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  1. Hello Houston Mod, I realize I'm a bit late replying to this topic, but I'm 99.9% positive the house Cody designed for the Robinsons in Missouri City(Quail Valley) is identical in design to the much acclaimed "Jorgensen-Mavis" house on the Thunderbird Country Club golf course in Rancho Mirage. Has anyone else noticed the striking similarities in these two Cody commissions? Codyfan That is correct. The home is on the 9th green near the Thunderbird Country Club. The address is 40-253 Club View Dr. If you have Google Earth you can compare the sky view to the Robinson home in Quail Valley. They l
  2. Hello, I'm Hampton Robinson II cousin, and would be very interested in the information you have. I have a very interesting newspaper article about the home that you may like. Let me know if you are interested in sharing info, and we can go from there. Take care, Penny Robinson
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