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  1. Wow, you can really see the potential of this site now that it's been razed. I'm so glad Skanska got a hold of it.
  2. I doubt any GC is being paid that much for the work being done right now. The cost to rent trailers is a few hundred per month, and they'll cover any labor cost plus an admin fees, which I would imagine are pretty minimal given the site activity. In regards to fundraising, the group running this is incredibly well capitalized - Money isn't the issue.
  3. This is both annoying and great. After I eat my salad across the street at Sweet Green, I'll probably walk over here to negate my prior healthy choices.
  4. Looks like they copy/pasted the design of the Hamilton in downtown at the corner of pierce and hamilton.
  5. There was a sign on the property saying gas station coming soon. I didn’t think these guys were crazy enough to do it on $100Psf+ dirt - we’ll see.
  6. I heard Common Bond was offered the space since it had a drive thru, but this was a few months back. All the recent announcements seem to indicate that they'll be going inside the Ion building, but who knows. They re-sealed the large parking lot across the street. I imagine they have enough parking in that super block to buy them some more time until they sign a more substantial lease.
  7. I believe TXDOT paid $90M to the HHA for the Clayton Homes project taking.
  8. Looks like they got their building permit: Zip Code Permit Date Permit Type Project No Address Comments 77002 2021/03/05 Building Pmt 20007905 2204 AUSTIN ST (EPR) 13,088 SQ FT NEW SHELL BLDG. 1-2-2-SH-B '12 IBC SPK (M/2)
  9. This project is moving really slow. It seems really hard to get a proper contractor to work on these sub institutional projects.
  10. I imagine this is probably the crane coming down from the alliance deal across the street.
  11. Uh oh. And they’re asking for a variance? Montrose folks won’t be very happy - might fight this one a bit.
  12. Oxberry must have been desperate to fill the space. That's a ton of exposure to a tenant that is known to back out of deals / default.
  13. "The Houston Astros purchased the 1.738 acres where it and a historic locomotive sits through an affiliate for $17 million in 2019 and broke ground this week on what will eventually become a retail and residential development." If they do residential, let's hope they build something similar to One Cardinal Way in St. Louis. That building is gorgeous! https://onecardinalway.com/
  14. I imagine they’re just upgrading/fixing the signs. These guys typically sign very long term leases (25 years plus options) and this was just built recently.
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