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  1. They seem to be doing it again on Almeda. That street is prime for big things. They do seem to have a great eye for real estate.
  2. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/asset-management/real-estate/assets/pwc-emerging-trends-in-real-estate-2019.pdf
  3. JLL is showing 3017 Milam as under contract. Seems like a great multi family site - I wonder if this is the site they have. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3017-Milam-St-Houston-TX/14605936/
  4. I'd love to see this go up. Great alternative to townhome development.
  5. Everything is still up in the air. We’re losing a property to txdot at 2020 McKinney, so would ideally like to find that tenant a new home. The building surprisingly has a really great looking office component. This is a weird part of Eado - very sleepy. But also very close to the action. I don’t think we’ll be able to attract any food and beverage tenants (yet). A lot of the small businesses in Eado would prefer ownership to leasing, so there is always a chance a user will just take us out. I would love to see 8th Wonder buy a building in eado, given all they’ve done to help the area become what it has.
  6. There will probably be much less resistance within the MPNA by then. The organization seems to be mostly made up of retirees.
  7. Wow, I thought you couldn’t get construction financing without selling 50% prior to breaking ground. I don’t imagine ox berry will be doing anymore condos in the future.
  8. I thought I saw Bouchon for a second and got really excited. One day...
  9. The owners built the best western on W Dallas when that area was much less developed than what Eado is currently, and were rewarded handsomely for that risk. I just hope they don’t build build a huge concrete fence around their parking lot like the W Dallas project. It would nice to have a less suburban looking product in eado.
  10. Its the same owners as the best western on W. Dallas. Someone may want to give them a ring and ask for updates.
  11. I believe the best western is going in on the same block as brothers tacos.
  12. 10% cost of issuance?? man that’s expensive money.
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