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  1. Now that I don't remember at all. Possibly gone by the time I got here in '70? Wasn't Lee's Den in that block too?, with the Astrodome mock-up? @pecos Bud Bigelow's was one of the Steak House Associates restaurants I believe just a little west of the Galleria next to the fire station on the north side of the street. SHA also had The Stables (Westheimer in River Oaks and on S. Main) The Courtyard (on I-10) and another restaurant that I think was seafood @ 2607 Westheimer that became the first Chuy's in Houston (from Austin). All three restaurants along Westheimer were on the north side of the street. @D.P. Westheimer is a pretty long road. Can you be a little more specific about location (and time frame). I can only think of 3 bbq restaurants on the south side of Westheimer: Thomas BBQ - mid 70s and on, Westheimer @ Chimney Rock or not far west of there, in a strip center (it may have been white). Great lunch spot. Luther's (became Pappas) - Westheimer @ Gessner - still there. I may be remembering that wrong. May have been a white building when it was Pappas. Brandon's - late 90's at the earliest, in Carillon Square, may have been a white building. Brandon was the son-in law of the man who wound up running Thomas (3 locations) after his restaurantuer partner died just shortly after opening. I don't know that any of them specialized in ribs.
  2. Sounds like you have mixed up a couple of real places and something else. I think the Toddle House architecture was pretty set for years, kind of like a small cottage, white brick with blue (or blue-green or green) roof. I don't ever remember one with no booths but the booths in the original ones may have been only 2-tops. But the sliders part of your memory has to be My-T-Bite, mentioned in several posts above (and on other threads here on HAIF) which replaced TH at that location in the TH building. Also along there that has not been mentioned above was a Someburger, green metal building with yellow trim, looking not unlike a shipping container, with no indoor seating at all, just a 1950s style walk-up to the window burger shack. That was a chain started in Austin by a couple of UT students in the 50s that was spread through out SE Texas. The two remaining ones include the one on 11th @ Studemont, which looks exactly like the one that was on Shepherd until the early 80s or so, and downtown Baytown which has an indoor dining room and looks more like a Denny's. Nothing like an AirStream but maybe that's the metal building you're remembering. I think that was on the next corner down from TH. To see an older Toddle House like the one that was on Shepherd look up the Original Kolache Shop on Telephone Rd.
  3. I believe in the early 70s there was a Lack's or Western Auto in there - not sure of the exact address, tho. That's the only BBD I ever went to. Never went back - just so so sandwiches. When you had Nielsen's just off Westheimer, Alfred's in the Village, Antone's on Taft, the Louisiana po-boy place on Main - just didn't need so-so.
  4. Probably no guerilla activity necessary. Check with your city council member or the Parks Dept directly. I think the city welcomes that but they'll want to designate where it goes. My HOA maintains maybe as many as 8 'beds' along S. Braeswood from Brays Bayou Dr. to Gessner with volunteers. One woman spent hundreds of dollars on plantings and untold hours on maintenance. I gave a bunch of plants and went once a week to water during the drought with a trunk full of plastic jugs of water filled from my outdoor faucets. I wanted to give a lot more and add some outside the designated areas but she said that was a no-no. Sounds like a great project to me. I need to get back to that neighborhood with some time to look around.
  5. They moved indoors yesterday 'due to the weather.' Looks great. They're now operating Wed afternoon as well as Saturday AM so apparently doing well, but I haven't seen anything explaining the relationship between the Farmer's Market and the indoor plans. What I recall is that the indoor operation was going to be artsy-craftsy stuff, not produce. But hey, Canino's-on-the-Bayou - why not? https://www.facebook.com/braeswoodfarmersmarket/
  6. My first guess is Ford product but I thought maybe Merc. Haven't been able to find a pic but here's a 62 Ford Fairlane - not sure what the comparable Mercury model would have been. The original pic is a low end model without much chrome. I don't see the V-shaped ridge on the Valiant on the original pic above; the panel beneath the ridge on the original pic is indented - on the Coronet it bulges out. Of course there's always the Edsel or Lincoln to consider. Did the family tend to stick to one brand?
  7. This is the corner section. Used to be a Shell station as I recall. Only thing I've seen there in the last few days is a Mr. Softee truck. I've seen other trucks there on a sporadic basis in the past, nothing that was there regularly so far as I know (I don't usually go across on S. Braeswood). Brittmore owns the strip center - right? I wonder if they control this corner of it. There's a Subway, Saba's (Kosher) Wok and Grill and Old Hickory Inn in the strip; across the bayou, El Ranchero, Genesis (Kosher steak house), a Hunan place, I think, and a pizzeria; around the corner on Chimney Rock is Fioza, a coffee house. I don't have high expectations for this working out but we'll see. There once was a Kosher food truck, Sub-on-the-Way I think it was called, but I don't think it lasted. I wonder if a Halal food truck would go over in Meyerland? There are several of those.
  8. That is South Braeswood at that point. Wells Fargo, Three Brothers, the cleaners and Bayou Manor all have S. Braeswood addresses; a quarter mile west The Meritage, on the same street, has a North Braeswood address. The bayou crosses under near the RR tracks. The illustration makes it look like they're going to elevate the building some. Wells Fargo, 3 Brothers and the cleaners have all flooded.
  9. I believe it was announced the store will be 90,000 sq. ft. That's significantly bigger than the new Bellaire Market or the Montrose Market which are both bigger than the Buffalo Speedway store. I think that will include space for a new bank facility, though. HEB's competition in the wine dept is Belden's on N. Braeswood @ Chimney Rock which is known for catering to the Jewish community and also for a big wine department. A few years ago a feature, in the Press?, said it was one of the largest wine departments at any grocery store in the city. I think both CM and the HEB Montrose stores are bigger but I haven't counted or measured.
  10. The restaurant was Jo-Jo's. Demolished years go. A development of 3 story single-family homes is going in there now, to be called Netivot Braeswood. There are 12 homes and they're priced around $500K according to what I've read.
  11. The new Meyerland HEB is more than a year away. It will undoubtedly take some pressure off this one. I drove by the first day, mid-afternoon. Bissonnet west bound was one lane with a traffic cop directing traffic in and out of the entrance along Bissonnet. I wonder how often they'll have to provide that service? I haven't been yet, plan to go this week. I was sitting in traffic musing about what effect this store will have on the big Fiesta on Hillcroft or the Seller's Brothers on Gulfton. i totally, completely and utterly forgot about the Randall's right across the street. Not at all surprising - I never go to Randall's.
  12. At a quick glimpse the other day it looked like a faded Phillips 66 sign but on a closer look it's a cover (canvas?, plastic?) that's been placed over the sign post with a faded/pastel Phillips 66 logo. Whether there ever was a 66 station there I don't remember but apparently the rebuilt is going to be a 66.
  13. As the permit shows, it was most recently a Citgo. I was surprised to see the 66 sign recently, and it looks like an older, faded sign.
  14. For some time now there have been two groups of businesses using the Antone's name, offering po'boys and other sandwiches. I don't know the full history of the split but I have read the original founders of Antone's on Taft sold the rights to the name to two different groups years ago and has had nothing to do with either operation since. There has been the group going by the name of Antone's Famous, owned by the Legacy Restaurant Group which also owns the Original Ninfa's on Navigation. They currently have two brick and mortar locations and a kiosk in the downtown tunnels and another in the Greenway Plaza underground, with more planned. They are also responsible for the packaged sandwiches widely available at grocery stores throughout the area. There have been two stores going by the name Antone's Original Import Co., one on Bellaire near Weslayan and one on Kirby at OST. Supposedly there are some differences in the recipes used by the two groups. Now both the 'Original' stores have rebranded. I was in the store on Bellaire in April and all the signage was being changed over to Paulie's Po'Boys. The official change was slated for May 1. There was a long line of customers asking questions. A man behind the counter, at least in his 60s, said the name Paulie came from a descendant of the original founder of Antone's and that they would continue to serve the same sandwiches they had been serving for years. The cashier told me the Legacy Restaurant group told the two Original shops they had to either stop using the Antone's name or start using the same recipes as the Famous shops use. Both shops decided to change their names. The store on Kirby is now branded Angelo'z. There doesn't appear to be a website for that one.
  15. Wow. No mention of HBG???? I know it's been talked about several times here on HAIF and last year there was a thread about an attempt to revive the chain down in Clear Lake. (There's a similar thread to this one in the Dining, Shopping and Entertainment forum, too). The HBG on Kirby (where Castle Dental is now) was the second restaurant I went to when I first arrived in Houston in Sept 1970. I was hooked immediately. I think it may have been the original location/first one. All my new co-workers raved about it. The one on Yoakum was one of the last ones. I started work in Montrose in '83 and worked in that neighborhood thru early '95. I went to HBG on Yoakum often for lunch when i got off. I can't remember when it was torn down but I know I missed it.
  16. I don't know anything about Dallas. There is an Antoine's there that some listings spell as Antone's, maybe a copy cat? One of the articles above mentions the Antone's Famous group distributing the sandwiches as far away as Nashville so there may have been some in Dallas.
  17. Never having been in retail I have no knowledge of how these decisions are made but it does seem TJ's moves into a market pretty slowly. HEB didn't own the property. There is a 'for lease information' for Brixmor along S. Braeswood but there's no sign on the HEB space itself. Another smaller space in the center does have a for lease sign in a window. So maybe HEB is paying off the 2 years left on the lease month by month to prevent Brixmore from leasing to a competitor. We could use another store in the area. Plans were announced for the Fiesta on S. Fondren @ W. Bellfort to be remodeled/expanded, taking over space next door vacated by Anna's Linens (originally a Walgreens). I was hoping for a much improved Fiesta, having seen what the new owners did to the Wayside store. But nothing has happened for months and now the chain has been sold again.
  18. All I've ever read or heard about Antone's is that the original store was on Taft, where Pass and Provisions is now, opened in 1962. That's the only store I knew about and went to when I got here in 1970. Here's an article about the closing of that store in 2004 and a history of the Lebanese/Syrian iconic 'Houston PoBoy;, both articles cite the Taft store as the original. I know there was a Droubi's around Main and OST at one time, but that was not the original Droubi's - that one is still open on Hillcroft.
  19. I went to a chicken place on S. Gessner years ago. I wasn't thinking it was as long ago as the 80s but perhaps. I remember the name as Pollo something, without the 'El' but maybe I'm remembering it wrong. The food didn't make much of an impression and I never went back. It was in this building now occupied by Taqueria El Herraderro.
  20. Some Google hits for 'roger gray houston radio' if you were wondering.
  21. I think it was just the Windmill Dinner Theater, I don't remember 'red' being part of the name, in T&C. I went there just once. Couldn't tell you what we saw (or ate). There was a Roger Gray. I never knew he worked for 39; I worked with him briefly at KLYX, the precursor to Majic 102. I think he worked at several radio stations and was a talk show host at one time, as best I recall. Last I heard of him I think he was up in East Texas, but that's been a couple of decades ago.
  22. A thread popped up on Next Door around the beginning of February concerning a drive underway to convince Trader Joe's to take over the vacant HEB space on South Braeswood at Chimney Rock. Apparently the drive had been underway for some time. It was claimed 600 letters/emails had already been sent to Brixmor, the property owners, and TJ's, requesting a store be located there and a meeting was due to take place between the two parties on February 19. It wasn't until recently that any follow-up was posted and it isn't clear, at least to me, where the project stands. One post has been interpreted by some to say that all that's needed now is to start pulling permits, but then some people seem to have concluded that just because a request had been made, it was a done deal. I've been told verbally that TJ will be responsible for any elevation of the space to mitigate flooding issues; seems to me that would be the responsibility of the property owner? There's nothing on TJ's website and I haven't seen anything anywhere else. I'd be thrilled to have a Trader Joe's that close by but it seems a little too good to be true. It's now asserted that over a thousand emails and letters were sent. I was frankly surprised that that many people in this part of town had even heard of TJ's, much less shopped there.
  23. I believe that's a median in the picture - it's a 6 lane divided street.
  24. From the height of the buildings in the distance I'd say it's east of 59. Anybody got a directory for that year? Look up Gulf stations. Looks like a 4 lane cross street, 2-way. Love the gas prices.
  25. I had noticed all the signage had been taken down from the BBVA Compass bank and there was no work going on after it flooded.
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