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  1. HNathoo

    347 W 20th

    Well said
  2. HNathoo

    Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

    I believe the owner of this site is stone lake capital. They’re behind some interesting projects in the domain area of Austin.
  3. Do you know how the effective rents are tracking?
  4. I’ve heard the uptown apartment market has gotten crushed in recent months. It’ll be interesting to see who gets their funding to develop these ambitious projects.
  5. I'm shocked that developers can still pencil out mid-rise buildings on premium land pushing $200psf.
  6. HNathoo

    Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    I agree - hate seeing surface parking lots in our CBD.
  7. HNathoo

    Avant Buffalo Bayou by Interfin, 28-Stories

    This looks like it sits on 1.5 - 2 acres. What about the rest of the land? I wonder if there are other phases in mind.
  8. The lot bounded by Rusk, St. Emmanuel, Capitol, and 59
  9. Block 182 is owned by the Macey's, as well as a few other lots that won't be impacted by the TXDOT project. I guess those lots aren't officially Astros lots, but are utilized by the public when games are played.
  10. The city doesn't own the parking management office - they lease it. Many of the Astros lots on east side of 59 are controlled by the Louis Macey family. They run ops on these lots in house (LAM parking).
  11. HNathoo

    New Park for the Southern Area of Downtown

    I think the market is ~$100psf (~$4M) for a partial block in this part of downtown (full block gets higher premium), but there are plenty of owners who wouldn't sell no matter what price you offered them.
  12. HNathoo

    Eliminate minimum parking requirements?

    I think that by allowing developers that optionality, you'll begin to see more creativity to solve the problem. When there was only one option, there wasn't really an incentive to think outside the box.
  13. HNathoo

    The Mondrian at The Museums

    I’m pretty sure the 2 sides of this building that front the street are covered in glass and the two sides facing adjacent lots have some stucco.
  14. HNathoo

    The Mondrian at The Museums

    While it would’ve been nice to have a full glass facade, it really would’ve been a waste of money for the developer since that side of the building backs up to another lot.