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  1. That sign was for the developer, Ancorian. Not sure if the tenant has received financing yet.
  2. Think this is probably a typo - Steve Rogers bought 4720 Almeda (Spanish Village and adjacent lot) a while ago and has plans to redevelop it.
  3. Those seem like trophy properties prime for redevelopment. Fidelis probably just got an offer they couldn't refuse.
  4. Awesome - love the energy in this area. It's pretty much impossible to lease something on the West side of St Emmanuel due to the looming TXDOT shadow. Glad to see something happen here, even if its short term in nature.
  5. This looks to be entirely studios and no parking - should be able to rent these for considerably less than almost any new development. I'm pretty pumped to see some more units in Houston being delivered without parking.
  6. Quite a bit of action going on in this little pocket.
  7. I think it would be tough to expand that building as the expense would be parking which is arguably more valuable than building sq ft at this corner.
  8. Awesome owners. Hope they do well in the heights.
  9. I’d say so. Surface parked 1-2 story development versus underground garage with mixed use 6 story building.
  10. The best montrose development sites trade for double the best heights development sites.
  11. They must be making some serious money on bbq to purchase that much land, but it's a smart move as parking gets tighter and tighter in the heights.
  12. They would be the logical buyers for this, given that all the parking for East Village will be taken via eminent domain.
  13. Apparently it’s located in downtown, montrose, and the museum district. Which sub forum will be assign this to?
  14. They’re creating a nice little niche in the PFC space.
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