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  1. Kura opens today! 3/22/18
  2. Reve At Montrose

    This!!! I need THIS! Up and down every street it Montrose, heights and midtown!!!
  3. 3100 Fannin

    The Verizon will open March 30th
  4. Just realized they fenced the entire sears block as well. The actually building along with the parking lot. Can't remember if the lot across from it (between the shipleys and the rail station) was ever fenced, but it is now. Drove to the store last night and it was amazing! It's really making the area feel better. I only saw a handful of homeless.
  5. Fences are up around the block that the auto shop was on as well as the large parking lot that sits between Fiesta and Sears. Don't know if that means anything but it's deterring the homeless from sleeping there...but they'll find a way back, I'm sure.
  6. The signage for 9Round Fitness is up next to Kura on Main.
  7. WESTHEIMER & MONTROSE (900 Westheimer)

    What's being built right by the smoothie king off the corner of Westheimer and Montrose? It about two stories. Steel framed. Across from Uchi. Been searching the forum for it but can't find it. Merge if topic exists already.
  8. 4001 Main St. - Isabella Condominiums

    The fence is up around this lot. It's been up for a few days.
  9. More coming to Midtown!

    Wow!!! I literally rode my bike past this one a few hours ago and was about to ask if anyone knew what this was going to be. There's a bunch of toilets and debris that looks like it was removed from the building. Great location across the street from MidMain and MATCH! Wow, Midtown is becoming the beer garden Mecca of Houston! (Axelrad, under the radar, woosters, beer market company, this one!)
  10. Milam Medical Center @ 3304 Milam

    Snapped some pix on my way to the gym last night https://ibb.co/kYVX75 https://ibb.co/mEdwZk https://ibb.co/g7JKn5 https://ibb.co/ii49n5 https://ibb.co/cFSjLQ https://ibb.co/kiCUn5
  11. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    I love living in midtown. I'm torn between wanting the GFR or high rises. I love the fact that I can (and I do) walk/bike to a grocery store, bar, restaurant. My circle of friends are from car-dependent cities and I love when they're surprised when I tell them we're walking to a bar. My only complaint is the sketchiness that's still up and down midtown.
  12. Milam Medical Center @ 3304 Milam

  13. Texas Music Museum

    Oh snap! I live on Fannin!