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  1. 10 story Medical office should Break ground in January or February. There is also a 6 story garage.
  2. Lots of the adjacent sites Rice owns have submitted water/wastewater applications. This is to see if the sites can support the desired development and the cost of the associated impact fees.
  3. starbucks would’ve loved to be on that corner. They want to be in the neighborhood, but are having a hard time finding a site that would pencil out. The land has gotten too expensive.
  4. crew were out there today clearing the building. Pretty quick turn around from permit to demolition.
  5. The city owns the building across Delano from this site. I believe the intention is to utilize parking for that buildings operations.
  6. This is the block on McKinney between Delano and Nagle. Yay for no parking minimums in Eado!
  7. love this. Hope to see more development in this pocket.
  8. While he’ll enter negotiations with people, i firmly believe he just wants to feel good about what his property is worth. My guess is as long as the parking income he collects exceeds his property tax bill, this gives him something to do. It’s paid off and he’s not a real estate guy, so he won’t easily be able to find a replacement property to offset his taxable gains.
  9. This is one of the most frustrating sites in Houston. Unlimited potential, but owner doesn’t have any motivation to sell. One day it’ll be an amazing high rise site with unblocked views of discovery green, sitting on the front door of the park bridge. Unfortunately, it’ll probably have to wait until the owners kids take over.
  10. This is all of block 251, and portions of blocks 275 and 276. HCAD currently shows ownership as MIPS Investments / MIPS Parking.
  11. Wow - that building had some serious inner beauty.
  12. That's very unfortunate. That member was a huge contributor to this forum and went above and beyond to provide very organized information, including timelines and archived links.
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