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  1. I am interested in seeing what effects the hotel will have on greenstreet vacancies.
  2. The problem to many are trying to treat it as a zero sum game. While the rail is not the sole reason of development it has by the very business themselves been identified as a major factor in their decisions. Even outside if the main line the rail has played a part in development see third ward as student housing is being constructed near close to the rail line as well as not one but two high schools being constructed a long those lines.
  3. Moore713

    GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    What the betting line on the time table before this things fails as a hotel before finally bring converted to residential?
  4. Really i felt like jw set the bar and that force MM to up it game...Alessandra really drop the ball it had the potential the most stand out in terms of design and the lobby that started at the midway point offering a over view..but instead opt for a bland design that will blend with GS and I feel in the long run that will hurt it. What I'm really interested in seeing is what move GHP will do with there Hotel component..
  5. Moore713

    GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    Anyone feel the books and millions spot would make a nice upscale club?
  6. I remember when DG was first purpose all the naysayers scream waste of money and be over run with homeless within a month
  7. I know it kind of a pipe dream but it would be amazing if they use the original Alexandera design for this Hotel it would go great with the area
  8. Moore713

    First Church of Christ Scientist @ 1720 Main St

    Needs to fold so the property can revert to a residential developmental, already
  9. Moore713

    1717 Bissonnet - Ashby highrise.

    Yea,why are they so obessed with that location, when there a dozen areas around there that would gladly welcome the development?
  10. Moore713

    Franklin + Milam: 10-Story Garage

    See this is what I hate about so of thes3 companies, I think they never intended to build certain things, but they release certain works to get pass, then switch it up and go with designs they know would never had gotten approved in it intital they can scream about how much money they have already invested
  11. Midtown is developing it own nice little skyline
  12. Moore713

    Catalyst: New 28-Story Residential High-Rise for Downtown

    Not long before calls for landscaping renovations for the street themselves. give it a legit neighborhood feel
  13. Moore713

    Mid Main — Mixed-Use Development for Midtown (3600 Main)

    I travel the area every night for work and can tell you the new development is not a threat to the existing business quite the opposite, I remember the ghost town this area was after 5 pm it does decent foot traffic on weekdays and actually looks live on the weekends. ..the increase in residential is benefiting the business there as people like the vibe and how it doesn't feel like another massed product hip spot created in some Corp board room...that has allowed it to have a natural urban vibe tjat I think people are responding to..I'm glad the developer reconized that and incorporated it into the building design
  14. Moore713

    TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Far too other the term game changerget thrown around on here..This is not one of those times