a Dobbs House.

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  19. I can't place the one on Willowbend but looks like it's been razed.  The one on Westheimer is still open and is the place that bought the recipes from the last Felix Mexican Restaurant in Montrose, so it has two menus.  I know I've never been to either one of these but I think there were other locations and I may have been to one, especially if there was one on Main.  In the 70s. 

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