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  1. Look up your property tax record on the HCAD site. If they got your paperwork, there will now be a clickable link near the top of your record which says "Fiduciary Information." Click on it and they should be listed as your Fiduciary Agent.
  2. They aren't cutting the fee because they've seen "cost savings." They're cutting it because they took wicked heat about all the federal tax stimulus money they took to speed up the installation process. As a result they were being widely accused of double-dipping on consumers/taxpayers. Corproate welfare is drawing more scrutiny from the peons these days, you know. So sorry, but their little 19 cent drop in the monthly charge isn't enough to convince me to put away my tin foil hat. You might want to get one yourself, a good heavy-duty model even, once you see what they're going to start doing to consumers as soon as the meters are all installed.
  3. The high schoolers in the area have claimed it as their latest-and-greatest hang-out spot. But then, at that age, they have it's all about what's new and shiny, now matter how good or bad it may really be. Plus they have cast iron stomachs at that age and would probably even eat Tupperware if you'd let them.
  4. Not to pick nits, but it was Purva Patel's post on The Chron's Prime Property blog today. Nancy Sarnoff is still away on leave. Carry on!
  5. My name is Rio and I dance upon the sand...

  6. I think that's supposed to be the site for the new Texas Children's Hospital. If not, then probably affiliated doctors and other offices and clinics.
  7. Thanks for posting this! So what exactly happens to the MUD's if the area incorporates? I wonder too who the "Several residents" cited are? And what exactly prompted the article? And what happens next?
  8. It is s cool to be living in a neighborhood where it's quiet at 11:00 at night, yet it's also filled with happy, safe activity: families out walking together, singels and couples out walking their dogs, teens playing tennis together at the community courts, etc. Life is good here!

  9. The Texas Business and Education Coalition (TBEC) has issued its annual Honor Roll of public schools, The TBEC honor roll is unusual in that it gives accolades to schools which have higher commended rates on the TAKS than those schools with students of similar demographics. (Most other rankings just use the usual minimum passing rates.) This year, just 252 schools in all of Texas made this Honor Roll, which is less than 4% of all the schools in the state. LINK TO ENTIRE LIST CYPRESS-FAIRBANKS ISD's TBEC HONOR ROLL SCHOOLS for 2010: HAMILTON ELEMENTARY received a score of 67 from the TBEC and had 51 percent of students performing at the commended level. SAMPSON ELEMENTARY received a score of 67 from the TBEC and had 49 percent of students performing at the commended level. MOORE ELEMENTARY received a score of 54 from the TBEC and had 39 percent of students performing at the commended level. GLEASON ELEMENTARY received a score of 50 from the TBEC and had 37 percent of students performing at the commended level.
  10. We just switched to Ameriprise. With the Costco Executive Member discount and perks, they were lower than Amica or AAA for us.
  11. There was one in the Bear Creek area on N. Highway 6 just a few years ago. It was co-branded with a Church's Fried Chicken, right across the road from where the Rave movie theaters are now located.. Church's is still there, but Wienerschnitzel isn;t. They were not a good fit with Church's, because chicken takes so much longer to cook. Their drive-thru and counter lines used to really tick people off who were just coming for a hot dog. I mean, you'd go there to order a Mustard Dog and a Chili Cheese Dog and you'd inevitably get behind some bozo who has ordered the 20 piece Family Pack o'Chicken with 8 side items. Your order which should have taken maybe 2 minutes tops wound up being a 30 minute frustration fest. It was ridiculous!. When JCI opened up the road in Copperfield, people started to go there instead, not because the food was better but because you didn't have to commit hours of your life to getting your hot dogs. Anyway, I am thrilled to see them coming back! They are always a must-have anytime we go to places like San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Albuquerque, most of CA, Las Vegas, etc.
  12. This is a huge issue, IMO. Whoever allowed this to happen essentially sold out the entire Cypress area. And for what? Certainly nothing viable.
  13. I'll third that opinion! For over 15 years, we had planned to eventually move and buy our "forever home" in south or southwest Katy. But when the time finally came, we realized that Katy had become just another overcrowded, heavily trafficked part of Houston. It was a cold, sterile Generica, a virtual CouldBeAnyWhereVille. Whatever folks are moving out there to get away from, they seem to be determined as all hell to drag that same stuff along with them. And it was no longer a place we wanted to be, by any means! It was so disheartening that we even considered leaving the Houston area completely. Fortunately, some like Mr. Football opened our eyes to other possibilities in the area. After considering numerous neighborhoods, we kept finding ourselves drawn back to the NW part of Cypress over and over again. The trees, the wildlife, the quiet neighborhoods tucked away in dappled shade... and so much more...made it clear to us that this is what our souls needed. We bought our "forever home" here last year and have been unbelievably happy with our choice! We have easy access to both 249 and 290 , and our drives home once we're off the freeways themselves are easy, uncrowded and actually pleasurable. The whole place is just rejuvenating. In fact, this is the first time in many years that we are not planning a mountain getaway vacation. We don't need it! Everyday here is a relaxing treat and we'll be delighted to spend our downtime right here in our own space.
  14. We now use AppealPropertyTax.com and have been very pleased with them. We used O'Connor for a couple of years, but got only minor reductions, while noticing that a neighbor who used AppealPropertyTax.com was getting much deeper reductions. Moreover, O'Connor was charging us 50% of whatever they saved us, while AppealPropertyTax.com charges just 33%. Save me more on my taxes and charge me less to do it? I'm there!
  15. It won't be the awesome Pizza Fusion pizzas though. Those recipes and techniques are proprietary and go with the franchise.
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