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  1. 16 minutes ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    I don't think downtown is slowing down because some bars and restaurants have had to close. Once all of this is over, I'll bet anything it takes off even faster simply because people want to get out. 


    How are Understory and Finn Hall doing during all of this?

     I will say one key difference...the increase in population downtown.. which means even if a business closes...something else is likely to  pop up in it place. Because there is now a night crowd to serve.

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  2. 1 hour ago, jermh said:


    The Boomtown location on Main St. shut down when COVID kicked off and hasn't re-opened since then. All of their tables and equipment were still in place last time I walked by.  The location inside Understory (Bank of America Tower) was open last week when I walked through. 


    Cafe Express (Main Street Side of 601 Travis Garage) and Azuma (909 Texas Under the Rice Apartment Canopy) have both closed and removed all furniture, equipment, and signage.

    Hate to see  it... downtown Houston worked so  hard to build up it core and just when it seems like it will finally  start to   explode... something comes along to set it back... seems to always happen 

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  3. 31 minutes ago, CREguy13 said:

    I wonder if the demand exceeded Rice's expectations? Are they revising their timeline for the next phase to break ground sooner than anticipated and will the project be larger in scale than originally planned?  

    If this is true, this could be a even bigger  boom for the area.  How long before  other businesses  start to pop up to support. Stores, restaurants  etc etc.... If all hold stead ... in 5 to 7 years this could be a booming  corridor 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Mr.Clean19 said:

    Correct. I think it is 160 acres. Probably about 80-100 full time jobs. Still with the amount of land they have available here, adding 250 acres adds ~10% to their land... and its on the side of the property that will be built first. This would be a fantastic place for Elon to move his HQ along with manufacturing. There is ample space and growing real estate/schools/technical resources..

     That would be cause a development explosion  for this place

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  5. 2 hours ago, CREguy13 said:

    I couldn't find any info. on Kimpton's website re Houston, so hopefully they haven't pulled out... If they are still committed, I actually believe this will break ground in Q1 2021 since the hotel now is a larger part of the equation with the reduced project scope.


    What is becoming more clear is that Houston just isn't quite there yet in terms of high-rise for-sale units.  We're seeing developers propose larger scale projects with condos a part of the mix, and after their sales office tests the market over a period of time, they reduce the number of units accordingly as we've seen with the Allen and now Laneways.  While much smaller in scale, Moderne at Rice Village is a great example of the current market.


    Of course, this will change over time, but for now it seems buyers are still more interested in actual homes or town homes then vertical living when it comes to for-sale units.

     Don't think that it at all, it seems Developers have a habit of dragging their feet till Houston  falls right back into another  Boom and Bust cycle.  Seems like by the time they actually put shovels to ground it when the city runs into a economic downturn 

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  6. 34 minutes ago, Fortune said:

    The fact that Post HTX included the word "mall' in their post tells you how behind this developer is. No one wants to hear the word mall in 2020.

     A " Mall " might not be such a bad thing.. because trying to retail off in downtown Houston has for the most part been a object failure.

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  7. 4 hours ago, H-Town Man said:


    I am guessing the places that have been successful and well-run will be able to get loans to make it through. When I see a place like the downtown Hard Rock Cafe already closing, it makes me think they weren't that successful and knew the writing was on the wall.


    I dont known ...I think 20 years for a concept that was played out 19 years ago...can be considered successful 

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  8. 11 minutes ago, X.R. said:



    Seems some people at Rice thought it would have been better where some of the startups already are/where other businesses are near Galleria and/or San Filipe. 

    The whole statement from rice  seems absolutely stupid. That corridor is from end to end is 20 mins with stop.. that downtown  to midtown to medical center.  12 by car ..I have rode this route hundreds of times if you factor in the years I had to ride the rail to work.  

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  9. 3 hours ago, dbigtex56 said:

    According to Yelp!, Advantage BMW service building (2101 San Jacinto) is closed.
    Realtor signs have recently appeared, and a service bay entrance has been boarded up. 
    Has anyone heard about a possible new tenant or redevelopment of this property?

    Ohh I really hope so.. this and the other one off main...it no offense against them just feel the area has evolved  past these places and could be put to better use...like restate 

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  10. 5 hours ago, zaphod said:

    So are they going to get rid of the sports fields and pool too?


    This project is kind of lame for destroying active recreation opportunities for very expensive yet functionless features.The neighborhood was right to feel sold out.

    Active? I use to have to go there multiple times at any given time maybe s dozen cars in the lot...I think they will be alright 

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