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  1. There is a very structured process for contractors and subs to file suit for foreclosure. This means that cemex has sent several notices to the project owner “fund trapping noticed” and gotten no satisfaction. You foreclose on a property, not a company or owner. If the suit goes forward, this property could very well be auctioned in a foreclosure process. But that won’t be quick unfortunately
  2. River Oaks is evidently the most massive neighborhood in the country
  3. This reminds me when Texas A&M tried to buy STCL and UH threw a hissy fit. They wound up in Fort Worth instead and took a law school that didn’t even register before to a top 100 school in less than 4 years.
  4. Don't you mean in the short run? In the long run huge developments and a transit center may create itself here.
  5. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3409546-Emergency-NatSec50Projects-121416-1-Reduced.html TCR listed as one of 50 infrastructure projects prioritized by the admin. Fingers crossed this thread stays clear of other politics.
  6. agreed. It looks like some depressing Eastern European communist project
  7. In fairness, the girl in the pool could possibly be Hispanic.
  8. Those fins aren't structural. There's no way they could become balconies
  9. Interesting repurposing. I admit I don't know the economics but it makes me wonder why an ATT building can be transformed but the buildings on Louisiana can't be saved.
  10. Real estate in this town is in much worse shape than I think you realize. There's over one million sq feet in the energy corridor you can get dirt cheap. And poaching one tenant from one class a building to a new under construction building isn't a sign of strength. Residential real estate is down for the first time in years. This town has some rough times coming up. It's not doom and gloom because we are much more diversified, but oil is by far the economic driver.
  11. Holy cow. Are new AA buildings really commanding that kind of rent downtown? In the current environment, why would anyone pay $60/ft in Houston?
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