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  1. My bad thinking about another project 

    8 minutes ago, Twinsanity02 said:

    What is this area called? It definitely is coming into it's own as another major  Houston Skyline after Downtown, Uptown, and TMC ( don't know if upper Kirby  or Greenspoint can be called this yet). Many cities would give up an arm to claim one of these skylines. 

    Dont worry some hipsters PR firm will at some point  rebrand it..lol

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  2. 18 minutes ago, H-Town Man said:

    More from their website:


    The Zieben Group is developing a 125-acre site into its first Industrial Mixed-Use campus located in North Houston that will house major distributors from across the U.S. There will be over 1,500,000 square feet in industrial space. Other campus components will include Retail, Residential, and Transportation facilities.



    This developer did the Residences at Hardy Yards.

    I don't hate this they make a legit effort to hire within the community 


    Some see a bunch of warehouse I see potentinialy hundreds ofjobs for a area that largely poor minorities that  work on ave 30 mins from where they live.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, BeerNut said:


    Well it's not just students as they've aligned themselves with a few Third Ward community groups. 


    Here is their stated mission..with my comments as related to The Ion.

    The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the purpose, process, and proposed contents of the Community Benefits Agreement, which addresses the following issues:
    - Affordable housing
       Why do they think Ion should include affordable housing when MRA is largest land holder in Third Ward and that is their purpose.  

    - Loans and commercial space for Black and minority owned business
      I could see some leeway with this for onsite beverage/food options and other business that compliment the development(massage and workout/yoga studio maybe?)

    - First source hiring for permanent jobs paying a living-wage with benefits
      What kind of jobs would people in the community qualify for?  I would think most of permanent positions would require a college degree.

    - Access to quality, affordable groceries

       As was discussed earlier in this thread Rice already begged for Fiesta to stay on as long as they can.  I'm sure Fiesta corporate was wanting to close that store because the store manager spoke at a council meeting about having to constantly call the police and high levels of shrink(this was before they put fencing under 59). 


     Being from third ward I think the groups in that area need to be real careful who they they into bed with.

     No one is saying dont help those in need. However  you can not ignore that where this group has gone. Crime as jumped.. assualt. Vehicle break in, murder ( they had two killing just last year). The sanitation issues they created alone were staggering.

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  4. 9 hours ago, BeerNut said:




    "To demand that the developers sign a Community Benefits Agreement, we are establishing the Houston Coalition for Equitable Development without Displacement (HCEDD). All individuals, community groups, advocacy organizations, and supporting businesses/organizations who are interested in supporting this initiative are invited to attend."

    That great...one problem..another of people in that area are not homeless they are drug dealers ...


    This is well attention ignoring the reality 

  5. The problem to many are trying to treat it as a zero sum game. While the rail is not the sole reason of development it has by the very business themselves been identified as a major factor in their decisions. Even outside if the main line the rail has played a part in development see third ward as student housing is being constructed near close to the rail line as well as not one but two high schools being constructed a long those lines.


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  6. 8 hours ago, nate4l1f3 said:

    Even more disappointing is that it doesn't even live up to the revised renderings much less the original ones.  I think 75% of my displeasure is with that tired ass beige color.

    What the betting line on the time table before this things fails as a hotel before finally bring converted to residential?

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  7. 1 hour ago, HOUCAJUN said:

    We know that the MM is the game changer of Hotels in Houston and after the Super Bowl it will be THE hotel everyone will want to stay and ask about. What do you think will be the response from new and existing hotels to have that wow factor? Does this force new proposals to redesign?

    Really i felt like jw set the bar and that force MM to up it game...Alessandra  really drop the ball it had the potential the most stand out in terms of design and the lobby that started at the midway point offering a over view..but instead opt for a bland design that will blend with GS and I feel in the long run that will hurt it.


    What I'm really interested in seeing is what move GHP will do with there Hotel component..

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  8. 2 hours ago, CREguy13 said:

    This really looks great.  Can't wait to see what happens with Block 98, the boutique hotel being announced on top of Partnership Tower, and the future development of the block north of the Marriott Marquis.  This area will draw so much positive attention during the Super Bowl for the next building cycle.

    I know it kind of a pipe dream but it would be amazing if they use the original Alexandera design for this Hotel it would go great with the area

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