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  1. I’ve heard conservatory will be putting another food hall concept in Dan Brauns recent acquisition at W Alabama and Rice.
  2. I was told this will be a replacement C-Store with QSR. I imagine they’ll be razing the old C-Store once this is completed.
  3. The hotel guys can’t compete with the multi family guys on land pricing in midtown. It’s possible you might see some tighter sites being taken on by hotel guys once the parking requirements go away.
  4. As of now, I believe it’s just rail - see below link. https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/_urban/TransitCorridorStreet_Main_020110.pdf The new new ordinance being worked on by the walkable places committee also includes bus, but that hasn’t been approved yet.
  5. This has to be the best subdivision plat name ever. I think I'll tune into the Planning meeting just to hear the commissioner say the name.
  6. The transit corridor designation would allow the developer to build with a 15’ pedestrian realm (0’ setback from property line) by right, meaning the developer wouldn’t need a variance if he was building across the street. The walkable places committee is currently working working on expanding the current area of the transit corridor. https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/_urban/TransitCorridorStreet_Main_020110.pdf
  7. The transit corridor technically stops at the opposite corner of la branch and calumet - about 50’ away.
  8. They are asking for a very minor variance to reduce the building setback lines 5’ above the second floor for the garage and balconies. The neighborhood can only really chime in due to the request of the variance. The thought within the neighborhood is that if the variance is denied, the developer won’t be able to build the desired project and will drop the deal. They’ll do whatever they can at the hope the developer just goes away. I don’t believe the neighborhood is actually against the project, but the head of the neighborhood association is a well-known NIMBY who unsuccessfully tried to stop Parc Binz ( barnaby’s with medical office above), the Southmore (25 story Hines project), and the Mondarin condos. All of those developments have been valuable additions to the neighborhood. She even fought the holocaust museum variance for a reduced setback. Frankly the neighborhood would look a lot less appealing today had she gotten her way. It’s important if you live in the neighborhood to voice your support of the X Houston project to both the neighborhood association and the planning commission.
  9. It’s owned by the Boone bicycle family. They’re holding out hope they can turn this into a bicycle museum. I think they have a go fund me account for this.
  10. This building is done and fully operating. I believe they opened in May.
  11. Doesn't seem like very deep drilling - probably just environmental work. However, the only reason anyone would do this would be transaction based - either a refinance or a sale.
  12. It was recently remodeled. Given how small the lot was, I imagine this is as good as we could hope for.
  13. I feel like they should build this much closer to the property lines. Don’t care for the setbacks.
  14. sounds like la branch is going to turn into a very vibrant corner. This neighborhood has all the makings of a great pedestrian environment.
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