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  1. 27 minutes ago, Elseed said:

    Saw this story on the Chron website. In one of the slides it mentioned American Apparel getting some space in the old Sakowitz building.




    Slide 23/45


    " The old Sakowitz building will have as much as 25,000 square feet of retail space on its ground floor, with 4,300 set aside for American Apparel. "


    Great catch.. 

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  2. See this is what I hate about so of thes3 companies,  I think they never intended to build certain things, but they release certain  works to get pass, then switch it up and go with designs they know would never had gotten approved in it intital stage..now they can scream about how much money they have already invested

  3. I travel the area every night for work and can tell you the new development is not a threat to the existing business quite the opposite,  I remember the ghost town this area was after 5 pm ..now it does decent foot traffic on weekdays and actually looks live on the weekends. ..the increase in residential is benefiting the business there as people like the vibe and how it doesn't feel like another massed product  hip spot created in some Corp board room...that has allowed it to have a natural urban vibe tjat I think people are responding to..I'm glad the developer reconized that and incorporated it into the building design 

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  4. 7 hours ago, cloud713 said:

    I was thinking that too when I read the part about empty space. Just move them up and renovate the ground floor for retail.

    Im not sure what kind of mobile trucks you're referring to (retail?), but maybe they could use the HOB loading dock when there is


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  5. Not surprising given the area explosion as a hot spot and parking shrinking  in that area that for the time being they see a parking lot as more revenue potential than another building ..The beauty about Hines unlike other companies is that the moment they decided that a building is more profitable than a lot..they will

    most likely move ahead with it.

  6. 1 hour ago, astros148 said:

    I think the Centerpoint offices take up too much potential space IMO. That space would be awesome for retail but is being wasted as office that could be anywhere in downtown. 

    What if the city tried to get them to move floors and give up the ground floor...it be more asking than  trying to force I mean..of course some type of incentive  would probably have to be involved. .


    Another thing that I was thinking about was those mobile trunks,  like the ones that come downtown from time to time...at least in the interim to get people use to thinking it as a retail area

  7. The problem is as Houstonians we gave heard the it will only be a parking lot for a while excuse, that how we ended up with so many...because big plans for the lot fell thru...the 80,s spear head that so many building torn down for future building that never came to be

  8. I dint like the over head view till I saw it from first person, it growing on me..

    I wish they had gone a little bolder with the art form the 1 dollar store front (to safe to conservative )

    The one that caught my attention is the swartz building, they seem to be saying some sort of video screen (think Chicago ) which will project people faces as they pass by....intresting

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