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  1. Shadow Creek Ranch plans at least five 5 apartments and 2 town homes totaling 3736 units in the subdivision, and there is already an existing apartment--Waterford Place luxury Apartment--in the community. In addition, east of SH 288, adjacent to Silverlake, there are two more apartments. Pearland is a growing suburban community that predicts to increase its multi-family from current 14% up to 19 or 22% when the city is built out. Sugar Land only consists of around 10% multi-family now. I wonder if Pearland will ever be as desirable to live as Sugar Land or The Woodland? Will these apartment
  2. Pearland was originally named Mark Belt when a post office was built in 1893. The name was changed to present Pearland at the end of that year due to the abundance of pear trees in the community. For more information concening Pearland history go to: the Handbook of Texas Online--Pearland PDF Format required! (1.58MB) Pearland History
  3. As far as I know that SH288 extends with grid separations from downtown all the way to FM 518. More grid separation is now in the process of construction at South Fork Drive just south of FM 518. Upgrading SH288 to freeway standard will probably continue on one intersection at a time. More frontage road is being added between Beltway 8 and FM2234. For more information concerning SH 288 corridor go to SH 288 Corridor Feasibility Study.
  4. I think Southdown just located south of flood plain. If there is a Clear Creek flood, the subdivision of Country place will be flooded first. For flood plain in Pearland please use this link, remember local drainage problems induced flood is not shown as flood plain. Pearland flood plain on page 7 of the website and more interesting flood info on page 5, 6 and 8 PDF format REQUIRED Pearland flood plain--Go to page 7 Second Map concerning storm sewer collection system in pearland PDF format REQUIRED Storm sewer collection system Crimes in pearland are low. Southdown was annexed into the Ci
  5. I heard about that stafford doesn't collect city tax. what is the average home property tax per $100 value in this city? I plan to purchase a modest house in the area and rent to some one else for about 10 years. After that my parents will retire in there. Will the place be nice for them to live in, regarding the neighborhood safety, and affordability? The reason I am considering stafford is that it has lower tax rate with small town atmosphere and lower crime rate comparing to its neighboring Houston at least for now. Am I right on this move to stafford?
  6. I recently e-mailed to the City of Pearland, concerning the widening of the FM518/Broadway west of SH288. And this is the reply from Doug Kneupper, a city engeneer of Pearland: There are several projects that involve the improvement and reconstruction of Broadway, west of SH 288. The initial section from SH 288 to Kirby is being considered by two large land development projects: Shadow Creek Town Center, and the Pearland Town Center (CBL). Both developments are required to provide improvements to Broadway based on their respective development projects. The next section from Kirby to CR 48
  7. Kingsley Dr. is not a definite boundary between Alvin ISD and Fort Bend ISD. The dividing line between these school districts is actually the county line that separates Fort Bend county and Brazoria couty. It's difficult to describe exactly where this subtle line runs, but I can give you a list of all sections in SCR that fall within Fort Bend county or Fort Bend ISD--since they overlap. The following sections of Shadow Creek Ranch are zoned to Fort Bend ISD:Edgewater, Lake Meadows, Brook Run, Westhaven, Arbor Lakes, Azalea Creek, Windy Shores, Country Glen, Piney Trails, Orchard Village, Ce
  8. There are some locations in town where you are more likely to be ticketed for traffic violations. For instance, in southwest Houston, around Bellaire Blvd, many of my friends had been tickted for speeding or running a light. The City of Bellaire is also a hot spot for people caught off guard violating traffice laws. My father had been ticketed twice within Spring Valley(off I-10 in west Houston) in two month period even though it is a small city with a tiny population. He was surprised to find out that Spring Valley Municiple Court is filled traffic violators--most Houston residents. There
  9. For some people that live in unincorporated area with another municipal address (such as Sugar Land, TX; Katy, TX) are likely residing within Houston ETJ. Most of them don't really know those local boundaries, assuming with that particular municipal address that they should be annexed by that city. Unfortunately, the City of Houston will have first dibs on that area. Houston is having trouble annexing the land within its ETJ due to the mess left by Kingwood and Clear Lake. Houston should start changing postal address before even considering any annexation plans. Why the city would not chang
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