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  1. Not sure how they'll be able to park the retail component without doing a structured garage (not just first floor podium). Assuming 3k sq ft of retail will be restaurant, they'll need at least 30 parking spaces for that piece alone. I don't know how they'll get there on less than an acre and no structured parking
  2. Does anyone know if they plan on pursuing phase II as soon as this one is complete? I imagine the crane will be coming down soon, so it'll be interesting to see if it's transferred to the next block.
  3. Do you know how large the building will be? It looks like they secured a $57m loan on the project that closed back in February.
  4. I believe they’re just remodeling - was hoping for a more significant development here.
  5. Does anyone know how many square feet this will be?
  6. You can always park at the city of Houston parking management lot for $5 at 2020 McKinney
  7. This was mentioned in the Bizjournal article regarding the museum district site Alliance is also developing. Does anyone have renderings of this? Should be a game changer for the area of Washington north of I-10.
  8. Diesel and Burberry? - they should at least render for something believable.
  9. It's a 13k sq ft lot. I don't imagine more than 10-15 units.
  10. Doubt it - that property is currently being marketed for sale.
  11. I believe the owner of this site is stone lake capital. They’re behind some interesting projects in the domain area of Austin.
  12. Do you know how the effective rents are tracking?
  13. I’ve heard the uptown apartment market has gotten crushed in recent months. It’ll be interesting to see who gets their funding to develop these ambitious projects.
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