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  1. Think of the homeless problems as a three fold . You have your homeless who genuinely are just down on luck. These are the ones that accept housing and lodging. . You have your mentality ill or those who have social problems. They are often chronic homeless. They will get back on their feet for awhile but fall back off.. sadly they will bounce between the two for most of their life. .Then you have the criminal elements, these are people who can't get housing outside of half ways housing because of violent backgrounds.. Your sex offenders, and other violent crimes that get flagged in background checks . The majority of people around the greyhound station are not really homeless, they are drug dealers who use the homeless to hide in plain sight.( these can be dealt with by simply cracking down on them) The city does this all the time when there a big event in town.
  2. Should be popular with weddings parties and photo shoots
  3. Exactly recognize you have a opportunity to do something that could define Montrose for the next 50 years . The goal should be something bold that stands out.
  4. Did you ever think that we would be on the verge of saying " The Montroes skyline " ?
  5. I will say one key difference...the increase in population downtown.. which means even if a business closes...something else is likely to pop up in it place. Because there is now a night crowd to serve.
  6. Hate to see it... downtown Houston worked so hard to build up it core and just when it seems like it will finally start to explode... something comes along to set it back... seems to always happen
  7. So they can get some pretentious overly priced store in there...duh.
  8. If this is true, this could be a even bigger boom for the area. How long before other businesses start to pop up to support. Stores, restaurants etc etc.... If all hold stead ... in 5 to 7 years this could be a booming corridor
  9. Remember when people said downtown and medical center would never connect ? Now you can stand downtown look straight down main street and swear it all one long corridor.
  10. I'm all for it if the last decade has taught Houston anything, it that we have to further diversify our economy. We can not continue to see oil and gas as a viable anchor, going foward. We have to actively push for our major sectors to grow , while craving a path into new ones. Why i would like to see our space port grow and our medical .. Hell i laughed when the spaceforce was proposed but if they really are looking for a new headquarters in the next 10 year. I Think we should do everything in our power to sell Houston to them.
  11. Notice that yesterday. Made me start wondering how long before more some mid rises start dotting Eado skyline
  12. What the hell ever happened with the Ashby?
  13. That would be cause a development explosion for this place
  14. Don't think that it at all, it seems Developers have a habit of dragging their feet till Houston falls right back into another Boom and Bust cycle. Seems like by the time they actually put shovels to ground it when the city runs into a economic downturn
  15. Good development for what a dead end part of town
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