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  1. I dont known ...I think 20 years for a concept that was played out 19 years ago...can be considered successful
  2. Still wish these kind of places would go for a little more architectural diversity. They are all starting to look alike.
  3. The whole statement from rice seems absolutely stupid. That corridor is from end to end is 20 mins with stop.. that downtown to midtown to medical center. 12 by car ..I have rode this route hundreds of times if you factor in the years I had to ride the rail to work.
  4. Ohh I really hope so.. this and the other one off main...it no offense against them just feel the area has evolved past these places and could be put to better use...like restate
  5. Cities need to take more control anyway..Txdox doesn't give a damn about who has to live in these areas
  6. Did we know about this one? If so go ahead a delete
  7. Half a block up the road are apts that 99.9 of residents of third ward cant afford... but this is the line in the sand they want to draw? A project that would transform a dead, abandoned area that become nothing more than a camp site for the homeless and drug dealers?!
  8. Active? I use to have to go there multiple times at any given time maybe s dozen cars in the lot...I think they will be alright
  9. Drove by last week and saw people working inside, outside of that ...nothing
  10. They pushed so hard for this... That you would think they will only accept something signature. I glad we are getting infill but when do we get to the part where they want their buildings to standout?
  11. Rappers Chamillionaire and E-40 plan to line a lucky entrepreneur's pockets with $100,000 to fund their start-up. On Instagram, the pair announced a competition that'll benefit a "minority or woman founded startup," calling for video submissions that details promising pitches. This is what we should be expending our energy on. I would be trying to figure out how to get them to partner with Rice so that there already a place for young black start ups .For those who dont know they are very into Tech startups having already invested millions overs thr years
  12. I find this annoying. This project displaces nothing. It has almost no effect on third ward as a whole. We are talking about a area that all but sat abandoned the last 25 years and now all of a sudden , they choose to raise the banner? I drive thu that area daily ? What are you displaying? The vacant lots? The rampant homeless ( many of whom are not even homeless but drug dealers who hide among the homeless! ) what exactly are we preserving or seeking to preserve?
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