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  1. I remember all this delicate flower and moaning when the original redesign for jw was release..hell I remember when we saw the final redendeeing.and people were complaining, turns out to have been better in person than a mock up can accuracy relay. .so when it comes to redoing old building I learn to wait and see how it translate in the real world

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  2. I stay in greenpoint were I once caught the 102 and could be downtown in about 30 mins the new route (6). Takes well over a gr now..

    My mom who lives in third ward and works in Sunnyside. .once caught 1 bus now needs two and has to walk half a mile.

    My aunt who once had to catch 2 bus now needs 3..

    Hearing Simiar stories from regular rider

  3. Not so sure if they are thinking office, I think they will wait, if the are thinking residential then I think they will wait to see how the current project fairs, if it lease fairly quickly, then they will be aggressive. .one think about Hines they don't seem to focus on the current state of the market as much as the others if they did 609 would have been put on hold like so many plan towers

  4. The homeless is a three tier problem

    1)The mental ill

    2) The down on their luck

    3) The no longer give a bleep

    The first one can only legal be detain till they are no longer a threat to themselves or the public. .other words once their meds kick in..the problem being homeless their is no mechanism to ensure they ither re up on their meds or even take them to begin with. .they are the most tragic of the three because it truly not their fault.

    The second are just as I stated down on their luck..they are the one who bother me the least. .plus they prefer to Barter ( Wash your car, cut your grass..etc)most times they leave you alone and ask that you do the same.

    The last group is my least liked..they have thrown in the towel on life and prefer to lounge around all day using what little money they get to get drunk or high..They rather sit in their own filth than use the free services like the community center showers (which are open to the homeless from 600 to 700)..they sit around waiting for the other free services to open ( church serving breakfast, homeless shelter serving lunch, etc).This group I dispise. They don't care about themselves or their surrounding and trash out whole areas

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