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  1. This was under contract with a high rise developer but has since fallen out of contract. I don’t imagine the copper will be in that building for too long.
  2. This thing is starting to have a great presence in the neighborhood. I can’t wait to see some of the other announced projects in the area break ground - very exciting times for museum park!
  3. I would doubt this stays closed for more than a few weeks. No lender would allow for that to happen - need to protect their collateral.
  4. Here is some info from the TIRZ regarding this project: The Southern Downtown Park is a 2021 capital improvement project of the Downtown Redevelopment Authority. Bidding documents are currently out to contractors, with bids due January 25th. If all goes well, we will seek board approval on February 9th to enter agreement with contractor who provides the best proposal, with an estimated one-year construction schedule to commence in early March / final completion in early April 2022
  5. I think we'll be hearing a pretty big announcement for the downtown market towards the end of this month or early next month.
  6. I don’t think capital markets are open to high rise apartment construction in Houston right now. Maybe they’ll go for historic tax credits and remodel the church into a high end restaurant or event venue?
  7. Don’t think straight retail would pencil out given the land prices over here.
  8. Looks like an entity tied to Levcor (address 7800 Washington Ave - suite 800) has purchased the old church at 4910 Montrose.
  9. Loving the density in those few blocks. Hopefully, we'll see some more development in the area. Looks like the church at 4910 Montrose recently sold. Probably more to come in the immediate area. https://www.mltproperties.com/for-sale
  10. I think this probably allows them to sell to a developer in the future. The non-profit will get a lot less heat for this than someone like Hanover would. I actually see it as a positive in that if/when this is sold, we’re likely to see something dense here.
  11. Levcor has been active in the area. They just purchased 7620 Washington Ave a few weeks ago.
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