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  1. Don't think it will sit vacant for 2 long
  2. Hate that they don't want to contribute to the revitalization of down
  3. My bad thinking about another project Dont worry some hipsters PR firm will at some point rebrand it..lol
  4. There is no logical reasoning behind opposing this. The area has largely been abandoned for close 25 years. It not displacing and existing residents. To be perfectly honest most people from third ward have not considered that area part of third ward in decades. Not since the early 2000s at the latest, so even before than. I honestly dont see how this effects third ward as a whole.
  5. I'm sorry im.a proud former resident of third ward. But this feels like nothing more than black nimbyism
  6. I just glad we are past the times Downtown had to lie about it population by including the jail population
  7. As someone born and raised in Third Ward , I naturally champion preserving the area History and Culture. That being said the area that the ION is proposing has largely been abandoned for almost 20 years now. I dont see how this project effects Third ward as a whole if anything it should be seen as boom for the Black own business that reside on Almeda as it would see a rather dead area( Sears area) become more vibrant. That would lead to spill over for the cafes and other black towns business on Almeda as people till to patron business that are within 2 miles of a place of employment according to some studies.
  8. Yea everytime I see a new posting, I think it new information...instead it just two people still having a D measuring contest.
  9. I don't hate this they make a legit effort to hire within the community Some see a bunch of warehouse I see potentinialy hundreds ofjobs for a area that largely poor minorities that work on ave 30 mins from where they live.
  10. Being from third ward I think the groups in that area need to be real careful who they they into bed with. No one is saying dont help those in need. However you can not ignore that where this group has gone. Crime as jumped.. assualt. Vehicle break in, murder ( they had two killing just last year). The sanitation issues they created alone were staggering.
  11. That great...one problem..another of people in that area are not homeless they are drug dealers ... This is well attention ignoring the reality
  12. I dont understand why he cant be bought out and relocated to one if the vacant fronts on main. There like four locations sitting empty right now.
  13. Read that CVS was closing two stores in Houston...for a moment I had hope that it was the one on main. I'm sorry but that store doesn't generate enough foot traffic to justify it huge foot print... unfortunately it will be one in spring and the one off fry rd
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